Friday, 21 June 2013

55% OFF mid Year SALE + NEW+ CU freebie

EEEEK- it's hit Mid Winter this side of the "globe" and to be honest I'm freezing my little "noo noo's" off here. I hope all my friends on the other side of the world are enjoying their warmer weather.. please stand in the sun a little each day for me.. maybe my ass can thaw out a bit this side?? BWHAHAHAHA.

I'm also still battling with our "idiot" service providers and their so called "best network".. I'm at my wits end as have had a "go slow" @ +-5kb a sec for the last two weeks most days except for ONE..!!! REALLY, Dial up is faster I think??? And the best excuse they can come up with is a "We have a "congestion error", hold on we are working on it". ( Yup that exactly what I got- HOLD ON??? mmmmmmmm)..... for TWO WEEKS???
ENS networking... even HELKOM is more reliable than you are, YOU SUCK! lol. Hubby is looking at other alternatives for me today and I just hope that we have something else that I can use up here until we get to move in August.. cause this girl is gonna have a drinking problem soon! BWHAHAHAHA.

Thanks AGAIN to my dear sister Gaye of GSCreations  for filling in, posting, sending mails and adding products for me when I have been stuck the last few weeks.. THANKS SIS.. I owe you again- lol
So lets have a great MID YEAR CU SALE to lift the mood right??

kb-SALE -June
My WHOLE STORE at  SugarHillco is NOW 55% off
And I eventually got all my "Stir It Up" series in the store too.

Or grab the FULL series in this BUNDLE @ 57% OFF:

Remember the 55% off SALE only lasts through this WEEKEND and ALL my NEW goodies are 55% off too ;-)
I have TWO CU Freebies up for you today...

you can grab this one in my NEWSLETTER today ( the textures all coordinate with today's BLOG freebie and the CU freebie you received in my newsletter 31st May)

And you can grab this one RIGHT here today ;-)
DOWNLOAD HERE: So sorry this link has EXPIRED
Have a fantastic weekend further: Hugs and Loves.


dana keunen said...

Love the baking CU items, they are adorable! Thanks for the freebie too.

Sharon G said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous freebies and the awesome sale!!

xuxper said...

Thank you so much

andastra said...

Thank you so much for the great freebies! Your new bundle is fantastic!!

Lórien said...

Yay, another scrap girl from this side of the world, envying the North side people and their warmer days! I thought you lived in US, lol.

Thhank you for the CU freebies, I´ll take a look on my wishlist of your store and try to buy something... Hubby will kill me for more expenses, but... Meh :p

Hope you get a better internet connection soon <3

Anonymous said...

First day of summer here! Thank you so much for the freeb! You are always generous. Happy mid-season to you!

Moni said...

Thank you so much!

JeannieK said...

I feel your pain of poor internet service! My hubby purchased a Mifi device (from a wireless provider) that allows him to work from my mom's remote farm in the country. It provides 4G service (high speed) at her place - but in really, really remote areas, we only get 3G. Not sure if any of that will relate to what you can buy.

Thanks for the blog and NL freebies! Love the new baking items.
I'll think of you when I melt this afternoon (102F). At least it won't be 118 like Phoenix can get.

Kristine said...

Morning honey!
Just woke up. It's been a super hellish week here but things are going to settle down after next week. I need to sit by the pool, have a drink and just CHILL!!!! Want one too?! :P

Esther -who lives in the said...

Love the freebies, Kim! Thanks so much...
Off to shop now in your fab sale. ;)

Minoush said...

Thank you, Kim!

Monica Gagne (aka 2girlsandadog) said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful freebies!!

Meagan , Brian, Sydney and Jonas! said...

Thanks Kim! the flower and paper are gorgeous!! You rock!

Anisah said...

Thank you so much!


Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely texture and orchid! :)

Laramie said...

Good luck with your service. I don't miss a day or two but more than that is not fun. Thank you for the lovely paper today and love your new CU goodies. Take care