Monday, 16 May 2011


HAHAH- Nope I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth at the moment, my Daddy has been keeping me HOPPING and then some. We did the medical bits last week and my sister Gaye (GS Creations) asked me take him to an Audiologist to get a hearing test done ( Dad is as deaf as a doornail and I have been shouting and repeating myself all the time and Gaye can’t take the TV so loud that the neighbours don’t need to turn theirs on- BWAHAHAHA)

He got his hearing aid on Friday and the Audiologist sat and programmed it for him… she has a really dainty soft ladies voice and was asking if my dad could hear her clearly- which he said he could,

then of course I HAPPY as hell that he could hear her said right next to him… “And me Dad?? Can you hear me ok?” but in the usual tone I talk to him. OMG, the poor man just about jumped out of his skin and grabbed his ear saying.. WOAH you are LOUD! BWHAHAHAHA. Yeah, nothing toooo lady like about my voice- the audiologist laughed and tuned it again. I also have to remember NOT to raise my voice now as it’s a habit and I give my poor Dad the fright of his life when he doesn’t know I’m near him! BWAHAHAH.

Beside that we picked up a little “stray” poodle over the weekend. AAAAH he has the sweetest, softest nature and we all fell in love with him here. I made posters today and put them up around the complex we stay in as Wayne has walked it flat over the weekend trying to see if it stayed here. According to the caretaker who saw the flyer, it belongs to a lady that’s just moved in here two weeks ago. We will take him back tonight when Wayne is home as he wants to have a chat with the owner - the boys are NOT happy that she has left the poor thing run around in the cold!

I can sooo see us buying a dog now. Wayne has been wanting one as we sooo miss ours that are at home with Nathan, but Deon is not a pet person so we have put it off. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, keep tuned I think it’s coming sooner than I expected! lol

Have you read the Pixels and Papers online Magazine yet?

I was privileged to be asked for an interview and be their “Designer of the Month “ for their May edition.kb-Just4dad

This kit “Just 4 Dad” is available for download in the newsletter ( which can still be downloaded from HERE )

Be sure to read and grab the code for it ;-) It’s chock full of card, crafting, and scrapping ideas too!

Okies- off to try get some work done now- BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just gave Dad lunch and he is reading the newspaper so I have a bit of spare time for a while.

Hope you all have a super duper day.

Hugs and Loves


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim.:)
So nice to read your post today.I come from a family of deaf and nearly deaf.It only affects some of our family.Fortunately...thank the Lord ...I am not affected by it.It is hereditary and is caused by nerve damage from high fevers.I know what you mean about shouting.:)So happy your Dad was able to get some help.:)
I LOVE your Dad's kit!!:)

Have a wonderful day and hope to see pics of your new dog.LOL


Darleen said...

Hi Kim. Thank you so much for the "Just 4 Dad" kit. As usual, I love all of it. Can't wait to dig out a picture of my Dad and make a kit to honor him. You're the BEST!!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous kit you've given! Wowsers! Thanks a bunch! I had not heard of this magazine, but I am happy to hear of it now. There are some great articles! Thanks for this, too!

Dinphy said...

Loved the story about your dad Kim, had me giggling. But It's great he can hear better now.

Aw, and I LOVE the kit! Thank you so much! :)

cazrush said...

Thank you Kim - just picked the kit up.
Beautiful colours.

Bunny Cates, said...

well, if you're dog shopping... I'd gladly loan you Gump. All you have to do is ask! =D

Anonymous said...

My Dad's neighbours "enjoy" his tv too but he refuses to admit he needs help!!! Grrrr! Thanks for the kit - fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great kit Kim. Glad your dad can hear properly now - Hugs - Maggy

makeyesup said...

It's good Dad admitted he had a hearing problem and did something about it. Sure hope he is the type that will continue to wear them. I have both types of friends and those that do wear them are so very satisfied with their new world. Thanks for the link and the kit. Thought that I had registered for the mag. before. Guess I didn't, read a couple and they do have some great stuff in there. Now, go find a dog for yourself, sounds like you need one. As a side note, did not find your TOU or credits in the kit which suprised me.

Natalie said...

Thank you for the kit - lots of Father's Day pics that would work great with it!

txgwen said...

What a great article about you in the May newsletter! Many thanks for your generosity in sharing the fantastic kit!

Also, I got quite a chuckle from your blog post about your dad and the hearing aid. Thanks for the laugh! :-)

happyscrapper said...

Thank you so much for the heads up about your Just4Dad kit and the magazine. Enjoyed reading the article about you and totally love the kit!

Shuckclod said...

Thank you for the great Just 4 Dad kit. I also never knew about the newsletter. I bookmarked it for next month....

Rarole said...

Super article Kim! And GREAT news about your Dad. Now all you have to do is learn to stop shouting! Not so easy! :) The kit is GORGEOUS!! Thanks!