Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jinxy and WASPS!

OOOOH we spent the weekend driving MY car!!! hahaha- I think Wayne’s is just going to be his *weekly work vehicle only* by the looks of things and he even said that he is really really thrilled at how well she drives, how smoooth her gear box is, how zippy she accelerates,  and then in the same breathe says- “Now don’t go and tell everyone I said that!” – WHAT??? meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, now why would I do that???- lol. Maybe because it’s MY CAR???- Because you said the *German* one would be better- *snicker snicker*- BWAHAHAHAH ';-P

OMG- well I didn’t have internet connection again yesterday- arrgh! , but I did use the time constructively- and learnt some new things in PS- WOOHOO! I love learning new things and getting the gray matter working. ( not that there’s much there- BWHAHAHAH).

And then being quite hot here again I was walking around barefoot with jeans that sort of drag on the floor ( yeah- sucks being a short shit!) when I felt this sudden BURN, needle pricking pain just below my knee- so I swipe at my jeans on the outside thinking I’ve got a thorn or something stuck in there- and BAM, another hit of pain- HOLEY COW- it feels like someone is burning me now with a match! So I try pulling the pant leg UP to see what the hell is going on and BAM BAM twice more- that wasn’t so clever! lol -

Can you say jump and remove jeans in two seconds flat! – BWWWWAHAHAHAHA. I must have looked like a drunk doing a rain dance! OMG- it hit me another 3 times before I managed to get my freaking jeans off – and out flies a WASP!!!  WASP!  How the hell did I get a wasp in my pants???- lol ( Don’t answer that Bunny- hee hee)

My knee swelled up something gorgeous last night! And I felt quite spacey from all the anti histamines I popped to get rid of the red rings arising all over. Wayne panicked a bit- but I think it was only because I sounded so, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- slurry! lol

I now have 7 red welts around my knee today and they are a little tender to the touch- but besides that I’m fine. Just a little worried about walking around with my jeans dragging on the floor now- BWHAHAHAH.

I have a few more LO’s done with my Nautical nights Bundle-


Check these out ;-)

DSO_GSC_KB_NauticalNights02_AdChallenge By Dinphy

Drunken-Sailor By Jenni  (YUM YUM…drool! lol)

OOOOH, some new goodies out at DSO- and these have got to be the cutest I have seen for a while.

Cute JINXY by my sister GS CREATIONS.


Morning Jinxy: Now selling for $1.50, Normal Price: $2.00


Mischievous Jinxy: Now selling for $1.50, Normal Price: $2.00

These were requested by Bunny and there is a story behind them too which you can read on my sisters blog HERE. ( man I’ve yakked enough today huh???-lol)


CU Herb Robert by Loucee

© 2010 by Libracorn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Happiness By Jen Reed


Vector Garden Templates by Kalo Designs,


Sweet Baby Girl word art by Jazzy


Team Spirit by Jazzy


Happy Days by Couric Designs, Such a sweet kit, its full of cute elements and gorgeous papers


Blossom Page Pretties by Just Passin Thru.


Random Ribbons by Brandi


My first day bundle pack by Flower Scraps

Be sure to check out the NEW SECTION for all the sales on the new goodies.

I’m off to carry on *learning* while my brain is still functioning- lol

Hugs and loves


kristine said...

Morning hag!!!!
Love ya!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
Sure hope you recover real soon from your time with the wasp.:( I know those HURT something fierce.My oldest son is allergic to them.Almost died when around nine or ten yrs old from a yellow jacket sting.Just one ...mind you.Huge hives about the size of a silver dollar and throat closing up and eyes watering..I was terrified I wouldn't get him to the emergency room in time.:( They told me to smear crisco on the swollen parts and then meat tenderizer to keep the skin from breaking.Would you believe..they actually had that stored in the emergency room? Go figure.:)
Hope today is a lot better for you!!You could do what Jim does when outside..puts his pants legs inside his socks.LOL He was getting stung on his legs too.:)

Huge hugs,

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying the car. Poor Wayne...a passenger for life! Out of jeans in 2 seconds isn't gonna win you stripper of the year award! Sorry about the stings.

Here is a link to a layout I did with the kit you RAKed me. http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1130313&cat=500 I loved it so much, I had to go buy Jazzy word art to go with it. I am sure I will be making more layouts with this soon.
Thanks again for the RAK!

Darleen said...

OMG Kim, I am so afraid of bees that I'd have been having nightmares for a month. You poor thing. Good thing that you have that cute feisty car to drive around and take your mind off of the experience. WOOO HOOO!!! And my Color Challenge kit is done for the month. Can't wait to get your posting gift. Stay safe.

Caryn said...

Oh. My. Word! I would have been so stinkin FREAKED OUT!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL! On my way bed and will be chuckling all the way ... you are such a hoot! SO sorry you got held up by a wasp - not one bit of FUN for sure! That's just the thing about a wasp versus a bee. A bee stings once and loses it's stinger, but a wasp ... sheesh, they can sting you repeatedly. I remember a girl that lived across the street from some of my cousins growing up. She ended up in the hospital as she had been attacked by a swarm that got caught up in her long blond hair and stung her repeatedly.

I'm SO happy that you were not injured any worse girlfriend. Hugs.

I absolutely adore Gaye's new doodles and I pimped her yesterday for my first addition of Monday in the Marketplace! You two girls have such AMAZING talent. Bunny was SO jazzed over Miss Jinxy and right off to create a card! Love, love, LOVE her!

Okay, I'm rambling as I am at the end of my day ... uhm, or is that night perhaps? LOL!

Hoping to get started with the new Color Challenge tomorrow!

Have a SPECTACULAR week my friend!


Jenni said...

hahahah, I can just imagine that "rain dance" hope you are feeling better today!!But I feel for you as I have been stung by a whole nest of hornets, man the pain and the itching a few hours later!I was once stung in my costume bottom in a very inconvenient place, you have never seen anyone enter the pool and strip underwater like I did that day hahahaha
I LOVE Jinxy, especailly the morning after one, been feeling a lot like that lately!

Bonnie said...

Oh shame Kim!!!! that's horrible!!! hope you feel better soon!! I have been stung by a bee before, but apparently wasps and hornets are a lot worse! ouch!!

fl_connie said...

Oh, Kimmie - I got stung (ONCE!) last week, on my finger. I was debating whether or not to use my epi-pen for my bee-sting allergies but then poured apple-cider vinegar on the bite - and the pain got immediately better, within an hour, my hives were going down, the swelling was only at the sting site, and the next day, I could hardly see where I had been stung. I was downright amazed! But now I have a bottle in my car - just in case, lol!

Your new car is sooo pretty - lucky gal!