Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hold Thumbs

OMG- first off I just want to thank Loucee for doing my post on Friday- lol. I had to send it to her via e-mail as no matter what I did, my post would not publish from this side. The e-mail alone took quite a while to go through and poor ol Loucee had to do it bit by bit- THANKS GF!!! I owe you again! lol

Yeah- my internet connection went poof again on Friday- I mean COOMMME ONN! hahaha, THANK GOODNESS it’s back full steam today! Phew - don’t think my nerves would have taken another “slow slow, maybe, yes, oh no, dang ” day! lol

I sat and downloaded my photo’s from the weekend away and realised that a lot of photo’s I have with Nathan have “uhum, fish or animals” in- lol My child is a “nature child” for sure.

Some photo odds I’d like to share ;-)

Every December holidays its our family tradition to have a “fish evening” on the 28th Dec. We all go out and catch fish – (yup has to be FRESH) – lol, and catch CRAB for the salad I make.

Catching these buggers is rather scary! You have to sit soooo quiet and bring the lines up sooo slowly that more often than not we LOOSE them due to me being on the boat! (hey I can only stay quiet for soooo long you know)hahahaha.


hee hee- I did say “dangerrrroooos and scary!”- and this is a smallish one ;-)


Ant is sooo small the crab is bigger than her head! LOL

It did make a good Salad though ;-P


This was at the Crocodile Sanctuary, and we got to hold the little croc’s (with their mouths tied as they snap really quickly! lol)


it’s actually a lot softer than I thought and nearly strangled it as I picked it up- lol


AHHHH my Fav boys eating ice-cream waiting for the Croc “lecture” ;-)


And this one I took especially for Bunny – hahahaha, her dog Sweets howls at the Meercats on Meercat Manor.


I loved how this one came out – was just turning dark and the birds were making a hell of a racket! WOOHOO- I love playing with my camera! hahaha

Just a reminder of my new kit Mulberry Fields available at Scrap Matters.


You can grab the FULL BUNDLE @ 40% off.

And some more Stunning creations with it-

Cane-Corso-Love1 By Jenni

pjk-fa10 By Paula

2011-01-29Family By Kelli


By Vicki who just got GSO for it too! WOOOT Congrats GF.

I hope you have a stunning day Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Gorgeous evening shot....I could use some of that right now. ;-)

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

great pics! awww.. I want a meerkat. Send me one. Sweetz will LOVE it! haha!!!!!!

Jenni said...

Good grief, those crabs are HUUUUGE!!!! Great pics!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

I adore meercats too! they are so cute, which is more than I can say for the crab haha!

Jen said...

DAMN! Those crabs are HUGE!! There would be absolutely NO WAY you'd catch me in the boat. LOLOL!! I'll just stick with the eating and not the catching. HAHA!

You're new kit is very very pretty! All the layouts are fabulous!

canpeg said...

LOVE those meercats, Kim ! Also that evening photo :)
Those layouts are just superb !

Hope your internet sorts itself out real soon :) Nothing worse ! Well, not when your life revolves around it LOL

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Kim!

oy - that crab is how I FEEL somedays. I LOVE eating crab - used to go out with my dad and catch them all the time, boil them up right on the beach - nothing like it.

You look too cute wrastling with that critter.

Be back soon - my honey just drove up, I'm outta here.

Love, Barb

MrsPeel said...

well, I have to say, girl, the more I get to know you, the more I KNOW we would have such a good laugh together!!!!! our fav in Brasil (because here is so expensive, in England!!!) is freshly gotten crabs...we used to gio at 3 am....ohhh I need to show you some cute LOs of Sarita eating crabs aged 3...cracking them all on her own :)
anyway, LOVE the Mulberry Fields, got the kit and the word art and didnt realised I should ve gotten the packs togetheer LOL, you so absolutely ROCK KIm, ion every sense of the word, you are AWESOME@!!!!!!
if ever coming this way, remember, mi casa es su casa :)
super Huggzzz