Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nathans 21st

Ok, I know winter is now officially here ... the dog keeps climbing into my lap to get warm- hahaha. Yikes, time to get the gas and heater going.. my fingers are stiff sausages today.. mmmmm, maybe some of those cut off mitten things is a good idea while I'm still stuck up here- BWHAHAHA.

I didn't get a chance to share the "official" 21st photo's with you and thought today would be a good day to "blabber".. hee hee.

As you know Nathan did NOT want anything formal at all.. we had a few panic attacks along the way but I finally relented and let him do it his way. It was his 21st and he had to enjoy it ;-)

It was held at his local "pub" called "the Duck" which is just up the road from home( not a bad thing at all- lol)

We booked the whole balcony outside and it had been miserable(windy and cold) the whole day.. I was soo worried it would rain.. but it didn't, thank goodness! lol


The beginning of the evening.. Nathan, Kristy, Deon, Dad Jan, and Calvin and some of Nathans best friends.

4 Taken before everything went sideways! hahaha.

2 Granny Zelda and Poppy Vernon were not going to miss it either ( first pub visit for granny too- lol)

3 An hour later and we had to move tables as it started filling up quickly.. Nathan was a little shocked at how many people started streaming in.. ;-P

5A little later (sun still up tho) and Ernie had everyone laughing at story's of Nathan at work and Varsity.



By now we had to ask for some INSIDE space too.. lol, The balcony was filled to capacity with all Nathans old school, varsity, work and fishing team friends.. besides all my friends and our family.

9 AHHH all my boys and Nathans two besties... Calvin and Ernie ( my other sons)


Taken just before speeches where done.. which was REALLY short and sweet as Wayne didn't want to "speak" infront of the crowd... hahaha ( he hates speeches and public speaking and gets cold sweats).... so yeah, "so Mom had to do them"..

I did not have my camera on my all the time and others just grabbed it or took with their own.. I still need to get more from the evening and don't have any on mine of me handing Nathan his key to share with you:


What I do have is this one which Nathan will want to "burn"- LOL.

Oy he is NOT a big drinker and the "friends" made up a "down down" for him after speeches. I knew what went into it (OMG!!) and kept telling him to SPILL it... drop it..DROP IT!!, before they gave it to him...mmmmmmmm, he should have listened poor boy. We took him home around 8pm after his legs gave in and he looked green.. we did "puke" parade for most of the night. Calvin and Ernie followed and helped too.. they wouldn't leave him alone and watched him the whole night!

I must admit though - he is the cutest drunk.. BWHAHAHAHA. Kept saying how much he loved us.. how sorry he was... should have listened to you mom. And even had the cheek to moan about the bucket being gross! BWHAHAHA.

AHHH my boy, don't worry.. once bitten, twice shy! lol


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