Thursday, 1 March 2012

Queen of Scraps and New Mix a kits.

Well you all know I've been having major issues with my main internet provider lately and can't get a connection even if my life depended on have been sitting on a "portable" wireless connection that is my dear friend Deon's...

BWWWWAHAHAHA, OMG< I forgot it has a "cap" limit! It was meant for emergencies only ( hell not having a normal connection for a month and more would be called an emergency right?? lol). Welllll, good ol me can't understand WHY I can't open any pages or get anything to work last week Friday- lol. Yeah - I had wacked out Deon's "cap" and they put me on GO SLOW! BWHAHAHA.

Man, it took me over 5hours to upload a kit in pieces this week- BWHAHAHA. Yup, that mad lady you see with her hair standing on end is

Today is the 1st so I have been reset again ( phew! lol) and at least can blog and show you some exciting things that are happening at Scrap Matters RIGHT NOW.


Check it out here : Queen of Scrap 2012

There are some AMAZING prizes and lots of challenges, coupons etc. Great fun to be had all round this month:

OF course being the 1st March which means it's time for the *Scrap Matters MAK *Mix A Kit* . Choose the pieces you like to make up your own special kit... I love the MAK as the "mix and match" gives you so many options.

I put up the swatch this month and went a little "different" to all the pinks of Feb ;-P

Here are my portions: ALL 20% off for this week only:

kb-IndianSum_elements Indian Summer Elements

kb-IndianSum_prints Indian Summer Prints

kb-IndianSum_Alpha Indian Summer Alpha

kb-IndianSum_plains Indian Summer Plains

And of course my CT team have been creating masterpieces again.

Beautiful-Life By Jenni (x2)

001 By Renee

dvht2g By Kristine

pjk-Gracie-web By Paula

splishsplash By Loucee

kb-IndianSum_jodiann By Jodiann

IndianSummer By Jenni

kb-Caden_Indiansummer And one by Me:

I turned my page into a Freebie Quick Page for you too:


You can pick it up HERE:

I'm off to the shops with Deon today... WHEEEEEEE got to love spending someone else's money- hee hee. He needs a suite for a wedding this weekend (he's been asked to drive the bride in his car) and uhum... like all of us in this house at the moment- nothing fits! BWHAHAHA.

Hope you have a fantastic day today> Hugs and Loves


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hey ya beautiful!!! I don't know HOW you manage to stay sane battling with the lack of unlimited and/or speedy Internet service! I have the opposite trouble going on over here. It be ME that is slow and has a cap on her ability - ROFL!!!

I do remember my days of dial-up while CT-ing back in 2005. I would have to set my alarm clock to get up in the wee hours of the morning to finish up one download and begin another! Oh. My. Goodness.

Enjoy your time out shopping with Deon (thank you Deon for so kindly giving up you Internet for Kim :) I know that you will help him to find just the right suit for the wedding this weekend.

CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan on his promotion!!! WOOT, WOOT ... YEAH! That's the way, uh, huh, uh, huh ... we like it, uh, huh, uh huh ... *squeal*

Leaving you a magnum of love girlie (making up for lost time ;) and wishing you an incredible month of March. Love your Indian Summer goodies ... swoon!

Happy Everday! - XOXO

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous QP! Your CT did an amazing job with your lovely kit! :)

tajicat said...

Thanks so much! :)