Thursday, 30 September 2010

21 years today

Well not my age –lol,  but our Wedding Anniversary. OMG, I remember saying “I DO” like it was yesterday! I can’t believe that today it’s 21 years on already! Even Nathan when he phoned me earlier to wish us said “ Mom, 21 years?? – sheeeeeeeeee’s, that’s forever”- hahaha. Well I suppose in a teens mind it is- hahaha. I hope I have 21 and a lot more married to Wayne.

I put this photo up last year when we celebrated our 20th but going to put it back in here again as we both look like freaking kids-and my wedding album is at home in Port Elizabeth.


I love him more now than I did the day I stood at the alter, and must be one of the happiest woman on earth ;-) Love you Waynie.

We are going away for the weekend ( leaving tomorrow)- WOOOHOOO. HONEYMOON weekend- hee hee.

So before I disappear until Monday- just a few reminders-


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And my new Colour Challenge will be up first thing in the morning my time tomorrow ( hee hee). and as promised there is NO PINK! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hugs and Loves


Shel said...

Happy Anniversary! Love that pic of you and Wayne. Have a great weekend!

BlueCat said...

Happy Anniversary!

Bunny Cates, said...

Happy Anni!

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Happy Anniversary! Kim! I miss you and the Color challenge and all the sweet ladies there! LOVE the wedding pic!

Joni said...

Happy Anniversary! And have a great weekend!

Molly said...


happyscrapper said...

Happy Anniversary! DH & I have been married 36 years and I still don't get enough time to spend with him.

Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday!!! Have a fantastic romantic weekend away!!
Hugs xxx

Dinphy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Have a great weekend!

Ruth said...

Wow!!!! 21 years!!!!! lol Blessed Anniversary! And enjoy your weekend! xxx Ruth

LouCeeCreations said...

Happy happy anniversary to you and Wayne! Hope you have a stunning weekend the pair of you.
((hugs and kisses))

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!
I look like kids..hehe..but very happy ones!!:)
Hope your weekend away is everything you hoped it would be!!

Huge hugs,

Snowsmoon said...

WOW Kim that is AWESOME and to hear you are the happiest woman on earth makes it even better. Enjoy your weekend and raise you glass to another 21 years together!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon

Bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary Kim!!! {And Wayne!!}

txbubbles said...

Happy 21st anniversary to you and Waynie! Hope you two honeymooners have a blast!

Darleen said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Time sure has a way of getting away from us, doesn't it? Sounds like you're enjoying marriage to your bestest guy.

Tina said...

Happy Anniversary my friend!

Miss Renee said...

I hope you had a beautiful weekend with your bestie boy, you guys are so inspiring with your love, and I feel like I could easily hang out, drink some margaritas and relax, you are such happy, positive and genuine people. Love you both, I think Wayne brings a great aspect to the blog, he is just as funny as you (alright, alright, you may be a teeny bit ahead but don't tell him that :)

May you have another twenty one years of marital harmony and love.

makeyesup said...

Congrats on 21 years. Am sure you are enjoying your honeymoon weekend.