Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy New Year and I'm back

WHEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm back from our summer holidays and sort of still trying to get my head straight here.. so thought I'd start the year off with a BIG HELLO to all of you first ;-)

Happy New Year to you and your families and I hope that 2012 is going to be a great year for all of you.

Gosh we got back late Sunday night and yesterday I couldn't WAIT to get my main PC up and running.. (suitcases and unpacking can wait- lol) .. well that's what I thought anyways- hahaha. mmmmmmmm, I turn it on and click on my "name" to bring up my log in box ( you know the one for your password?) and NOTHING... nope nada, it won't budge! WHATTTTT, nnnnnnooooo, don't do this to me on my first day back! So I restart the PC ( oh I did this about 10 times during the morning- hahah) and windows starts up fine but still can't get past that "beep beep" box! So what do you do when you start hyperventilating?? You phone your PC guru DEON and hubby Wayne to complain- BWHAHAHA!

No problem they say.. we'll look when we get home from work.. ok. I won't panic yet as I know windows is loading.. so I ACTUALLY DO all the unpacking and even repacked our whole wardrobe.. hey I was bored- lol

And true to form of course, Deon comes up here teasing me about being blonde and my PC going rusty after a month being off etc etc, and does ONE CLICK and Voilla - he's in... What the hell dammit, I did that most of the day.

He starts laughing and says my mouse is STUFFED and he used the right button.. Sheeee's dammit, I could have done that if I had thought of it ... mmmmm, maybe the teasing about being blonde isn't so far wrong- BWHAHAHAHA.

So I have my little LT mouse on now so I could get stuck in.. a month seems like a lifetime here at the moment.. phew, I don't even know where to start- lol

So thought I'd share a few of the holiday pics of Christmas Day with you so far..

We rented a house a road back from the River and had some really stunning views right to the beach.. The folks of course stayed with us the whole holiday and Wayne brought Sherlock the poodle with too ;-)

dec3  The one and only "together" shot we get every Christmas morning ;-)

dec2 The "Broedelet" Boys all together ( gosh you can see the apples didn't fall far from the tree!! BWAHAHAHA)

dec1 All the "boys" including my Dad( who you can see I take after with my height!! lol)

dec4The only "boobies" in the house at the time as my FIL said and I couldn't resist.. my awesome MIL played along too.. hahaha.


That about says it all- BWHAHAHA. He wore his chefs hat all morning too.. ;-)


Nathan got a whole stocking full of little gifts with notes from his girlfriend Kristy ( who spent Christmas in PE with her Gran and joined us the next day) and had us all in stitches... She had asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he replied, gadgets, fishing stuff etc. Well this was one of the Gadgets.. a PEZZ dispenser. lol

He also got some "Super Hero" Plasters for the cuts and injuries he always gets on the rocks fishing.. lol


I had fun with the "ribbon and bows" and eventually sported a headband with a huge bow on my forehead.. you can just read Wayne's mind here thinking.. Oh Lord, here she goes again! lol


Waynes folks LOVED their beach bag with a picture of them both fishing on it ;-)


And even Sherlock got a present of a new Teddy ( one that at least has eyes and a nose on it- for now that is)


the family with their Christmas Hats on ready to EAT!!


Around the Christmas Table that was very plain this year due to being in a rented house and not at home, but it was just the family and we had a good LONG lunch that landed up in a good afternoon snooze for all of us- lol

Of course these are just a FEW but it's a start and I can't wait to get stuck in this year...

It's good to be back

Hugs and Loves


Lulutoo said...

Oh how frustrating with the computer! We had a similar thing happen on our laptop. The button wouldn't work in order to click in the log in box because "someone" (not me) spilled coffee on it! Using a mouse did the trick, though--lucky the coffee didn't do too much damage! Welcome back, Kim! :)

Dinphy said...

Good to see you're back!
Shame about your computer troubles. But, your Christmas looks like a lovely time well spend and a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Welcome back!! Looks like you had a TERRIFIC time with your family.Great pics!!:)

Fortunately I have Jim around to help with the computer issues..which seem to be plenty to keep him busy.LOL I know what you mean though..we seem to try and try to fix something and they can do the same thing and it will work for them.The looks we get afterwards are priceless.LOL Enjoy your time at home!!


Cindyrelly said...

I'm glad to hear you made it back safely and had such a wonderful time! Great pics ;)

pkdoll said...

Great to see you made it back! I can see you had another great holiday and can't wait for all the stories. :)

Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun photos (something weird with the first one, or is it just me, seems to have a piece missing out of the middle LOL)I LOVE the longer hair on you BTW!!