Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Birthday to a favourite “Wench”

Before I get to the FUN stuff today ( ooh and there’s TONS of it- so keep reading-lol) I’d like to say thank you for all your wonderful e-mails this weekend while I was away. Holey crumbs my inbox was full and I’m still getting to reply’s so please be patient with me- lol

Yes DSO’s store is closing at the end of October ( you can read about the announcement here) and to be honest I haven’t really given where or what I’m doing much thought the last two weeks as I’ve had quite a few things to get done- uhum, some below-lol

I’ll be sure to keep you informed on my decisions of what I will be doing but at this stage it’s totally undecided. I WILL be continuing to design, I can promise you that, as I would go STIR crazy not being creative and yup- it would drive Wayne nuttier, as I’m usually as miserable as sh—one—t when not creating- hahaha.

So don’t miss these while they are up ;-)


Vintage Collab CU Grab bag

It's filled with 9 BRAND NEW Vintage/Heritage styled products.


Styles Grab Bag

And I’ve put up my PAPERMAKERS GRAB BAG Again too-


Paper Maker Grab Bag

(FULL previews revealed INSTORE for ALL BAGS)


I’d like you to join me in wishing one of my most favourite “online” and offline WENCHES a Happy Birthday ;-)

Kristine is and always will be a ray of sunshine in my life and the life of my Creative Team. She lifts us all up when we are having a bad day without her even knowing it-  with her “warped sense of humour”, “ potty mouth”, “gutter mind set” and her love of life and “cocktails and parties” she keeps us entertained and in stitches of laughter daily.

We had to HIDE what the team was doing from poor Wench (Kristine) and she must have been wondering why we have all been so quiet the last week - hahahaha.

We decided it was time to SPOIL our “Wench” for a change and got together to make her her own SPECIAL kit.

HAPPY BARFDAY WENCH, I hope you have a fantastic special day and are spoilt the way you deserve to be—LOTS!!!!

Kristine hates pastels and I get an ear full every time I put them up for my Colour Challenges- so the team voted on these-

Idea 1-80's

I must admit I battled a bit in the beginning ( LAUGH WENCH LAUGH- hahaha) But we all had a BLAST talking behind your back and creating these for YOU.

*please not that some of the girls are NOT up yet and to check back on them later for their downloads*


Jenni created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Bekah_E created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Loucee created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- as you can see we all had a little theme going with Kristine’s love of STILLETO’s-lol


Paula made us these gorgeous matching QP pages and you can pick them up on her blog HERE.

And there’s more!!! don’t you just LOVE my team- OMG, I LOVE this kit! hahaha


Vicki created this portion and it can be picked up on her blog HERE.


Jodiann (Bean) has this “NARLY” alpha for you as well as----


These AWESOME styles!! WOOOOOT, you can grab them on Jodiann’s blog HERE.

Ruthy did this stunning fun LO for Kristine with all our portions


and had made the WORD art into a freebie for you too-


You can download them here on her blog.

Jenni played with the kit’s too and came up with this Funky fun LO that had me in STITCHES- yeah that’s ME in it with the glasses on-lol


BWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHA- got to love it Jen! Thanks!




I used bit’s of everyone’s kits and my own-



Close up detail ;-)

Which you can all download my Portion HERE.

All I ask is if you can leave the “Wench” a Bday wish to make her day ;-)

Hugs and Loves


kristine said...

You sneaky little HAG!!!!! Bwahahahahahha!!!!! ROFL!! Too freakin' funny you little shit!!

Seriously though, you guiys made my day. I am sick in bed with pneumonia, feeling pretty cruddy and I have done nothing but laugh my fat arse off. I thank you for that.
You guys really are the best....sneaky bitches the lot of you but the BEST sneaky bitches. LMFAO!!

Love you all...

canpeg said...

Happy Birthday, Kristine !!! Have a good one, and GET WELL SOON !!!!


Deanna said...

Well wishes from me, too! Feel better soon! And Happy Birthday!

naz said...

thx very much, such an adorable blog train! Happy birthday Kristine!! Hope you get better soon xx

Dinphy said...

You know I've been wondering what you'd do with the DSO-store closing, but I also knew you're busy and would always let us know through your blog, so I didn't write.
But I do wonder if there'll be a VERY lucky store, or if you're gonna go set up a store of your own. If anyone has the followers and quality to pull that off, it's you.
Wherever you decide to do, I'll be sure to follow you.
But, I hope you'll stick with DSO too. Can't imagine what DSO would be without you or your color challenge...

Great fun -and bright!- colors and kit!

Now did you do that on purpose: "Hot Pants for Wenches" and the next I read is "Close up detail"
Hum, dunno about that... ;)
Had me laugh tho!

Now, off to leave the Bday girl some wishes, and grab the other goodies!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy Birthday Kristine!!
Thank you so much Kim for sharing! My Grand daughter is fifteen and she will absolutely love this.The kit and colors are fantastic.:)

Have a marvelous day!!


txbubbles said...

I'm so lucky to be a member of such a fabulous CT! The Wench's kit is awesome!

Jenni said...

I love it when a sneaky plan comes together hahaha! Thanks so much for a week of fun, it all turned out so great!

Bekah_E said...

this was such a blast!! thanks Kim!! :)

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Thank you Kim, and all the girls, and Happy Birthday KRistine!

MoosieD said...

Stunning kit, Kim. Thanks so much for sharing. Off to wish Kristine a very happy birthday now ...

Tammy and Shelby said...

Gorgeous kit kim! I am saddened to see that DSO is closing but understand. I will follow you anywhere so please let us know as soon as you (and your sister) decide what to do...

AND I love the title of the kit!!! Great job!

txgwen said...

What a fun surprise! Many thanks for letting us participate in the festivities and goodies!

Paula said...

I too had a blast this past week and Kristine's reaction was great!!! Thanks for coming up with the idea!

deb said...

Thank you!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Cindyrelly said...

OH NO! I adore your color challenges... Well, wherever you go or whatever you decide to do I will follow! Also, if you need any help at all with setting up a store I do know a bit about zencart and a lot about making websites ;) Thank You soooo much for the HOT PANTS FOR WENCHES! This is just TA DA!!

LdyMcBeth said...

You guys rocked this! I have ideas zipping around my head for everything in here!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sue said...

A fabulous fun kit, I'm sure it made Kristine's day, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebie - LianeZ

Anonymous said...

lilnayzeedayzee says: TYVM for part of the birthday!!

Jamie S said...

Thank you and happy birthday 'Wench'! :-)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Y'all are a HOOT and a half and if any one could pull something of this caliber off without a hitch, it would be y'all!!!

HAPPY "belated" BIRTHDAY to the sweet GORGEOUS lady - sorry I missed the PAR-TAY!

Kim, I'm being good like Dinphy and not cluttering your inbox with my inquiring mind, but ONLY know that whatever is in the works, it WILL rock!

Love ya girlie ... XOXO

* Lee said...

Thank you SO MUCH for such an AWESOME Freebie!! YOU ALL ROCK!!

Hotpants Shop said...


I am "a bit" late... but better late then never... so Happy Birthday :)

I have no clou what you guys talkingg about here at all... but the paintings are amazing great!!! I love it.