Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Boo hoo and Blossom

Oh man, the last week has been a blur! On Monday last week I woke up running a mild temp and felt completely “flu-ish”- You know that wonderful snot and tight chest with headache right? YUCK! lol, and of course “Kim” being the stubborn ass she is, takes asprin for the temp and hopes it’s just going to go away- LOL.  I didn’t want to worry Waynie to take off work to take me to the docs for just a sniffle -- mmmmmmmmm, by Wednesday when my dear son finally arrived with my car, I was walking around in a bit of a daze. Temps sky high and completely blocked up that I couldn’t hear out my left ear. Well Wayne and Nathan had a fit and I was at the doc’s first thing on Thursday morning. Well I had my car back – lol.

YOUCH- did I get it from the doc too, I had an ear-drum near bursting and had infected just about everything in my body due to – SINUS! lol, The stuff I live with here and just ignored as it’s a daily thing- KWIM? DANG, I didn’t know it could make me feel this miz! I’m on the mend tho and have enough tablets to sink a freaking ship- and it sure makes my head spin!(not that it needs help doing that really- lol)

We went away for the weekend so the boys could play golf ;-). I wouldn’t let them cancel it – I mean being sick here or there wouldn’t make a difference. I spent a wonderful weekend reading and spending time with the boys in the afternoon. We even went to a local “Shabeen” (Traditional Tavern/Bar) so they could have a local traditional beer. We also went on a “tour” of a crocodile sanctuary and both got a little pee-ed with me as I kept stopping to take photo’s- BWHAHAHA. It was a good weekend, even through the sweats ;-)

Nathan left this morning to go back home and I’m missing him BADLY already. ARRGH-been “boo-hoo-ing” on and off today but he starts his second year University middle of Feb and had to go and register and get his books sorted out now. He did so well last year and landed up getting 4 distinctions! One for the “summer school” class he had to take this month too- lol. I just hope it keeps going so well this year - well he knows he will have his mom on his back if he doesn’t- hahahaha. :-P

I got to play yesterday morning while Nathan was busy with my dear friend and fellow Designer Ruth Melody’s new kit called BLOSSOM.



BLOSSOM is a creation of festival celebration, cherished moments and a lot of love. It's specially designed for this Lunar New Year.

And I used my beautiful friend Roche again with this rich and versatile kit ;-)


Ruthy let me make this into a QP freebie for you too, and you can pick this one up created by Jenni, on her blog as well- woot!


You can grab this one HERE,


And this one HEREhttp://www.4shared.com/file/d7bL3fLw/kb-RM_Blossom.html

Off to grab some good strong coffee and a book- lol. I hope you all have a stunning day and can’t wait to share my photo’s with you of the weekend once they are downloaded ;-)

hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!!!!!

Hope you're on the mend....snot rockets aren't something I want to share ya know!!!

Dinphy said...

Aw, sorry you've been under the weather... Hope you get well soon!
Got told off huh? Well they're right. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! Dang!

Anonymous said...

Awww... not feeling well to begin with - and now Nathan is back to classes on top of that!!! I sure hope you feel 100% again soon, Kim.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Hope you feel better real soon.WOW..you had it bad!!:( Glad you were taken to the Doc to get meds into you.Infection is nothing to mess with!!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful qp with me.You always do such a wonderful job!:)
Enjoy your book and relax and get pampered.Will make you feel much better.:)


Ummaro said...

Thanks so much for the QP, it's beautiful! Hope you're back to your healthy self soon, I know how miserable a sinus infection can be!

Breeoxd said...

oooh thats no good! thanks for the giftie- an i hope you feel great soon! I want to see some party pics! lol

Ruth said...

Hope you fully get well soon, Hun! WoHoOo... heart that QP!!! Thank you very much for sharing this in your blog, Kimmie! xxxmuaks

5Star Digital Scrapbooking said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd like to invite you to promote your site on our Digital Scrapbooking Topsite. Hope to see you there!

Tami said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie.

Patti said...

Thank you for making my weekend such an enjoyable one! I have spent the weekend surfing the web and I found your website and had fun downloading some of your freebies. Thank you for the goodies that you have shared! I appreciate your generosity! Without your willingness to share your talents and your layouts, there would be very little external stimuli to make us stop, look and think and that process makes us more creative!

I have downloaded a lot of wonderful kits in the past few months and didn't really understand how important Thank Yous are so I’m trying to be sure to stop and take the time to post a thank you. Sometimes life gets in the way and you start a download and walk away and when you sit down, you start at the next step and don’t loop back around for that thank you to the artist that had shared so generously with you. I know that it happens a lot with me with dial-up. Sometimes those big files take FOREVER to download and then I forget what I was doing! That happens a lot lately…. ! :-)

A heartfelt Thank You for you!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

Kia said...

Thanks so much for the QP, it's beautiful! :)