Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More Snapshots

Gosh are the weeks just flying by for you too? Yikes, it's like this year is on a speed train and there are no brakes! hahaha.

AHHH it was good having the boys home this weekend for  a change.. they really have been burning the candle at both ends and it was good to see them relaxing and having some fun. We went out Friday night and Deon landed up sitting in the line for IDOLS South Africa overnight- BWHAHAHAHA. He was not too impressed about the no sleeping part, but as he was asked to "bodyguard" and keep two girls company while they waited to be seen, he didn't moan tooooo much- BWHAHAHA. They didn't make the selection to see the judges unfortunately but seems they had a blast in the crowds.

I have some more stunning Layouts that I have to show off with Snapshots of the Heart collab (with Jennifer Labre Designs.)


There were seriously too many to do in my one post on Friday - so here is some more stunning inspiration for you and a FREEBIE printable too.

kb-JL_Snapshots_jodiann02By Jodiann ( who is putting this up where she leaves her handbag- I just LOVE this!)

Jacquiline By Jacqueline

Amy_ssoth-cqc-GL20-websize By Amy

Wim_Renee By Renee (x2)

kb-snapshotkimb_web By KimB(me-lol)

Pam_1112-j10 By Pam

You-Make-me-Smile2_JenniR By Jenni (x2)

Melanie_day15small By Melanie

Lisa By Lisa

Loucee Freebie box

And you can grab this AMAZING printable Hybrid with a show and tell on HOW to do it from the talented Loucee on her blog today:

I hope you all have a stunning week further and will chat on Friday again- YIPPEEE, I have something new in the works and a surprise or two too ;-)

hugs and loves

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