Friday, 26 October 2012

Dullstroom weekend< shotgun and hangovers

BWWAHAHA- sounds really bad with that all in one heading ;-P.

* WARNING -Long post with lots of photo's*

As you all know we had planned a trip up to my sister Gaye's (GSCreations) little Village Dullstroom for the weekend so Vicki could meet up with the rest of the "South African" digi girls that she has got to know over the last few years online. Unfortunately Renee could not make it due to health and family commitments and we seriously missed her.

Friday Vicki was dropped in Dullstroom by her Kruger Park tour bus and Gaye fetched her while they waited for us to arrive from Pretoria. A good ol' South African Braai was organized for the Friday night.. and lets just say that I am STILL recovering! BWHAHAHA.

2 Photo from Cherye Leah's Facebook page:  (from back: Gaye , Me, Jenni , Vicki, and Cherye (Jenni's daughter).

Eventually all together and mmmm only 9pm and in the kitchen concocting cocktails and shooters while the men stood cooking food over the fire in the storm outside- lol

1 Photo from Cherye Leah's Facebook page: Having one of my favourite shooters - Chocolate Cakes!


And these are just a few of what we had that night (and which kicked my butt for the rest of the weekend)- as you can see by the photo's that follow- BWHAHAHA

6We moved up to Cadens "play room" to play darts! Jenni packed the huge cooler box full of the "cocktail and shooter bottles" and gosh for some reason I couldn't get my flight feathers to stay in my darts! BWHAHAHAHA- wonder why? lol


Yup- well - looks like trouble to me too- bWHAHAH


Vicki and I just could not seem to hit the dart board and left Ben (Gaye's Hubby) a wonderful intricate design of HOLES in his wall to fix up- BWHAHAHA.- you can see Wayne's face going- OOOOPS! lol

9 Saturday - the morning after and feeling a bit tired but ready for the day ahead! lol - We had a breakfast planned at Jenni's cottage with Mark cooking- thank goodness as I was STARVING and hadn't eaten much the night before- we laughed and drank and yakked more than we ate- go figure! lol

10Champagne breakfast and mmmmmm, Jenni you should know better than to give me MORE alcohol as my mouth goes 10 to the dozen normally.. now it's on steroids! BWHAHAHAHA!


Marks famous Mexican breakfast ( well by the time we ate it was near lunch so lets call it Brunch- lol).. It was DIVINE and Wayne has already said he will be making it again soon.


And of course Wayne had his favourite "girl" with us most of the weekend too. Miss C loved having us all around and had us giggling at her little antics.

We landed up in the local pub called the "Duck and Trout" from 4pm onwards.. and I say onwards as we only got back to the cottages at 11pm!

It was RUGBY time and Vicki has even got to know how the game works and was shouting and screaming with us too- lol ( she hasn't had a choice with the boys - it's watch or get left out! hahaha). Jenni , Cherye, Mark and I all support the SHARKS and they won! WOOOHOOO! Wayne's team(the Bulls) lost to us...mmmmmmmm so you can imagine the teasing and of course celebrations after(GASP)-lol... I don't have photo's of the night but will be getting from Cherye - I don't think I want to see those actually- BWHAHAHA!


Sunday was overcast and COLD ( thank Goodness! lol) and we had reservations for Breakfast at a little country styled Bistro in the mountains. ( don't know which idiot decided we had to leave at 8.15am after the night we had before- BWHAHAHA)


COFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEE- and peep holes in the snow for eyes! OMG, I was soooo tired and hungover that I didn't even do my hair- BWHAHAH!


Poached egg with smoked trout (fresh from the Bistro's farm) and OJ was Vicki's hangover fix ( and for us all too! lol)

With Breakfast we had booked "Skeet Shooting"- mmmmmm, don't think this was the best idea with but we had a blast!


Wayne of course loved it.. I mean which man doesn't enjoy holding a shotgun and hearing loud BANGS right?? lol


Mark was a real HOTSHOT and hit just about every skeet they sent up..(a ringer for sure- hee hee) He like Wayne couldn't get enough.. lol. Wayne wants' a rematch soon Mark- BWHAHAH!


As for the girls.. well Gaye had done it once before and she hit a couple of skeets too.. "Annie get your gun" has nothing on sis! lol

Jenni, Cherye and I had never even seen a shotgun.. let alone shoot one.. we were as nervous as hell but were game to try it out...


Check Jenni go! (She had to borrow some hair clips from Caden so her hair didn't get in the way- lol)... and she shot down skeets too ( WOOHOOO- way to go Jen!) lol


Cherye is tiny and when she went up Gaye lent her a scarf to help with her shoulder not taking too much of the recoil.. But Jenni and I started laughing as we thought she looked the same size as the rifle- BWHAHAHAH! (sorry Cherye couldn't resist- lol)


As for me... I hit absolutely SQUAT! - with eyes as small as those and a head from hell- who would- lol. I had more fun blowing the smoke out of the barrels after each shot than shooting the shotgun! BWHAHAHAHAHA.

We had a great time and I must admit that it took me 3 days to recover and I only felt normal yesterday! Thanks sis for putting us mad hatters up for the weekend and for making it soooo much fun!

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Have a great weekend, Hugs and Loves


xuxper said...

thank you so much

Shuckclod said...

Thank you Kim, can't wait to see what will be available next weekend.

Manu said...

*roflmao* Seems you had MUCH fun with the girl ;)

Jenni said...

Hahaha, it was such a fun weekend,battle wounds, hangovers and all!!! Enjoy your "quiet" weekend, GO SHARKS!!!

Trine Secher said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for today's freebie. It's wonderful - I almost feel bad about changing the colours, as they are just so yummy, warm and cosy (and for some reason makes me want to eat cupcakes. But when DON'T I want to eat cupcakes?). I can't wait for the pay check to arrive so I can get the full pack.
Have a great weekend!

shaz515 said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!! Thanks heaps for the fabulous freebie :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!! My father being a hunter I would love to try shooting someday lol! Great pics!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

What a seriously amazing time y'all have had together!!! I could feel the warmth and friendliness while reading and viewing your lovely photos sweet lady!

I am most assured that Vicki will be talking about this trip for a very long time to come. I mean, who could hang out with you and the group and not be changed forevermore!!!

Love and hugs atcha girlie and may your NSD goodies be a snap to put together :)

P.S. Thank you for the sweet patterned paper!

Esther -who lives in the said...

loved reading about the great fun time you've had with Vicki.

What a hoot!!

Thanks for the lovely pattern too. :)

Sue said...

It looks like you all had a blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures and thanks for the lovely print freebie! :)

maaike said...

I absolutely loved looking at all those piccies!! You had so much fun! Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for the beautiful freebie Kim! You rock! <3 xxx Maaike

Jodiann said...

LOVE the face you pull, Kim! LOL! What a cut up! So excited to see you all in pictures...especially you V! A trip of a lifetime!!