Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Share Wednesday

OMG! This week is flying by and it’s already Wednesday! ARRRRK, lol. It feels like I just got back from my sisters place! And that was Sunday night- hahaha.

AHHHH man, I so love my time at my sisters (GS Creations) place. It’s a “forced” relax. Honest, I don’t think I ever gone to bed as early as we do when there- not anywhere else- including HOME! hahahaha.

It’s a small village (Dullstroom) and with no internet connection (one I don’t want to pay through my ass for that is - lol) it sure makes you sit and do – well not much. lol.  We sit outside, EAT and oh, Eat some more as Wayne can’t resist the home bakes in the Village on a Sat morning and usually lands up buying WAYYYY tooo much! lol

I read and snooze and spend time with Sis and Caden. It so funny that Caden remembers the “routine” from our last visits- Friday is supper at “mom and dads” with lots of talking and playing. Sat morning is “Caden” shopping day with Waynie and Kim.- hahaha. She remembered and still asked us if we were going to our “usual shop”- which is the sweet and toy shop. HAHAHAHA- got to love it!

She then spends a bit of time with us alone while mom can have a little piece and the afternoon is nap time for all kids( that’s me included- BWHAHAHAH)


Mom coming down to see if Caden is ok ;-)

Sat evenings is spent outside our cottage that we stay in on Gayes property. It’s PLAY and Caden time while we sit with the fire going and a glass of wine.


She bought some “bubbles” on Sat with Waynie and yeah that’s me “fat ass” blowing and Caden chasing them-lol


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- MORE MORE! lol. (this pic just makes me smile)


You bought them – your turn Waynie! lol. Wayne eventually learnt if you just wave your arms around you get more bubbles than trying to go blue in the face blowing- hahaha.


Rest time for the “big people" after running around like chickens, and of course Gaye was snapping pics- I have this thing about my “turkey chin” always showing up in photo’s and Wayne gladly decided to HIDE it for me! BWHAHAHAH


It’s the place I’m the most ticklish too- My mom used to hand me the wash cloth from really young as I used to cringe up when she went to clean my neck. HAHA- yup, still like that as you can see!


Then it was “Wayne and Caden” garden stroll time- Love this one ;-)


Wayne had to pick her up on the path as the stones  hurt her little feet- but she had no problems still directing in which direction they had to go! HAHAHA.


Special time with my Munchkin!! Miss her tons already.

Thanks again Sis, we always get back content and rested. LOVE YA!

And I have a few more CT LO’s to show you today-


By Candace using  my Chikka-dea kit and who also got GSO at DST! WOOT Congrats GF!


By Hutchie using Wanted-Hugs and Kisses Collab.


This awesome HYBRID card was created by Bunny Wunny  using What Matters Most , she also has the instructions/challenge on her blog HERE.

These-are-the-Days By jenni


By Vicki (Both using What Matters Most.)

WOOT- seeee, lots of “picture” shares today- lol.

I hope you all have a stunning day and chat tomorrow again.

Hugs and Loves


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
What FUN at Gaye's home!!LOVE your pics and it looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves there too.:)It does look like a place you can relax and enjoy.So happy you were able to get fully refreshed.:)
The layouts are AMAZING!!I LOVE the hybrid card too.
Have a wonderful day!!


GSCreations said...

YIKES, your creative team have done some beautiful layouts with your incredible kit, loving them all!!

LOL, mmmmmm who's that funny thing walking down to check on munchkin bwhahahahahah!!! AAAh sis it was so great having you guys here, Caden's been asking where is aunti kimmie and uncle wayne since you left:) She misses you so much and is still eating the treats you left her but everything must first go into Mr Egg Man first! hehehehe.

Jenni said...

Gaye's place looks stunning and Caden is such a cutie pie!Glad you had a relaxing weekend!