Friday, 29 October 2010


Well it’s “BOOO” hello I’m here- haven’t been lost, just been hectically busy!  Can you believe it’s the end of October???? YOUCH, this year has been like a whirl wind on “speed”-lol

OMG- you all know I have been praying and hoping for some rain here right? I mean something's gotta give in this heat! WELL IT DID! WOOHOOOO- it' stormed like crazy on Wednesday night but put us in darkness for the most part! hahaha. Yup, NO ELECTRICITY. Three adults look at each other after an hour and just say Ok- good night! lol. If I had known what was awaiting me in the morning I would have put some buckets out!

I woke up on Thursday morning with Wayne moaning and grumbling about the water. WATER?? What about the water?? There isn’t any, he says. WHAT???? No lights last night and No WATER this morning?? you kidding right? – errrr NOPE! hahaha.

I had a good laugh tho, as Wayne took his little “tooshie” down to the “very cold” swimming pool and jumped in with shampoo in his hair!! BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- was the fastest wash I have ever seen- trust me! And then left me the VERY *pleasant* job(NOT) of having to flush his "morning routine” down the sewer because he was late. Thanks Goodness Deon did his own- with grimace I must say-lol! Filling buckets from the pool and dragging them upstairs is NOT FUN I tell you! hahahaha.

I had to do the “pool wash” too yesterday- not as BRAVE as hubby, I just filled the bucket – hahaha, as the water didn’t come on again till after 5pm! A real crappy day excuse the pun! lol

OOOOH- and was taking some shots with my camera through my office window while waiting yesterday - lol, any excuse to play ;-)


These are on the tree outside and are full of the yellow puffy flowers ( sure that’s what’s giving me get the snots and sneezes too- lol)


Look like pom poms on a stalk huh?


I saw this little guy and quickly got off a shot of him in the branches- but he got shy


And played “peeka boo I see you”- lol

Okies, as you all know this weekend will be the LAST weekend that the DSO store will be open.

REMEMBER to grab as much of my goodies at DSO at 55% off at the moment- ENDS 31st OCOTBER as a lot of my goodies are going to RETIRE ;-)


including all COMMERCIAL Use products.!

Please guys if you have read my other posts this past month you will know that DSO gallery and forum are not closing ;-) You can read about it HERE!

I’ve been busy getting my new stuff uploaded at Mscraps for the 1st, phew. I’ve had a lot to learn too. And thank Goodness I haven’t *broken* anything yet- lol

Wanna Peaky at what’s coming on the 1st???


And a few more too ;-)

I want to wish all of you that celebrate it a HAPPY HALLOWEEN this weekend. Don’t eat all the kids candy now- hahahahaha.

Hugs and Loves


kristine said...'s your coffee as promised...

Always Plumpster said...

I missed the CC this month..but I am so glad to see the forum and gallery will still be there to play.
With fingers crossed, and not read anywhere..I hope the Colour Challenges continue. Sure would miss ya Ms.KimB. You can be sure I will be peakin in at your new goodies..and will be keeping up with ya here.
As for the "duty" flush..thank goodness for pool water..ROFL ROFL..

Dinphy said...

Well, I'm glad I don't read your blog AND drink my coke anymore! Would have been spitting it through my nose and over my keyboards several times!
Girl you make it sound hilarious!

Ooh, the peak of your new kit looks awesome, very delicate and such pretty colors!

I agree with LynO above...
The thing I've never read about is if you will continue your Colour Challenge...
You do know some people live from colour swatch to colour swatch!? ;)
I sure can't imagine DSO without you or your Colour Challenge...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim.:)
Hehe.What a day you had!!! I were fortunate to have pool water.:)
I LOVE your photos!! Love the peek a boo too!!LOL You do such a wonderful job at capturing the perfect shot!:)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to flush the toilets without trips up the stairs with buckets of water.hehe