Friday, 24 February 2012

New Cu Pats and TGIF

OOOH goodness, where the hell did the last few days go? ..mmmmmmm, I know! Melting up in the heat we have had-lol. I still don't have my normal internet connections either- sheee's it's been gone the whole month and this poor portable is "smoking" already- ;-P.

But I'm seriously a "chuffed" mom at the moment as Nathan has already got a promotion TWICE in the last month.. he only started working in Jan as an "apprentice" so I'm really thrilled. He was put in charge of one project at the beginning of February.. and became a supervisor-lol. Well he seems to have handled it so well they have now asked him to do 4 projects as well as all the "budgets" for each one and is now a Site supervisor. WOOT!! go my boy. ;-)

We also got to visit Charmaine and Donald last weekend- wheeeeee, we made a "full weekend" of it and slept over. ( hahaha, well actually you have no choice when visiting Charmaine).

After a few drinks under the belt, I learnt I could still do "Cartwheels, the splits and some backward rolls"... BWHAHAHAHA, yeah not as elegantly as I used to be able to do, but uhummmmmmmmm-lol. The kids were all running around the garden doing gymnastics while we were chatting around the fire having our usual shooters and drinks, and of course good ol' me pipes up - "I remember being able to do that.. wonder if I still can?" lol

Wayne's eyes just about bugged right out his head and says ... NOOOOO Kimmmmm!! HA, don't say nooooo Kim because I was up like a shot and Charmaine was crying with laughter at poor Wayne.

Well I shocked the kids who all said.. shooo maar jy is so oud tannie! ( translated.. shooo, but you are so old Aunty) BWWWWWWAHAHAHA. Hey I had fun. LOL

I have some BRAND New CU Patterns up at Sugar Hill co today:

25% off for a limited time only:


Pats n Prints 16


Pats n Prints 17

OOOH and Scrap Matters is holding the 4th Queen Of Scraps soon...

2zqc0uwCompete for some amazing prizes, freebies and designer collabs, and lots of coupons. Or just join in if you just want to have fun and a challenge to get some pages done.

Check it out here to sign up: Queen of Scrap 2012

I also got to play with Design by Tina's new kit It's a Boy


And my page of Little Zach ;-)


I have a little CU Freebie pattern for you today:


You can grab it HERE:

I hope you have a fantastic weekend:

Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

"Love Day" Sale + Grab Bag

Happy Valentines day to you all . Did you get spoilt this morning? hahahaha- Hubby forgot- Wheeeee, I love catching him out because he is usually soooo good at remembering all our important dates better than ME! lol.  I spoilt him with chocs, a red pair of sleep shorts and a card. Of course getting up at some ungodly hour was present enough. hee hee.  Even Deon got a little "friends" Valentine card with a small choc. Hey, they spoil me daily and it was nice to give them a surprise before going to work this morning. lol.

I have a few for you today too: Just to Celebrate the day of Love.....


Valentines Day Grab Bag

5 brand new product for only $4.50!

(But limited through Sunday 19th Feb.)

And I have a Special COUPON for my Store at Scrap Matters:


Grab 30% off anything in my Scrap Matters Store with this

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*please make sure you log in first and then use the code in the 'Discount coupon box' at the bottom of your cart page*

And I have a little bit more inspiration for you today too:


My Heart - My Star


Hybrid Card and CupCake box by Loucee ( and you can grab the Freebie print out of the card too on Loucee's blog)!

webSweet-Son By Candace

You-light-up-my-life13- Sus designs By Sus Designs


Snapshots of the Heart collab

Arrows By Heidi

And I thought these would be an appropriate FREEBIE for Valentines Day as this has a few "hearts" that can be used for Personal Use and Commercial Use too ;-)


You can gab it HERE:

Hope you have a Fantastic Day today.

Hugs and LOTS of love

Friday, 10 February 2012

Boys, love and Sale

WHEEE- it's Friday and the build up to the "lurrrvvee Day" next week. Well ok, we don't do much on Valentines day here (never have since we were dating) but I do get a card from Hubby every year(and a weekend away now and again- lol). Any plans on your side??

To Celebrate Valentines I'm having a 40% off SALE at SugarHill Co: SugarHillco :: KimB .

Starts today 10th Feb and ends Wednesday 15th Feb"
* grab coffee- it's Friday posting- lol*
At the beginning of this year my dear CT requested more "boy" styled kits as we all have sons and not many kits to scrap them with... We have the baby kit done  (Precious Beginnings (boy) Kit) and I know that I want to finish an Album for Nathan for his 21st with a "general" theme and colour tones running through it ;-)
After hearing some really sad news last weekend it got me to thinking of MY BOY... and just how much he is MY HEART and MY STAR.. how I would be lost without him, how much I miss him and how everyday he can lift me up with his little messages of "hi mom, what ya doing?" Hey ol bag.. luv ya! lol

This week he seriously couldn't have picked a better time to have me crying with laughter..

He excitedly sent me a message on BBM that he was going to be playing cricket for the company he now works for this Sunday against our local Traffic Dept! He hasn't played cricket since school days when he played for TWO teams.. He played for the 1st team as their opening batsmen and was the 2nd Team Captain too-lol . So he was a little worried he wouldn't be up to PAR...

The conversation went on about "easy as riding a bicycle" to having a quick pre-game so his muscles could remember what to do..... To me REMINDING him not to forget his "ball box" (which covers his tender area's-lol) and his Helmet.
After remembering the disaster I had of having to go buy a BIGGER box for him after getting the "junior one" when he was still in Junior school and it not fitting- uhum>>>> lol. I sent him a message saying.. Well maybe you need a "bigger box" now ? BWHAHAHA

The reply seriously came back so quick that I CRIED with laughter at it being sooo "BOY"- lol

"Mom, always been this big.. blessed at a young age.. the team in Junior School thought my "box" WAS my Helmet"!!!
BWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA- yup, my boy is a man for sure and he is going to kill me ;-P

So with that in mind.. this is how my "Valentines" kit came about for this year-

20% off this weekend only:
My Heart - My Star
19 JPG 12x12
12 prints, 7 plains
47 Unique elements.

Alpha in Lowercase and numerals + popular exclamations.
(separated PNG + full sheets)
24 word art and strips
PNG @ 300ppi

included Word Art and strips:
kb-MHMS_kit2 Close up Detail:

And of course my CT have been seriously busy creating masterpieces with it-

pjk-my-son-my-joy-websharp By Paula
kb-MSMH-jodiann By Jodiann
ruth-kingofmyheartBy Ruthy
Fran By Fran
Jenni had to do one of each of her sons as after seeing the first one they all wanted to know WHERE their one was- lol
Just WOW! and yes the boys had the girls drooling - lol

And I got one done of Nathan when he was 3, he has such a impish grin.

There is also an EXTRA COUPON for you in my newsletter today- don't miss it.

*Hang in here- FREEBIE ALERT - lol* 

I have some CT enabling too:
Design by Tina has a new kit out called "Key to your Heart" and this is what I did with it ;

Tina allowed me to make it into a FREEBIE QP for you too:

You can grab it HERE:
You still here??
I have a little freebie ADD ON for My Heart, My Star kit today:


OMG, it's actually raining here today- well maybe also because I BAKED yesterday but that in it's own is another long story - lol.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More Snapshots

Gosh are the weeks just flying by for you too? Yikes, it's like this year is on a speed train and there are no brakes! hahaha.

AHHH it was good having the boys home this weekend for  a change.. they really have been burning the candle at both ends and it was good to see them relaxing and having some fun. We went out Friday night and Deon landed up sitting in the line for IDOLS South Africa overnight- BWHAHAHAHA. He was not too impressed about the no sleeping part, but as he was asked to "bodyguard" and keep two girls company while they waited to be seen, he didn't moan tooooo much- BWHAHAHA. They didn't make the selection to see the judges unfortunately but seems they had a blast in the crowds.

I have some more stunning Layouts that I have to show off with Snapshots of the Heart collab (with Jennifer Labre Designs.)


There were seriously too many to do in my one post on Friday - so here is some more stunning inspiration for you and a FREEBIE printable too.

kb-JL_Snapshots_jodiann02By Jodiann ( who is putting this up where she leaves her handbag- I just LOVE this!)

Jacquiline By Jacqueline

Amy_ssoth-cqc-GL20-websize By Amy

Wim_Renee By Renee (x2)

kb-snapshotkimb_web By KimB(me-lol)

Pam_1112-j10 By Pam

You-Make-me-Smile2_JenniR By Jenni (x2)

Melanie_day15small By Melanie

Lisa By Lisa

Loucee Freebie box

And you can grab this AMAZING printable Hybrid with a show and tell on HOW to do it from the talented Loucee on her blog today:

I hope you all have a stunning week further and will chat on Friday again- YIPPEEE, I have something new in the works and a surprise or two too ;-)

hugs and loves

Friday, 3 February 2012

Snapshots, Hearts and coffee

*WARNING* -  Grab coffee or a cold drink, long post ahead-lol*

OMG, I had Deon in my PC on Wednesday night trying to see if it's my network card that might be giving me problems with my connections... mmmm, lets just say this girl nearly pooped her brooks when my PC wouldn't work properly after he had been inside the poor thing.. But hat's off to Dee ( well ok he was shit scared NOT TOO- BWHAHAH) he sat up till the early hours and got my PC back to what it was.. but still no solid connections. lol. Hopefully this weekend they can play.. but my "baby" was needed this week.... WHEEEEEEE, I have a brand new kit out today!

I got to work with the very talented Jenn of Jennifer Labre Designs on this wonderful creative project - one that I have been dying to do and have had a few requests for too.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it:

20% Off this whole weekend


Snapshots of the Heart collab (with Jennifer Labre Designs.)

Snapshots of the heart is just that, an everyday moment kit perfect for those photo's of our loved ones or the ones we love best because we have snapped them from behind our lens's.

22 JPG 12x12 papers
42 Unique Elements , 23 Word strips, 9 Word Arts, 2 x Alpha's.




Close Up Detail:

And of course our Creative teams have blown us away with their creativity.. seriously, check these stunning Layouts out for some amazing inspiration>

Mom-and-Emma_Candace By Candace

BekahE_pointclick By Bekah_E

kb-JL_Snapshots_jodiann By Jodiann

Alanna_Smile2 By Alanna

Kristine_naked dod By Kristine

Tiffany_Snapshot-of-the-Heart By Tiffany

Paula_snapshots By Paula

Perfect-Photo_JenniRousseau By Jenni x1

Ruth Melody By Ruth Melody

Vicki By Vicki

Renee2 By Renee


a Hybrid Exploding box by Loucee ( who will have the freebie printout on her blog tomorrow)

Jenn_0411_Snapshot By Jennifer Labre

kimb-perfectsmile By KimB

MORE to come as WAY tooo many at the moment to put on here in one post:

If you are a newsletter Subscriber you can also grab an EXTRA 10% off on this kit as well as an EXTRA FREEBIE of the QP above that matches the kit ;-)

Be sure to subscribe on the right hand side of the blog if you don't want to miss all the little extra goodies and discounts I send out.

I also have TWO New CU goodies up at SugarHillco today at 25% off:


Tie me With Heart 1

*(see in store for 100% close ups on both), both Quality checked for peace of mind*


Tie me With Heart 2

And my February CU GRAB BAG is still available for only $5!


February Grab Bag

6 Brand new products are included in this grab bag:- full previews in store:

It will be gone on Monday so grab now while it is still less than $1 a product.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- you have that coffee still? lol.

You can grab this Co-ordinating word art/mask/stamp Freebie for Snapshots of the Heart collab


It has 3 PNG, ( the completed word art and the two separated pieces to play with)

You can grab it HERE:

I hope you have a stunning weekend and cross your fingers and toes the boys fix up my internet MESS once and for all.. being on a portable wireless is making me GRAY quick! lol

Hugs and Loves