Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New CU Collab Grab Bag + freebie

ahhh, thanks for the mails asking about the "real life" crises guys.. I didn't want to "tell" until I knew things were ok ;-)

My little niece Caden landed up being "charged down" by a water Hog on Thursday evening. They were on a weeks family holiday at a resort and it has a lot of tame wild life walking around.. the Water Hogs come down every evening past the cottage. Ben had walked back inside to put his coffee cup in the kitchen when he heard Caden scream.. they aren't sure how it happened but she was lying on the ground and the hog was standing next to her looking almost "sheepish" as Ben said>  it's tusk went through her chest (without breaking a bone) and pierced her right lung.. the hole was small but still depressurised the lung a bit. She was kept in the ICU until Sat afternoon just in case the lung collapsed... but is now recovering at home and doing well. Phew, I swear I was climbing the walls in worry here and not having a car at the moment left me also feeling really frustrated at not getting to help my sister Gaye and seeing miss C too.

We will be making a trip up to spend the weekend with them so Uncle Wayne and Aunty Kimmie can spoil her rotten.. hee hee.

Well that's my good news this morning after chatting to Ben(my BIL) a few minutes ago...

and some more good news...

I eventually, (after about a year of asking me...sorry Manu...RLife sucks sometimes huh? lol) .. got it together to do a CU COLLAB GRAB BAG with my long time designer friend Manu Scraps: http://manu-scraps.blogspot.com/

**Full reveal in store**

kb-ManuCollabGB Collab Grab Bag with Manu Scraps

6 Full sized products + 1 set layerstyles

2x Layered pattern packs
1 x Ribbons and Bows
1 x Frames
1x Cameo layered templates + 1 set of 15 Photoshop Styles (ASL)
1x Paper Flower layered templates

All Quality Checked
In PSD, PNG, TIFF @ 300ppi
Layer styles seamless and checked in
PSE 5,6,7,9 and CS3 and 5

That's only $1 per product!

Keep a check out for my Newsletter for this EXCLUSIVE CU FREEBIE too:


Has a matching Ribbon to the set in the Grab Bag, as well as a Lace strip, and a Vintage ticket tab.

And OMG, I loved loved the DIY paper flowers of Manu's( full reveal in store) that I played with them the minute I got my greedy little paws on em-lol

Manu has a CU freebie on her blog for you too:



You can grab this PU freebie of what I did with one of the paper flower templates if you want it:-)


You can grab it HERE: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/63412554/kb-GBsampler_PU.zip

I'm also working on a request from Bunny Wunny and hoping to have that done by this week too- WOOT! Having no car means I can't go anywhere- which just means more time in Photoshop- BWHAHAHA ;-P

Have a fantastic day further>

Hugs and Loves.


Shuckclod said...

Thank you Kim for both goodies. Great GB...

Carol said...

Hi Kim, I'm so glad to hear that Caden is ok. It must have been a very anxious time for you all. Sending you a hug...
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad little Caden is home and recovering well :)
Many thanks for the great freebies!!

clara said...

thank you for this gift

abhall76 said...

Oh my so scary. Glad to hear she is going to be ok.

Thank you much for the gift!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

OH Kim...how scary for all of you.:( I am sooo HAPPY Caden is recovering well!!! I know you must have been on pins and needles waiting to hear how she was.

Thank you so much for your freebies. LOVE them!:)


Mary M. said...

Wow, so scary about your niece. I'm glad she is doing better. What a frightening experience.

jayleigh3 said...

ooooooooooooh! Sweet! Thanks for the ribbon and the flower!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on May. 15, 2012. Thanks again.

Lulutoo said...

Oh my goodness! What a horrible thing to happen! I'm glad it wasn't worse and she's going to be okay. Have fun spoiling her! Thanks for the freebies. :)

makeyesup said...

So glad to hear your niece is Ok physically and sure hope she doesn't have nightmares about it.

Manu said...

OMG, awesome freebie you made with my flowers!! You rock, GF!

Esther -who lives in the said...

So glad that Caden is recovering now. What a terrible shock!

Thanks for the n/l freebie, Kim!

Love the Grab Bag!!

Kirsten said...

What a terrible story about your niece. Good to know she is ok. Thank you for the freebies!

Van said...

How shocking - I hope Caden continues to get better! Thank you so much for the lovely freebies!

Granny Enchanted said...

I highlighted your freebie on my blog today. Thank you. http://scrapbookalphabet.blogspot.com/2012/05/thursdays-guest-freebies_17.html