Friday, 24 June 2011

Frustration and going on holiday

ARGGGGGGGGH- lets just say that going on holiday now for two weeks has come at the perfect time! I’m so ready to throw my PC down the stairs or out the window-lol.

The boys thought all their problems would be over when they said Windows 7 and nothing else on here (it’s the best!)- BWHAHAHAHA. uhum, well lets just say they haven’t had it “quietly” since then. I’ve had nothing but issue after issue with older programmes including Photoshop and PSE. Yeah, we’ve downloaded patch after patch, fix after fix and it still lags and does weird stuff! Some of my fonts won’t work and OMG- you can’t even load them all at one time- WTH?? lol

I’m going on HOLIDAY and don’t want to go spend thousands upgrading my designing software NOW- hell, I’m happy with what I have to be honest- if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it! BWHAHAHA.

Enough moaning from me as Deon has two weeks now to play on here and get my XP 64 bit back on my designing pc! hahaha.

If you missed my JUNE GRAB BAG then you can grab all the items 20% off this weekend Winking smile

kb-patsnprints7 Pats n Prints 7

6 LAYERED paper design patterns.
All in separated PNG, TIFF and PSD files for ease of use.
Create multiple patterns by using them separately or layer them together.
This purchase contains:
6 PSD files (separated PNGS)
6 Tiff

kb-tagit3tTag it 3

10 individual PNG tags.
( 5 stringed for your ease of use, 5 single un-stringed tags)
10 PNG @ 300ppi


Bloomers 9

6 hand made flowers.
Created, photographed and extracted by me.
6 PNG @ 300ppi


Square Bead Alpha

Square Bead alpha templates.
Contains Upper, Lower and numerals and most popular exclamations.
In PNG (sheet and separates)
All @ 300ppi


Framers Vintage 4

6 Large Vintage Frames.
6 png @ 300ppi.


Colour Inspirations 6

12 Designer ready Colour Palettes/Swatches.
(two extra with vintage toned variants)
Each palette consists of 6 colours with two tones for each with highlight and dark for each swatch.
Contains 12 JPG @ 300ppi

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I hope all Americans have a fantastic 4th July celebration too and I will see you all again on the 10th July!

I can’t WAIT to see Nathan on Sunday and looking forward to our winter break- it’s going to be warmer than here- WOOP! lol

Hugs and loves


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Will you take me on holiday with you girlie? P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

I would be embarrassed to tell you HOW long it took me to complete my blog post today! I hear you on the SLOW machine, but mine is from gigabytes that seem to go missing and I haven't yet figured out who, what or how they are being taken! ROFL!

Perfect timing for you to kick back, relax and have some FUN sweetie! I'm SO happy you get to spend some more time with Nathan and get to experience some warmer temps too! Gee, you can always come here. Triple digits! ARGH!

Thanks for the reminder. I snapped up your bag when I got the mail and with all my computer woes and interruptions, I plum forgot to unzip the goods! LOL!

I'm SO excited! I am going to be a Grandma again and this one has been years in the making! SQUEE!

Take care lovely lady and HOOP it up GOOD, hear!


Love and hugs,
Linda XX


makeyesup said...

Enjoy the holiday, it's well deserved. Sorry about all the crazy computer problems. Why do they always have to think they are improving things when they don't complete the process first before rolling it out to the public. And we all know that they don't talk to each other. Sometimes I think they want us to just use what they produce and not what we like.

Mrs. Miles said...

What about us and July 1st huh huh? Is it because I keep sending you bergs and got you all frosty and snowy over there? JK my sweet SA lady!!!

I have the BEST of both worlds as we live on the border with USA and Canada so can take in both our July 1st and then the July 4th as well. Squeeee! Wanna come HERE and celebrate with us, Miss Kimmeroo? I mean you know how to CEL eh BRATE big time. My celebrating is just tame compared. I have celebrate envy of you *snort snort*

Welll, I hope you enjoy your vacation. I lurve ya 2 bits and you know this.

~ Mrs Barbs

Jenni said...

Have a fabulous holiday, been pulling my hair out too with the internet being down for days!Hopefully I can get that disc to Deon this week.Think of us freezing our arlies off here!!