Thursday, 29 March 2012

No water, and a Sneak peek

yup that about sums up this week.. our internet lines in SA have been seriously slow or off...oh, it's On.. nope it's gone again..BWHAHAHAHA,  and for once it's not me!  Nothing we can control anyways at this stage but it seems what ever the boo boo was it's now fixed- PHEW!

OMG, seriously, I don't know if you are like me but if I don't have my shower in the morning I just can't seem to wake up..( well that and at least 3 huge cups of coffee- lol). Today it's been like that.. arrgh, we woke up to no water this morning.. it was storming here last night and I haven't a clue if it damaged pipes etc.. but ummmm, yup not a freaking drop! The boys had what they called a "deodorant" shower before going to work and I sat here patiently in my PJ's waiting for it to come back. Lunch time goes by and I'm starting to get slightly moody at not being able to wash my hair ( I've already carried water from the pool to do toilets(YUGH- lol) and a bottle of water for my teeth and face!

Deon wanted to go for supper tonight and he is LUCKY.. the water came back on about an hour ago! BWHAHAHAHA. 3.45pm! I now feel ready to start my day.. BWHAHAHA. Clean fresh and shiny.. late but thank GOODNESS not a "never"- hee hee.

Ahhh I have a few more Layouts to show you Using:kb-Bundle Salty Kisses + Off Shore Bundle

The kit OFF SHORE comes FREE with the Salty Kisses Bundle.. (which includes an extra Alpha and all the wordy bits + full kit).

Total Value of $15.46

NOW 48% off and only $7.99 for it all:

candace By Candace


Seaside-TreasuresBy Jenni(x1)

wench By Kristine:

Ocean-of-Love By Jenni (x2)

And I've been working on something with my dear friend Lina Drag Designs this week:


WHEEEEEEEEEEE- make sure you stay tuned for some amazing inspirations, freebies, Exclusive newsletter freebie and something a little soft, a little Vintage and just ready for your Easter Creations-lol

I hope you have a stunning day further and I'll chat tomorrow again

Hugs and Loves

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