Monday, 19 April 2010

My baby turns 19

AHHHH- my little boy is 19 today! Yup, it’s 19 years ago I was on my way to the hospital to go push him out-lol .ARRRRKKKKKKKKK, oh hell that means I’m old right?? BWWWWWWAHAHA ( don’t panic- I still feel 18 most days). But dang the years fly past don’t they??


This was taken the day after his 3rd Bday! I miss that little tyke-lol.


Taken on Easter Weekend on the sly-lol OY!

Someone asked me if I’m having the *mopes* about Nathan turning into an adult- and you know, I LOVE the adult Nathan, I have loved each age as he has reached it as each one has brought about another little piece of his personality, But I will admit I miss the *mommy* bit- when she was needed for everything because he couldn’t do it himself or just because it was better for *mommy* to do it-hahaha.

Now it’s only when he is sick or really stuck with something that I get the “MOM”- (or if she says something embarrassing which happens often lol.)

Now days I can’t get that involved in his outdoor sports anymore- I mean COME ON----- now ways in hell I’m standing next to THESE!-lol

Yes it’s ALIVE and he put it back in the water by dragging it back into the waves behind him! UHUM_ if I was anywhere near there I would be having hyperventilation and panic attacks! hahahaha.


Or going out to SEA in one of these>??


The latest thing is to use a *fishing ski* to catch DEAP SEA fish! OY. This was the day he had bought it and was trying it out in the pool- BWWWWWWAHAHA- it was the same length so he was going nowhere fast-lol

His Dad isn’t here today so I got up a little earlier and made him a cooked breakfast (OMG, i was gagging at that time of the morning making it- BWHAHAHAHA) But at least he felt special this morning. Tonight we will be going to eat at his favourite restaurant and I’m looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday my Boy, you make me proud!

Hugs and Love


kristine said...


may your day be filled with love, laughter and definately CAKE!!!

Judy said...

Sending you big Aussie Birthday Wishes Nathan.....hope your day is

Beth said...

Wow... how time flies!!! CONGRATS to Nathan on the birthday... and WOW!!!!!! That shark is impressive!!!! (Is he crazy??? LOL!) The pool pic just made me grin from ear to ear... too funny!

We finally found a house to buy... it's a fixer... but it's what we want. It just 'feels good' kwim?

Anyway... just wanted to say 'hi' and let ya know I am alive... and trying to gather some semblance of my life 'pre-house-sale'. LOL!

Love ya!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!:) Hope it's filled with all the things you love!!
Kim..I can't believe he is already nineteen...I can remember not long ago you were getting ready to teach him how to drive for the first time.:) are not old!! My eldest son will be thirty six in Sept.Now.."I" am old.LOL Seems like yesterday I was teaching HIM how to drive for the first time.:)
Have a wonderful day full of marvelous memories..and aren't you glad that the beautiful gift was greater than the pain?:)


Amberpony Creates said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!
Happy Successful Mum. You did a Great Job There!

Nice Shark Pic.
Ya Need a Bigger Pool now that youir kids are bigger. :0)

Wendy said...

We see your boy growing up so fast! The best wishes for him and for the proud parents!
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You're both still babies, Kim... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!
I never had trouble with birthdays myself - but boy, when my baby Rich turned 45 I thought I'd curl up in a corner somewhere. And don't worry, cuz the older sons get, the more they appreciate Mom. You seem to have a special relationship with your son, Kim - and I'm sure it will always be so. Have a wonderful day together.

Caryn said...

Veels geluk liewe maatjie! LOL.. Thought I better start practicing ;)

Happy birthday, Nathan :) And as I always say, well done, ma!

Ummaro said...

Happy B'Day Nathan! Your son & my granddaughter (& oldest grandchild) share a birthday! She turned 20 today, and I don't know where the time went either, LOL...her mom can't REALLY be 40, can she?! This can't be right...oh, dear...that must mean I'm fifty-twelve...ACK!

Dinphy said...


But... WHAT!? That photo with the shark had me drop my mouth wide open! And it stayed that way for a while too, no kidding.
I mean... YIKES!
You're brave for letting him go do that. Even if he definitely looks like he can handle it.
Job well done as a mom, I agree! :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweetthing!!!!!!!!!
You most have posted after my daily visit yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday as marked Derrick & Missy's 2nd Wedding Annivsary!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

oh my. seems like just yesterday he was turning 16. Now he is a man?! It really doesnt seem that long. We, my friend, are getting Old.

Melberry said...

What brain trust decided a fishing ski was THE way to go deep-sea fishing?!!!!! Yikes! No wonder you don't want to watch, especially with that kind of catch. I can't believe how quickly your Nathan has appears he's definitely coming into his own. You and Wayne have a lot for which to be thankful. hugs, Melanie

Jenni said...

Congrats on Nathans birthday, Kendall's was on the 17th- he turned 18!
Hope you had a wonderful evening out!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim love, once again life has drawn me away from Scrapland and I've missed your baby boy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!

He was such a CUTE boy and now is a HANDSOME young man! I SO know what you mean about missing the "mommy" time ... my babies turn 21 in July, just days after my new granddaughter is due to arrive, so cuddling her while I am visiting will help soften the fact that my children are ALL grown up! *sigh*

Hmmm ... brave soul Nathan is playing with the BIG fish in the sea! LOL! Better HE than ME and THEE, eh??? ROFL!

I LOVE the pic of Nathan in the canoe in your backyard pool! What a HOOT! Great way to get some practice in I imagine, but can't row far! He, he ...

Well girlie, you shall NEVER be old in my mind ... that is until I don't have my mind anymore! HA, HA!

Have a GORGEOUS weekend lovely lady!

Love and hugs,
Linda :D

Kathie B. said...

I found your blog through the blog train but I am going to bookmark it because the first thing I read was the post about your son's birthday. I was drawn in and now I want to learn more about your engaging family. My children are young, my son is 2 and my girls are 4 & 6 but I started way late so I am old. And when my kids hit young adulthood, I'll be way OLD. :) Happy Birthday to Nathan from the USA. Thanks in advance for your part of the blog train, I haven't even gotten past here yet! lol