Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm not "dead" man.. lol

OMG... who said life was easy huh? And when it comes to me.. gosh, if it ever ran smoothly I'm sure I would be bored as hell.. BWAHAHAHA. Mr Murphy seems to be my constant companion these days and uhum.. doesn't someone else want him for just a few weeks??? PLEASE???? no one?? lol

As you all know I landed up without an "internet" connection up here after the wireless towers were sabotaged by baboons in March. Knew I would not have internet access over the Easter Weekend as I would be in the bush/river with the family for that long weekend. So I had planned for that and everything was ready to "roll" before I left here.. WOOT!

After the Easter weekend I went home with Nathan and Kristy to sort out our house in Port Elizabeth ( getting it ready for sale and packing and sorting all Wayne's and my junk collected over 10 years-lol). I would be there for just over 2 weeks..

I was so excited to get home as we have an ADSL landline ( not unstable wireless like here) and I would be "zipping" around the web and uploading and working- right?? NOPE... naaah. Now why did I think it would be THAT easy huh? lol.

The kids go off the next day, visiting a friend in Kimberly for 5 days. So Kim is solo alone in a huge house for the first time in years and feeling rather "nervous". Connect my PC up and get some mails in but next minute POOF.. red light flashing on the router. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Seriously??? Here?? Now?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. lol. I phone the service providers ( our ONLY telephone line provider in SA!) and they run a test and say the line is faulty.. You think?? The house phone doesn't even work dammit.

They will send a technician to sort it out.. well that took 3 more days. They play with the cable outside.. set something at the hub and WOOOHOOOO it flashes green.

I run to get mail and it was less than and hour when the freaking thing was off again. I phone again.. and well again and again and again over the weekend. Cut a long very frustrating story short... They tell me that our whole area is faulty and needs new cabling and a new hub to run from. WHAT?????

Yup... you guessed it. I have had NO access since the 28th March 2013 and it drove me up the pole- BWHAHAHA. The Saturday before we left (20th) my house phone rings and everyone JUMPS... is that what it sounds like?? BWHAHA.

It's Telkom.. checking if the phone works.. YES it works! Check the internet lines as they are now the fastest ADSL cable lines in South Africa.... YES , whoooopei, it works. but dude.. TOOO LATE, I'm on my way back to my crappy wireless connection tomorrow. LOL.

So yeah, I leave my son Nathan now with brand NEW internet cables that he says are soooo fast and blah blah.. I DON'T want to hear- BWHAHAHAHA.

That's the short version of why I have been "MIA" and I have to thank Amber @ ScrapMatters and Tina @ SugarHillco for their patience with me. As well as my sister Gaye (GSCreations) who had sooo many panic phone calls to send mails and let everyone know I didn't drop off the end of the earth. ((HUGS))

I have a few photo's from our Bushman's Easter trip to share with you:


The only day over the long weekend it didn't rain - we were out on the river collecting bait and enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

Love this one of Kristy and Nathan.. Nathan pumps the bait, Kristy collects in the bucket- lol. Check the water pushing up out the prawn holes too.


Kristy sitting in the boat ready to go.. - just love the "feel" and the light of this one.


We took a long ride upriver ( as far as the river would let us go) and Nathan threw his cast net off the front of the boat collecting "swimming Prawn" -  I love to eat them, but Nathan loves them for fishing bait.. sacrilege!! lol.


Woop, touch down!


BONZAI! We have prawn ( be it only 1).. we did collect a bucket full which I was NOT allowed to use for dinner- blah! lol


And while "son" did the hard work, Dad put out his rod to catch "dinner" - lol


mmmmmmmm, so what have you got that I can have too?? Kristy is a chocoholic and can eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. They had just woken up here and this was their Easter "baskets" come Bushmans style- bWHAHAHA.


So much more fun watching don't you think "old man"? BWHAHAHA- Love how we all stood and watched Nathan and Wayne clean up the boat the day we left. Much more fun on this side ;-P

I'll be back tomorrow with some more news and goodies. I'm unpacked now and working hard at getting stuff up and ready for iNSD too. YIPPEEEE.

Hugs and loves


So~Inkin~Cute said...

So I literally started cracking up when you said "I landed up without an "internet" connection up here after the wireless towers were sabotaged by baboons in March."

I thought...surely she's just kidding using her Kim B. humor, but then I got to thinking...perhaps it really DID happen since you live in a completely different part of the world than I, it could be true! The actual vision had me laughing my butt off! Here in Colorado, USA, that would be something that would never ever happen, so it was just funny.

Either way I am so glad you're back up and running! I had just started viewing your blog again after being absent for FAR TOO long. So I am glad you're up and running again because I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh (even if it is about baboons that truly jacked up your internet). I always know there is never a dull moment here!

I am glad to be back and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for insd (one of my fave days of the year!!). I can't shop now, so please know if I am not buying, it's not because I am not in love w/ what you create. It's just because I am poor (baboons ate up all my cash! really!!!).


So~Inkin~Cute said...

P.S. Your photos are fabulous! :)