Thursday, 31 May 2012

Where did the time go?

EEEEEEEEEKK, time seems to be flying at the moment and it's already "officially" the middle of the year tomorrow?? How the hell did that happen? LOL.

Shee's I've been busy as hell at the moment and realised that I hadn't blogged for a while.. arrgh, I really need to do it in the mornings as by late afternoon the day is gone and I'm rather "bushed" and don't feel like yakking much. But I start working in photoshop in the morning and before I realise day is GONE! BWHAHAHA.. oy, I'm such a dunce sometimes. But I have been a busy one. hahaha.

AHHHH I got to see my little niece Caden last weekend.. yup, we went up to Dullstroom to visit with my sis ( GS Creations) and to see how Caden was doing.

Gaye seriously.. you have to put a brick on her head.. lol. She isn't so small anymore and is reminding me more and more of her "mom".. a skinny little string bean, with a little no nonsense attitude too- BWHAHAHA. Gaye "you" are coming back to haunt "yourself" huh?  LOL


ahhhhh, no more a 'baby".. and looking cute in her new jersey Aunty Kimmy bought-lol


A smile to melt the heart ;-)


hahaha- and this one I had to take just for Bunny Wunny.. it's Gayes Pugs.. and Bunny has two as well.

OOOOH Lots happening tomorrow... some new PU goodies as well as a CU Collab Grab Bag with a very dear designing friend and CT member- WOOT!


Coming to SCRAP MATTERS tomorrow ;-)

And just a few inspiration Layouts to show you that have been done with some of my kits.

kb-Bundle Using Salty Kisses + Off Shore Bundle


atthebeach-bb-solo10-jpg600 Both above by Huchie

bed_saltykisses By Bekah_E

folder Using My lil' Man

jen By Jenni

560741_10150785309582188_663152187_9675769_1410590923_n By Ruthy

kb-Free2beme-kit Using Free 2 B Me

ruth_free2bme2_600 By Ruthy

free-bb_WF_CM4-jpg600 By Hutchie

Be sure to check out my newsletter and my Face Book page tomorrow too for some FUN give aways- WOOT!

have a stunning day further.

Hug and Love

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