Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year

hee hee- well a “better late than never” huh? Wishing you a fantastic, brilliant, prosperous one! I know I’m ready to grab this one by the horns- lol.

I’m back home in Pretoria and have managed to settle in again- PHEW! Did you have a good Festive Season? Mine was a lot quieter in a lot of ways but more hectic in others-all good though but sure felt like I needed another holiday when I got home. BWHAHAHA.


We rented a house at the place where I met Wayne when I was 16!

Bushmans River. Our family’s have been going there for years. We haven’t managed to get there last 5 years due to Wayne having to work over most “summer holidays” and a lot of other PITA complications ;-)This year, with him being his own boss so to speak we managed to organise it! WOOT.

We also had the “old folks” with us the whole holiday. They had us in STITCHES most days. We bought each one a “pre-Christmas gift” of a rod and reel plus some fishing equipment- and boy did it come in handy as BOTH forgot theirs at home at their front doors and remembered when they were nearly here- BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Wayne’s Dad Vernon and Stepmom Zelda ;-)


Wayne taking my dad for ride in the boat on about the only day we had SUNSHINE! lol Yeah- it rained and rained and I’m still “lily white” to boot! blah! hahaha.


Nathan had his best friend Calvin staying with us too and the boys actually put up the Christmas tree ( amongst lots of fights and ball throwing- lol)


What do you do when it’s still raining?? – EAT!! lol. That pagoda we put up only lasted about 4 hours- the rain turned it into a storm and by the time it had finished that poor pagoda looked like it had played “twister”- lol


hee hee- and when the stomachs are full it’s time to play! My dad actually got the hang of the Xbox- we couldn’t believe it and had tons of laughter at him playing golf against Nathan. GO DAD! lol


And what did I do? - I played “make over” with Zelda and my dad’s friend Lizzy! BWHAHAHAHA- they were so chuffed and I had fun!


Wayne and I got to go do some “alone fishing” when the sun gave us a gap and I managed to catch a fish-----


BIGGER than his! lol, and we got DRENCHED about 20 minutes later! Oy- we did laugh as I warned him about the clouds coming in from the sea- NOOOO, that’s MIST he says- BWAHAHAHA- yeah right! My wet ass and head said otherwise ;-)


To hell with the rain- we went fishing off the rocks! lol. My dad actually caught a fish too!


And I LOVE this photo! The “three generations” of the Broedelet boys! How cool is that!


And just some of my Favourite photo’s taken of my boys ;-)


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm- yeah I’d say you are on holiday my boy- lol


Loved the light and Nathan was trying to catch “mullet” in that net for bait ;-)


AHHHH- a relaxed and happy man with his fish! lol.

There are tons more of course and will show those in a few more blog posts or you could be here for a while ;-)

I played Bunny’s Template Challenge at DSO this week!

What a great way to get back into the swing of things! WHEEEEEEEEEE


Credits can be found HERE.

And I played the DSO Colour Challenge too! YIPPEEEE- means a freebie for you today!


You can grab it HERE. http://www.4shared.com/file/4WGDOead/kb-JanCC-2011.html

Have a great day guys and “here’s to a great year forward”

Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!!! Love the new blog re-do!!! Fresh and clean unlike your mind...

makeyesup said...

Pretty kit, as usual, thanks for sharing. Loved all your photos and comments, it sounds like you had a great time. And the one of the 3 generations is a forever keeper, it's awesome. Guess that new camera is perfect for you.

Tirza said...

Thanks for the lovely mini kit

MoosieD said...

Great photos of your holiday, Kim.

Thanks so much for the stunning CC kit. You'll see it in action in the gallery as soon as I download it and get my layout done.

LouCeeCreations said...

Yay hey! nice to see you blogging, and I love the new graphics!
The photo's are a joy, glad you had a good christmas break.

Anonymous said...

Pretty kit - thanks!

Kamá said...
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Kamá said...

Great kit, as usual:-) Like your blog graphic too. Thank you Kim!

Dinphy said...

Great photo's Kim! Looks like a great time.
I must say, that's a very special one of you too! I really were struck by the fact you were not laughing with your mouth wide open! ;)

Even though you were on holiday, you sure have been busy before posting! Love the new blog look, preview look, your LO is stunning and the freebie...
Well, what can I say, I'm off to download!! :)

Happy New Year!

Tammy and Shelby said...

LOVE the new look and logo!!!!!!! I have been out of the loop with the darn flu but wow....I am diggin your fresh new look!!!

Thanks for the photos and wow...great memories!

Thanks for the glorious freebie!

PS. Speaking of fresh changes...our Miss Shelby went from CUTE BLONDE to BOMBSHELL red/brown - she colored her hAIR!!!! OMG....stunning. I will post pics on my blog this week!


Sue said...

Your layout is striking and your photos are fun.

Thanks so much for the cute kit! :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kim.:)
What a wonderful time you had on your vacation!! Thanks for sharing your pics of it with us...and I LOVE your new kit!! Thanks so much!!

Tina said...

Hi my friend! Love the photos, thanks a lot for sharing! Also love the new look of your blog very much :-)))

fl_connie said...

Fantastic cc kit! Thanks so much! Looks like your holiday was fun - everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves regardless of the rain! Happy New Year (heck - it's still January!) to you, too!

lvdesigner said...

Love the new look and kit! Thanks & Happy New Year ;)

Mary said...


looks like your camera's getting a workout

we're in the midst of a snowstorm here & my camera & I are snowbound :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much

pkdoll said...

Love the new blog look and I thank you for sharing the photos of the family on holiday. I love seeing them and reading the stories behind them. Missed you and glad you are back. Thank you for the wonderful comment on my pages at DSO. Love ya GF!

Judgirl said...

sounds like an awesome time ...family. Love the new look and thank you for the kit...love the colors. Have a great week


Jenni said...

Welcome back!! Love the new look blog and logo! Thanks for sharing the photos, looks like you all had a a great time.Thanks for the freebie, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gorgeous kit and Happy New Year

April said...

Thanks. Awesome colors!!!

Bean said...

Weeee! Vacay Pictures! I am in heaven! Thanks Ladybug!

SONDRA said...

Thanks for sharing your trip and your mini!

GlitterQueen said...

Great mini and photos, and I love your Africa page! Thank you.

Nikki said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family. Thanks for the gorgeous mini!

txgwen said...

Sounds - and looks LOL! - like you had a wonderful holiday.

Many thanks for sharing your awesome kit!

Peggie said...

Thank you. This is lovely.

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much!

bj said...

thank you and i like your new site and hair-do!

Freebies Storage said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I want to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on Freebies Storage :)

Chloé said...

WOW ! Thank you for this beautiful kit ! Love the colours !

lady said...

merci! thank you, very beautiful!!!