Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mr Murphy back to end the year- lol

Oh my gosh.. well I'm counting the days until we go on our Summer holiday on the 14th Dec.. but Mr Murphy of course decided he can't let me go in peace.. nope, that would be too easy for this side right? lol
Yesterday I had no internet connection most of the day due to heavy rains that are totally out of place this time of the year.. and then this morning I have internet but NO WATER! BWAHAHAHA.. you'd think with the amount of water that fell yesterday here it would be the last thing to happen ;-P. Seems a old pipe burst due to storm water pressure and that leaves me sitting here still feeling half asleep this morning without my "wake up shower"..

I can't WAIT until tomorrow either as Nathan and Kris arrive ( even if it's just for the night)... as we will be putting them on a plane to the big USA on Thursday.. SOB. I'm sooo jealous.. but hubby has promised that our own trip is on the cards soon ( hahahaha, thanks to some arm twisting by Vicki while she was here too).

I have managed to upload my LAST CU GRAB BAG for the year up @ SugarHillco
folder Ending the Year with a Bang Grab Bag
6 Brand New products + a "Thank you" Coupon just for you - is what you will find in this CU Grab Bag.

1 x layered psd patterns
1 x strings
1 x Shabby flowers
1 x Inky splatter brushes + png
1 x Journal card template set
1 x Lacy embroidered hearts
1 large discount coupon valid until 10th Dec 2012 only.
All in PSD, PNG, tiff, ABR @ 300ppi

What you get for ONLY $5! *limited time ONLY*

Now that's what I call "ending the year" with a bang ;-P.... be sure to check out the THANK YOU folder download too for a very special gift.

I have a little CU blog freebie today for you too:

3 Softly grunge/distressed paper textures: GRAB THEM HERE:
*So sorry this link has EXPIRED*

Have a fantastic day further and I'm crossing fingers I get water before lunch time- hahahahahaha.


Shel said...

Hope you get water soon. Thanks for the great textures!

Sim said...

Ta luv! :)

makeyesup said...

Thanks, wonderful textures. Hope things get fixed up for for you real fast and especially before you get you special overnight company.

jayleigh3 said...

Well, YOU obviously got twice the rain intended for the planet - half of that was supposed to come to the northern hemisphere! Give it back, Kim, RIGHT NOW! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the freebie - i always enjoy using your designs. And, your blog always sends me into gales of laughter, even when you describe a serious situation - somehow you always make it sound funny! You remind me of my mother's father in that respect - there was seldom an event in his life - no matter how tragic - that he couldn't dredge up some humor to tide him over. Good going, Kim!

Minoush said...

Thank you Kim, nice textures!

Cristallo said...

really nice textures!!! Thank you very much!!!

Mary M. said...

Thanks for the lovely textures.

Lahni said...

Thanks! I've already bought the grab bag - it's fantastic!

JessicasMa said...

Thank you so much! Your items are fantastic!

nancypinct said...

Thank you Kim - this is my first texture cu item. I will have fun playing with this. Thanks again!

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for these nice papers. Love that grunge is not too dark !

Sue said...

Kim, thanks so much for another lovely freebie! Lovely textures! :)

RoseAddict said...

Thank you for the textures. And quit hogging all the rain. We need it here in Texas!

Mags said...

You make such wonderful overlays!! Love them!
:) Mags