Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Internet and head woes

OH MAN- nope I didn’t miss a post due to a hangover this time! BWHAHAHA. Monday I couldn’t get onto any web page- I had mail just fine but couldn’t get anything to open in my browser- BLAH!

Yesterday I woke up with such a headache that I panicked a little that it would be that “one a year” migraine! Yeah, the lights too bright, the pillow to hard pain headache- but took some meds doc gave me for my ear a while ago ( for pain) which I didn’t use and BOY- thank goodness I didn’t or I wouldn’t have functioned much! BWHAHAHAHA- It wacked the headache good and solid but left me rather- errrrr DOPEY isn’t even the right word for it! lol. All’s good and every things functioning again today- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

AHH- It was soooo good to see Charmaine again. But we landed up deciding it was better to sleep at home as the party was still loud and in full swing by 12am- Wayne and I sipped Water in wine glasses to make the drive home- which we did at 3am and only got home at 4.35am on Sunday morning! BWHAHAH- OMG, I’m glad we did as Deon only got home at 3pm Sunday! He only went to “bed” at 6am and slept on the couch-lol

Cbd_2-04-11 005

Watching the Rugby (that’s Deon, Charmaine and her beautiful daughter Taryn)and BOOHOO- my team LOST again!

Cbd_2-04-11 006 copy

In our Sharks Rugby Jerseys- trust me, we took them off just as the whistle blew! BLAH! HAHAHAHA

Cbd_2-04-11 007

Charmaine doing what she does best- shouting when we actually scored! lol

Cbd_2-04-11 013

AHHHHH- the two buds ;-)

Cbd_2-04-11 017 copy

Charmaine and her daughter Taryn.

Cbd_2-04-11 021

How does that song go?? Always Party in the kitchen?? lol

Cbd_2-04-11 057

HAHAHAHAHA- hot from dancing and holding my “water”, but oy, was as stiff as hell on Sunday! I’m party UNFIT! lol

Others I’ll keep hidden! hahahaha

AHHH so what do you do when you can’t get on the net??- YOU SCRAP! I scrapped 4 pages yesterday and loved every minute of it!

I played two challenges at DSO and the other two are for CT creations- hee hee


This one was for the Scrap Lift Challenge at DSO and it was the photo in the “lift LO” that got me! hahahaha. Check it out here for full credits.

And the posting Bonus for the Surprise Challenge at DSO was what made me put everything on hold last night to do this one, it was tooo gorgeous to let slip! -


I used Ruth Melody’s kits Endearing and Treasured for this one. Check it out here.

And I have a few more CT LO’s to show you -

Using I Luv 2 Craft-

kimbkraftericadenise By Kimb

I Luv 2 Craft by KimB's Designs By KSCroppyChick

Using What Matters Most

jds_giveme4_temp1_600 By Yari

SM_RTSApr1_JDSMemories_LB By loribear

Using Seize the Day Collab

seizetheday_web1 By rxdawg97

Laughter_Music_of_the_Heart_layout By Patti

And I gave away a TEMPLATE freebie a week ago and said if you put it up in the Gallery at Scrap Matters that I would give away $5 to 3 people who left me links!



This one was done using Seize the Day and it’s by ……. Kerry (kayjaydo)



This stunning one using Nautical Nights is by ………………. lulutoo!!!



This beautiful one using Mulberry Fields is by………………………. Darleen(teapotlady)


WOOT! CONGRATS GIRLS and thanks sooo much for playing with- I loved seeing your creations with the template!

Can you PLEASE just e-mail me (it’s in my profile) and I will send you your coupons!!

Okies- off to get some more coffee as the weather here went from 100 –0 in ONE day and I’m sitting in a jersey and actually COLD for a change! BWHAHA- woot, cuddle time tonight I think! lol

Hugs and loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!
Where's the coffee dammit?

Lulutoo said...

Ahhhh! I was enjoying your post with the fun stories and admiring all of the beautiful layouts when suddenly I saw my own layout! Yippee! Thank you so much! Sending you an email now. :)

KayJay said...

Same here lulutoo! Enjoying Kim's/your great weekend pics, and then up pops me and my kids!! Cool, thank you so so much! now to send you an email....

Bunny Cates, said...

haha, you and your parties. LOL... I swear Kim, you go more now then I did at 17. A quick shopping trip thru Walmart and I pass out when I get home. hahaha!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

I hope your lil head has stopped banging like a gong. I agree with Bunny - like I'd even have the ENERGY to go on like that. I fall asleep if I don't crawl into bed by 10 at night. But I sure do love to watch you havin all the fun!