Friday, 10 May 2013

Grab bags Revealed

Phew this week has just flown past for me and I can't quite believe it's Friday Anything special planned for Mothers Day on Sunday?? I know I'm soo going to miss my kids this weekend but Waynie has planned to cook me a lunch and I'm looking forward to that ;-)

Did you miss my iNSD CU Grab Bags @ SugarHillco, then don't worry as all the products are now up @ 25% off and up individually:

But if you HURRY you can still grab my iNSD CU Grab Bag until the end of TODAY only :=)

kb-INSD-Grab-BAg KimB's iNSD CU Grab Bag

Or you can grab what you want/need now @25% off:

kb-Framers8 Framers 8

kb-TP_Messy1 Texture Pack - Messy 1

kb-TP_Messy2 Texture Pack - Messy 2

kb-Buttoned_tiesandknots Buttoned Up 1 (Ties and knots)

kb-TM_raffia Tie Me - Raffia 1

kb-BranchIt10 Branch It 10

kb-VintageFramers7 Vintage Framers 7

kb-HeartIt4 Heart it 4

kb-PatsnPrints27 Pats n Prints 27

kb-CI_09 Colour Inspirations 9 (Masculine)

Don't forget to pick up these CU WAVES that were part of the SugarHillco   CU BLOG TRAIN.


6 Wave doodle/layered templates. (PSD ,PNG and TIFF)

You can grab them HERE

Have a FANTASTIC weekend and Mothers Day with your families.

Hugs and Loves


Arlene said...

Thank you for the gorgeous wave templates.

Elka Romero said...

Thank you so much, Kim! :D