Friday, 13 September 2013

Moved in but chaos reigns as usual- lol

* long catch up post + NEW GOODIES + Freebie - So grab coffee*

OMG, we made it - but trust me NOT without the usual "Broedelet" crazy going on.. as my dear friend and CT member Renee says.. NORMAL is just a setting on a washing machine- BWHAHAHAHA.

Having to wait to get into the new house ( we couldn't move in before the 1st which was a Sunday) we spent the night at Deon's house, which is now just around the corner from us.. and my poor hubby walked straight into the glass sliding doors ( closed without him knowing). OOOOOPS, yeah lets just say this is how poor hubby looked the day we MOVED.


YOUCH- lol. We laughed about it for a few days but I felt sooo sorry for him as those eyes went blacker and blacker with each box he picked up! He is sooo going to kill me with this photo which is the one I sent to Nathan on my phone-OOOPS tooo late ;-P

My telephone line which was supposed to be in last TUESDAY did not arrive until late on Friday last week- WWWWWWWWAAAH, talk about climbing a wall. But it's here-It's In.. WOOP and it's anADSL LANDLINE- so I am soooo happy I will not have to deal with "unstable wireless" again.

And the worst of it all was that our dear doggy Sherlock ( the super friendly Medium French Poodle) got MAULED by two Staffi's early Sunday morning.. OMG, I must say it was the worst day we have had since Nathan was a baby.. The Vets did not have much hope for Sherlock on Sunday as his lung had collapsed and his muscle "between" his ribs was gone. We were in a flat panic to put it mildly... but Sherlock shocked everyone by pulling through and he came home from "hospital" on Wednesday.. with instructions to keep him quiet and not to let him "jump"- huh? This is a POODLE who does nothing but JUMP- BWHAHAHA. But I am managing to keep him quiet by having him lie at my feet at the PC... ahhhhhhhh

1 He is shaved on both sides and walks with a sort of three legged hobble at the moment but each day he gets stronger and stronger and the bruising is fading. Now just to get those muscles to knit and the holes to to heal ;-)

***********************NEW GOODIES***********************

BUT I do have NEW goodies today- I do, I do... BWHAHAHAHA. A week late ( as I had to wait for my line and asked dear ever patient Amber to disable them for me last week).

As you know my family is a FISHING FAMILY.. it's how we spend our family time together, how I met my hubby when I was 16! And my dear son also has his "colours" in the sport.


My BOY in his "colours" with his EP Fishing Team... soooo proud!.. So it goes without saying that it is about time that I created a "Fishing" kit to use for the 1000 photo's I have on file right?? BWHAHAHAHAH.

20% OFF this weekend!

kb-FishOn_kit Fish On - Kit

Kit contains:
32 Papers-
6 Scenic
11 Print papers (+6 recolours)
9 CardStock
1 Sea Sand border 12x12 PNG
69 Original Elements

*please see instore for detailed previews and descriptions*

And of course I made a ton of coordinating extra's to go with it:

kb-FishOn_Alpha1 Fish On - Alpha

kb-FishOn-Wordybits Fish On - Wordy Bits

kb-FishOn_wordArt Fish On - Word Art

kb-FishOn-clusters Fish On - Clusters

BUT- GRAB the WHOLE LOT @ 43% off in this BUNDLE DEAL:

kb-FishOn-BundleFish On - The Bundle

And holey freaking SMOKES did my CT really rock this one!!

Vicki1 By Vicki (x1)

Amy By Amy

jennii By Jenni(x1)

Bekah By Bekah

Jenn By Jenn

(who won a Guest stint on my CT through my Designer Challenge at ScrapMatters- WOOOP, Congrats Jenn!)

loucee_seafishing_zps028fce78 By Loucee

Ruthy By Ruthy

Christelle By Christelle

go-fishing-600_zps7a4d8615 By Alana

Just-Me-and-the-Sea By Jenni (x2)

Vicki2 By Vicki (x2)

wench By Kristine

And I have made up a double (one set down in Nathan's album- lol)


kb-FishOn-1-web Page 1

kb-FishOn-2-web Page 2

*Freebie at bottom of post ;-P*

***************** NEW CU @ SugarHill ******************

25% off limited time.

kb-CharmMe3 Charm Me 3 (Noted)

kb-PatsnPrints28 Pats n Prints 28 (Fleurs 1)

You can pick up this coordinating Pattern FREEBIE in my newsletter today:


And this Fish On coordinating FREEBIE you can grab right here:


One "layered" shadowed and un-shadowed Cluster:

Download it here:

Shoo I think this is the longest post for a few months huh? BWHAHAHAHA. Lets just hope I stay online and nothing else crazy happens for a while ;-P

I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend. Hugs and Loves


TerriK said...

Gorgeous, as always!!

Kristine said...

LOVE this kit!! Was so much fun to play with too! Got you and Gaye all blogged up (and even on the right day too! Will wonders NEVER cease?!)


fl_connie said...

So happy that Sherlock is recovering - what a horrible experience!

Beautiful new kit & thanks for the cluster!

Elizabeth A said...

So sorry to hear Sherlock was attacked, glad he is on the mend. He's a lucky dog to have parents that love him so much! Your fishing kit is lovely, Kim!

makeyesup said...

Wow, can't believe that you didn't have an accident too, thought you were the one that everything happened to. Glad you are moved in and will be settled eventually. Notice everyone is feeling sorry for Sherlock and not for Hubby. Is he feeling jealous? Take care, enjoy the new place. Thanks for the gifts, lovely kit and layouts on it.