Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vampire Wednesday

ARRKK- I had to do some MORE blood tests today- OY, starting to feel like a “Vampires” feeding farm! hahahaha.

My “up to the minute” broker who keeps my insurance policies at their best, can drive me dilly,(but I know that’s not a bad thing-lol). Yeah, talking about you Frank! lol. But must admit, he is the only one so far that we have used that every six months will check the investments and which one is paying better or not. So I always get the – we’re moving this lot over to that company and taking a bit from here to over there, blah blah blah- but it ALWAYS lands up me having to do a medical with the freaking AIDS tests and the SCARY scale! hahaha.

The funniest was that they had phoned last week to send a nurse to the house(YAY) but thought I was still in PE at home! I had a REALLY good laugh when I told them I was in Hartbeespoort Dam and there was dead silence on the other side of the phone! HAHAHAHAHAH.

Got another phone call from Frank to say he had organized a nurse  from Pretoria to come out. Well she has just left and it wasn’t tooooo bad!

I had to pee on the strippy thingy- but was like, OMG, if I miss this thing she is going to have to sit here for at least another hour until I get a full bladder again! BWHAHAH- I made a good mess to get it first time though! ROTF!

The scale was the thing I was really worried about- Oy, my nerves! But I haven’t put on as much weight as I thought I had ( WOOHOOOOOO) and it’s only 6kg! The way my clothes have been fitting I “presumed” it was way over 10! lol. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier putting ON weight! hahaha.

Okies, enough yakking again- some more creative CT LO’s using some kits still on SALE ;-)


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bed_gr14 by Bekah_E 

sunris10 By Vicki



This AWESOME cut out Hybrid card by Bydelstorp (Karen)

By Kathleen


All Using Friends Series Roche


By Renee


By Jodiann


Both Using Friend Series Deon

And this Awesome “punch out” Hybrid Card by LeAnn


Who used my Mini kit Spicey -


"Spicey" Mini page kit only $1.62 on Sale right now ;-)

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And I have a little CU freebie for you today-


Into Spring pattern – in PSD, TIFF and separated PNG @ 300ppi.

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Hugs and Loves


EAL Designs said...

Congrats on the new store Kim, and thanks so much for the freebie, great GB, but no shopping funds right now, maybe next time.
Hugs, Lisa/EAL

Kristine said...

Holy crap woman I am exhausted just reading that post.

An said...

thank you for the freebie!

Tammy and Shelby said...

Thank you for the goodie and love the grab bag!! Got it!

Glad all your tests went well...

Lisa said...

thanks for the freebie!

Dinphy said...

Ooh, couldn't resist, if only for the flowers and texture pack, (SO in love with) very much worth it!
hehe, AND I had a coupon to use. THANK YOU again for that one! :)

Carissa said...

Thank you for the freebie. The grab bag looks deliciously tempting too....hmm... may have to go shopping later. :)

xashee's corner said...

i don't get around the blog world like i used to but you surely are still one of my favorite designers! thank you so much for sharing such a cool freebie! i absolutely LALA LOVE everything i have seen in this post! GREAT work!! glad all that blood work and tests are done for at least another 6 months! have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! :) hugs!!

BlueCat said...

The cards are beautiful!
Thank you very much for the freebie.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much!! Glad you have found a new "home"!!

Esther -who lives in the said...

Love the freebie!! Thanks, Kim. :)

Bene said...

merci pour le partage :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [31 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Breeoxd said...

um Im kinda confused- why do you need to do aids and blood tests just o make investments? I use the stock market and here in the US we dont do that. Just curious! :P Glad you're staying at sm- would love to see more in the friends series!

Redju said...

Thank you sweetie! AWESOME products as usual!

Joni said...

Thanks so much for this awesome spring pattern.

Carol said...

Thanks, Kim.
So cheerful!
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thanks so much for the COOL pattern.LOVE it!

Deanna said...

Thanks for the freebie! Just gotta wait for the paycheck to come through - then I'll be SHOPPING!!!

Jaya said...

Thanks for the freebie!

Bene said...

merci pour le partage :)