Friday, 8 February 2013

Grab bags open + photo's.

Gosh, I totally forgot I had a ton of photo's taken by Kristy and myself while we had our family holiday golf match and have just taken them off the camera.. lol. We played at a golf course near us in the mountains... and just have a look at the wonderful "spectators" we had along the way...

1Love this shot Kristy took.. you can even see my Tee peg flying behind me ( the little orange thing) Woot, showing the boys how to do it... lol

3 mmmmmmm, don't think it's those balls you need right now my boy- BHAHAHAHAHA! ( he is sooo going to love me for this one!)

2 Wheee- it's UP and going! you can see by the boys faces I actually do get them up off the ground! lol

4 Playing in 38C heat in the mountains - but soooo beautiful!

5 Yup... I nearly freaked when we got to this hole as we had some gorgeous lazy spectators resting in the shade under the trees! Between Kristy and I we filled up my camera card with photo's of them... they were so tame! We even tee'd off while they just lay there- so AWESOME!


Hey didn't need the "Kruger Park" just needed to come play golf- BWHAHAHAHA.. I have so many to sort but just grabbed these to show you so long ;-)

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Thanks so much for looking!

Hugs and Loves


Mariscrap said...

so in a hurry to check be fore miss them, I didn't have time to thank you really really much, youir edges are amazing!!!!!!!

Elsina said...

Thank you! I love your products!
Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Thank you so much for the edges! Your timing was impeccable - I was sitting right in front of my computer, with my iPad in my lap. My iPad makes a cute little ding whenever I get a new email, so as soon as your newsletter landed in my inbox, I opened that bad larry up and got a wonderful surprise! LOL!

Yes, I'm easily excitable...

Esther -who lives in the said...

Ahh...I missed out on using the coupon but hey, I got your gorgeous edges anyway! I'll have to be out of bed earlier to read your nl. LOL

txbubbles said...

To heck with Kruger, we'll just go to the golf course!