Wednesday, 1 September 2010


warning - * GRAB COFFFEEEEEE*-lol

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I just got my car and drove her the whole way home with the top down!! She purrs like a kitten and drives like a tiger! hahahaha- Just the way it should be. Even Wayne who was a little sceptical in the beginning with my choice as he is a *German* car man, said he had no idea she would drive so well.

I’m soooo excited and can’t wait to get in her again which I think is the point of why I bought her in the first place ;-) Just got to remember to keep the foot light on the petrol as I’m sure he won’t appreciate all the fines that come with it- hee hee (photo’s tomorrow- PROMISE!)

I had such a good giggle at the names you girls left – THANK YOU!! The one’s I liked the best are from some of my CT girls - so I went with the one that gave me the MOST Laughter………

THE WINNERS ( yes I chose 3) OF the Nautical Nights MEGA KIT BELOW ARE

……………………………………dum dum dum, *inserts drum roll*-lol

UMMARO- with  “Pandora,”

I even sent your comment to Wayne as it’s a reminder of one of our favourite movies too- Notting Hill, “I knew a girl named Pandora once, but never got to see her box though”- BWWWWWWWAHAH.

LULUTOO with “ITSFY” (I'm Too Sexy For You)

hahahaha- all I could think of was *Right said Fred* singing “I’m tooo sexy for my shirt” which took me back to my JOLLING(big party) Days and FUN!

IAMB with “Desiree”

Reminded me of the Movie/play called “street car called Desire”-lol. Yup she sure is that ;-)

CONGRATS GIRLS – please send me an email ( click my full profile on the right and click on MAIL) and I will send you the KIT BELOW. Hope you have fun with it.

THANKS to everyone that left me comments, and I’ve have actually gone with Kristine’s name of VIXEN. But Kristine has my kit already- hahahaha. Thanks Wench the name is PUUURFECT! ;-)

AND YUP- time to see what you won huh?? lol


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- this Month’s theme was Nautical Nights and my sister Gaye and I had the same brain fart- PIRATES! lol  Remember each of these can be purchased separately or as a Bundle this time. They all match the other potions done by the Fantastic DSO designers.

Here are my portions to this fantastic DSO Pick Ur Bits. (all images clickable)


Nautical Nights – Scenics


Nautical Nights- Creative Element pack


Nautical Nights - Plain Papers


Nautical Nights- Print Papers


Nautical Nights - Realistic Elements


Nautical Nights – Alpha

or you can grab the WHOLE BUNDLE at a BARGAIN PRICE.


Nautical Nights-  FULL Bundle

My sister GS Creations Designed all the stunning templates that I used , we had a blast exchanging ideas and thoughts through the whole kit. thanks SIS, can’t wait for the next one! lol.

She has them on sale right now too ;-)


gs_jollypirate_templates4_01_LRG600x600 gs_jollypirate_templates3_01_LRG600x600


Check them out here under the NEW SECTION at DSO.

And OMG- my CT have really outdone themselves again and I and my sis had fun playing with this-

bed_m-10-bean By Bekah_E

silverandgoldjpg600 By Hutchie

mbl9xf-kristine By Kristine

The lollipop pirate By Gaye ( my sis and YUP- that’s my Moppet Caden ;-)

bros10 By Jodiann

Imagination-Caden210-web By Me

More inspiration to follow ;-)

And I battled to find a title for mine- lol, well one that didn’t say “ARRRRRGH my Matie” - KWIM, and Hutchie had hers PERFECT! So she sent me some which I then in turn made up into some freebie word art for you ( still got to put one on mine as been driving “Vixen” today-lol)


You can grab them HERE.


kristine said...


My toher name choice was NotWaynes but Vixen just sounded a whole lot sexier. LMFAOOOOOOOOO

Caryn said...

Kim, you REALLY outdid yourself (both you and Gaye) with Nautical Nights! I want to go to the beach to get more photos! LOL!

I'm gonna hold you to your promise of photos. I'm a german car girl myself (wanted a polo cabriolet for FOREVER) so I'm SO dying to see what you got!

Carjazi said...

Thanks for the WA. Been awhile since I've stopped by. Sorry to hear about the vault (and even sorrier I missed the great sale) Love your part of the DSO bits this month and looking forward to trying to get back into the swing of things with your color challenge. Enjoy your week (and your great new car)!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Bonnie said...

Hey's been long GIRL!!! Congrats on the new is all i can say!!! The names are too cute! I laughed at the pandora thing! I believe you might be meeting up with Jen this warned she is a party animal! hee hee

LifeAsDinkers said...

Just saying congrats on your new girl-toy..:)
...and thanks for the word art!

MoosieD said...

Congrats on the new car - don't get too many fines (haha). And thanks so much for the word art freebie.

SusanW said...

Is it just me or is 4shared down? I can't download anything from there, I can't even reach their site at all. It was that way yesterday also.

bj said...

thank you!!

Lulutoo said...

Woohoo! It's my lucky day! I actually sent you a PM earlier today thanking you for the color challenge PB, but I hadn't read my blogs yet. Thank you so much, sending you my email addy now. The kit looks just wonderful, can't wait to play with it. Thanks for the word art also-- fabulous! Have fun driving your new sexy car. I hope you don't get any speeding tickets while parked. ;)