Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy Belated Easter

HAHAHAHAHA- well it sort of went by so FAST and now it’s over already and we are heading for Christmas- OY! Can someone put a brake on this train??? Where is the time flying these days?

Did you have a good Easter holiday with your family? We had a really quiet one at home this year and it was really nice. We even watched the little kids next door running around looking for their eggs on Sunday morning- Nathan of course refused to look for his- BWHAHAHAHA ( well I did ask him if I must hide them and got that *mom are you DAFT look*) lol

My days are filled with hubby’s needs at the moment so time on the PC has been erratic. A week more and I will have my old routine back- so bare with me with my odd postings- lol

Don’t forget the wonderful MY MONTAGE *DSO pick your bits* is up-these range from only $1-$2.50 ONLY.

here are my bits ;-)


Prints and Plain




Montage Elements



And some more stunning EyeCAndy for you-

jc-lov10 By Jodiann

pjk-missyou-web By Paula

montage150 By Becca

bed_he10 By Bekah_E

Who made GSO at DSO for this stunner! WOOOOT! and Hutchie did too and has made her winning LO into a QP freebie for you-


You can grab it HERE.

Have a stunning day further. Hugs and Loves


Marisa Lerin said...

I love the colors in this kit. The layouts are beautiful!

Dinphy said...

So your boy is at that age he won't look for eggs anymore! But with you being a kid at heart anytime... Why not let him hide the eggs? ;)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Kim - Ahhhh girl, I know this time flying thing. I get freaked out about it all the time. Really Santa pushed the Easter out in like a blink of an eye, right? Sigh sigh.

I'm catching up on my dear bloggy friends, hoping they don't think I don't love them anymore, I do I do! I miss you, but school, church and a ton of other good and wonderful things keep pulling me away.

Hope you have a terrific weekend!


Luna Rosa said...

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is fantastic and your creations are absolutely beautiful. Also, I made some papers out of your "Ahoy" textures which I'm offering as a freebie on my blog, and I wanted to let you know so that you could go and take a look. I have given you credit and links in the post but if this is not ok then please let me know, I have only just posted it so I can take it down no dramas if you're not happy.

All the best and thankyou so much for sharing your talent with us:)

Peace, Luna Rosa.

Loosie Goosie said...

Hello KimB!

I enjoy your reading your blog, you and your ct are very talented. I have a question reguarding software for imac, my pc died a horrible death and my hubby wants to get a mac, now I'm at a loss as what software to get that is KISS (keep it stupid simple) I don't design I leave that to the talented KimB!

With the pc I had an old antiquated program called " Scrapbooks and more" by broderbund, and all I did was used the start from scratch mode and put in the lovely kits and pictures together and hit print voila!

I will be learning a whole new computer plus need and easy program to keep scrapbooking my pages.

Do you have any suggestions?