Friday, 24 June 2011

Frustration and going on holiday

ARGGGGGGGGH- lets just say that going on holiday now for two weeks has come at the perfect time! I’m so ready to throw my PC down the stairs or out the window-lol.

The boys thought all their problems would be over when they said Windows 7 and nothing else on here (it’s the best!)- BWHAHAHAHA. uhum, well lets just say they haven’t had it “quietly” since then. I’ve had nothing but issue after issue with older programmes including Photoshop and PSE. Yeah, we’ve downloaded patch after patch, fix after fix and it still lags and does weird stuff! Some of my fonts won’t work and OMG- you can’t even load them all at one time- WTH?? lol

I’m going on HOLIDAY and don’t want to go spend thousands upgrading my designing software NOW- hell, I’m happy with what I have to be honest- if it ain’t broke don’t try fix it! BWHAHAHA.

Enough moaning from me as Deon has two weeks now to play on here and get my XP 64 bit back on my designing pc! hahaha.

If you missed my JUNE GRAB BAG then you can grab all the items 20% off this weekend Winking smile

kb-patsnprints7 Pats n Prints 7

6 LAYERED paper design patterns.
All in separated PNG, TIFF and PSD files for ease of use.
Create multiple patterns by using them separately or layer them together.
This purchase contains:
6 PSD files (separated PNGS)
6 Tiff

kb-tagit3tTag it 3

10 individual PNG tags.
( 5 stringed for your ease of use, 5 single un-stringed tags)
10 PNG @ 300ppi


Bloomers 9

6 hand made flowers.
Created, photographed and extracted by me.
6 PNG @ 300ppi


Square Bead Alpha

Square Bead alpha templates.
Contains Upper, Lower and numerals and most popular exclamations.
In PNG (sheet and separates)
All @ 300ppi


Framers Vintage 4

6 Large Vintage Frames.
6 png @ 300ppi.


Colour Inspirations 6

12 Designer ready Colour Palettes/Swatches.
(two extra with vintage toned variants)
Each palette consists of 6 colours with two tones for each with highlight and dark for each swatch.
Contains 12 JPG @ 300ppi

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I hope all Americans have a fantastic 4th July celebration too and I will see you all again on the 10th July!

I can’t WAIT to see Nathan on Sunday and looking forward to our winter break- it’s going to be warmer than here- WOOP! lol

Hugs and loves

Friday, 17 June 2011

PC issues and tearing HAIR OUT

ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH- can you please pass me a big glass of wine??- lol

Deon and I have been sitting here since early this morning trying to figure out WHY I’m not receiving any mail (been like that since yesterday)- I can SEND mail no problem, but keep getting errors when trying to send. We’ve deleted accounts, re-added them, made new identity’s, BUT NOPE seems I don’t exist! We’ve run error repairs, registry repairs- BLAH, still not doing it! (hee hee I did learn something from my friend and PC genius Bunny Wunny)

At this point in time we’ve decided to just “kill” everything and start again- BWAHAHAHA. Deon’s favourite method of fixing PC’s - yup the good ol’ REFORMAT!
Ok to be honest my poor PC has been playing up lately no matter how many cleans and sweeps I have done. I think eventually I kill them well anyway- so starting from “scratch” has been on my mind the last month- now it’s a reality.

So for now I’m running blind and will be making sure I have all my “backups” in place in the next few hours and then Dee will hit the KILL button- OY! LOL.
So for now I’m going to just show you my JUNE CU GRAB BAG that went live in store today ;-)

KimB's June CU grab bag
ONLY $5.50
Filled with 5 brand new full sized products + one designers inspirations.
All in PSD, PNG, TIFF for ease of use in any programme.
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The full bag is REVEALED in store ;-)

My newsletter subscribers will be receiving an Exclusive “CU Sampler” too- so if you haven’t registered to receive my newsletter- check on the right hand side- I promise not to spam you ;-)

And I also played the DSO COLOUR CHALLENGE which is being hosted by Kristine – WHEEEEEEEEE.
So you get this freebie mini from me today ;-)

You can Download it HERE.

OMG- wish me luck now as I go floating out to sea in a little row boat- EEEEKKK- lol
I've had to post this via Waynes PC as mine would not publish either- ARRRK!

Have a great weekend everyone
Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Youth Day

ARRKK the whole week seems to have flown by again and today is a public holiday here in South Africa. It’s Youth Day and well to be honest it feels just like any other day for me today as the boys went off to work today so they can have tomorrow off-WOOT, nothing like a good long weekend. lol.

Monday started with having TWO sick men in this house- OMG, that’s like having at least 5 small kids here all at once- BWHAHAHAHA. Deon had full blown flu and Wayne put his back/neck out again and could hardly move. Boy can they be babies when they are sick- lol. I played “nurse” to both and after making appointments for both at the doc in desperation on Monday they are both almost recovered - Thank you Lord! lol

Then Tuesday I landed up at the dentist- hahaha. I was merrily chomping on my favourite sweets- TOFFFEEES(and I never learn-lol) and it landed up having a bit more “crunch” than it should have- BWHAHA.

I managed to pull out one of my old amalgamated fillings- which in the long run isn’t a bad thing as I had a white porcelain one put in it’s place. But sheee’s I always feel “brain dead” and totally heady for the rest of the day. My mouth only came back alive around 2.30pm and I went at 9am for goodness sakes! lol. I swear I have a low tolerance for those injections- they seem to last FOREVER and I feel like I have “Mick Jagger” lips all day- hahaha!

OOOOH a little SNEAK PEEK of some new goodies coming in a *hint* BAG tomorrow- lol


Those and a few more all in one great “bundle price” ;-)

I have some more STUNNING eye  candy to show you using some of my kits.


ChelBy Chel

Dinphy By Dinphy

fonnetta By Fonnetta

Kairyn1 Page 1 of a gorgeous double pager by Kairyn

Kairyn2 Page 2 by Kairyn

Live-Laugh-Love2 Page 2 by Jenni

Paula By Paula

Using my new Spirit Wild Child Bundle

Jaqueline By Jaqueline

Wild-Child By Jenni

norma By Norma

I also have a little freebie for you today - it’s the Quick page of my Layout using the Tuesday Challenge Template I made for Scrap Matters.


I used my Fresh Fun Kit and of course it’s my dear friend Charmaine.


You can grab it here.

Until tomorrow and a wonderful day further. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 10 June 2011

Storms,rain, ice and lots of Spirit

Holey crap! What the hell has happened to the weather?? Especially here in South Africa. The temps have dropped to below freezing in a lot of areas- getting SNOW where we shouldn’t and floods in a ton of others. Hellllo??? this is “sunny South Africa” summer or winter- lol

The last two days here have been STORMS, gale force wind- no electricity, no water and oh- internet as slow as setting cement when it is on! lol


After a nights winds and rain taken from my balcony- and this was a “construction” site-


I do NOT want to be the one cleaning THAT portable toilet- BWHAHAHAHAHA!

Yesterday we had great excitement here as “sleet” had fallen in Johannesburg and in areas around where my sisters( GS Creations) lives- Dullstroom. She said it’s tooo cold where she is and they are getting ICE but no snow yet- damn…!. LOL.  I’m waiting for the call to tell me it’s snowing as I have NEVER ever even seen it – let alone “play” in it and I’m sure Caden and I would have a blast! hahaha.


(snow in the Eastern Cape- Drakensburg area)

Poor Nathan and my Dad are being flooded out in the Eastern Cape ( PE) - and it’s STILL raining. I’m just glad both are safe and the house has no damage- phew! It’s so hard being away when disasters strike like this. But I know my boy can handle anything that the weather throws at him and he has enough phone numbers to dial in an emergency.

Johann Pretorius, Despatch Port Elizabeth Swartkops River!

Swaatkops3 OY that should be just green and trees! (photo’s compliments of Johann Pretorius, Despatch)

Stay safe and DRY my boy!

And with all this disaster going on around us here- there was some GOOD SPIRIT happening in the background- lol.

Jenni’s son Tristan is having his 21st Birthday this weekend and her daughter Cherye asked me for a “girly Indian styled” kit for all the girls photos as she could find tons of “Western cowboy” stuff but nothing to use for the girls that were all going as “Indians”.

Of COURSE I jumped at it and has a blast spending just on three weeks creating this one! AT the moment it is on my FAVOURITE kit designed list- lol

20% off this weekend ONLY


 Spirit Wild Child – kit

28 papers 12x12 JPG
(15 patterned papers
13 Subtle print plains)
60 Unique Elements

+ Spirit Wild Child Alpha


Close up details


And some Co-ordinating EXTRA’s-

kb-SWC_scenics Spirit Wild Child Scenics

kb-SWC_wordart Spirit Wild Child Word art

And of course I have a really good deal for you this weekend-

Grab all three in this “special priced” Bundle and you get 2 bonus 12x12 Quick Pages included.


Spirit Wild Child – Bundle

Contains: Full kit, Word art and Scenic papers +


2 BONUS Quick pages.

Check it out here as this bundle is already reduced + on 20% off this weekend!

Of course I have a ton of BRILLIANT inspiration for you- so grab that coffee while you look through this fantastic eyecandy!

ruth-dreams By Ruthy

carolyn By Carolyn

kb-WildChild_web By Me

bed_dr10 By Bekah_E

Fonnetta By Fonnetta

110wq3n By Kristine

pjk-sp11 By Paula

loucee By Loucee

carina By Carina

kb-spi10 By Jodiann


Who also has this wonderful page as a QP freebie for you. Pick it up here on Jodiann’s BLOG!

spirit-cp8-jpg600 By Hutchie

Lina By Lina Dragini

Yophelia By Yophelia

Live-Your-Dreams-2 By Jenni


By Renee

kb-WildChild2_web And the matching page of Miss Caden for her album by Me ;-)

You still with me?? Aren’t these stunning and I LOVE that each one is soooo different – definitely becoming my favourite! lol

I have a little freebie “Add-on” for you too-


You can pick it up HERE.

Stay WARM, stay Dry, Stay SAFE where ever you live this weekend. Most of all take it all in with a lot of good “spirit” ;-)

Hugs and Loves