Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Baboons, moles and Mr Murphy

BWAHAHAHA- well living in "Africa" can sometimes be downright weird for sure. I've had NO internet connections for over a week and pulling my hair out in the process. Why?? Well lets just say that our local menace the "Baboon" sabotaged our main High Tower by taking out most of the cables.. lol. Seriously!

I had to see the docs on Tuesday last week to have "moles" removed as he didn't like the look of 5 of them. Yikes... well lets just say that 5 turned into 11 in a matter of minutes and each site landed up having two lots of "shots" to get them out. EEEK, I wasn't expecting so many to be removed and arrived home rather drained and tired. Then that evening learnt that my internet connection was gone. Sheee's Bunny I think you can take Mr Murphy back again now- ;-P

So nope, I haven't gone AWAL and have been working behind the scenes on quite a lot of new goodies actually. I have to admit though , with no "online distractions," I have produced more this week than in a hell of a long time...BWHAHAHA. I suppose that means I really have a short attention span *slapping head*. lol

OOOOH there is some exciting news coming up this Friday at @ ScrapMatters


Seriously you don't want to miss this: HUGE SALES ( and I mean, GAMES, COUPONS, and a lot lot more. From the 1st - 7th March make sure you are tuned to the forum and blogs for constant updates and "what's happening" ;-)

I even scrapped again.. well hey, no internet means I get to "play to keep myself" busy- lol


Credits: Little miss Attitude by Micheline Martin and Queen of Hearts.

I've been playing with some "styles and techniques" and created some Frames which I hope you will enjoy and like.


You can Grab them Here:

Until Friday. Hugs and Loves


Miss Becki said...

Love these frames! Thank you! :)

LynO said...

Hey there KimB...glad to have you back with us..I know being without the internet can make us bonkers...but you tell the tale so well, I am sorry but you had me laughin..mean of me..but it was funny. Now only one..but had a large mole(birthmark) on my shoulder all my younger life..looked like a big poop...but as I got older it got more flat..(thinking it was the old bra straps on it) any who..had a specialist tell me he had to take a biopsy..but all was good..told was the bra straps..(more then you needed to know..LOL) Glad your back..and thank you for the great online time has been limited..but I will be round for the next colour Challenge...Thanks for all you do..and for the giggles. Glad your creative kicked in..can't wait to see what you have done.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this frame download...

Lulutoo said...

Yikes! I haven't read my blogs lately! Is it hard to say the darn baboons killed your internet with a straight face? LOL Only there, I believe! My dd had a suspicious mole or two removed once and they tested out fine. Hopefully yours will, too. Thanks for the frames. :)