Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year + Dollar Day Sales

Happy 'Belated' New year to all of you.. I hope you had a fabulous Festive season with your family and loved ones as much as I did with mine. I can't believe just how fast the holidays flew past. Being in 'paradise' without internet and lots of sunshine and fun can do that to you ;-P


I complained bitterly last year about having a really quiet empty house with the kids spending Christmas in the USA......... BWAHAHAHAHa, well lets just say this year we were bursting at the seams.


7 young adults, 3 'old toppies'(our folks), Wayne and I and 3 dogs.... Yeah, was crazy most of the time but oh what fun- no moans from me.. would rather have this than the quiet one for sure-lol!

I will update some holiday pics and stories during the month... but for now I have to tell you about the AMAZING SALE we are having @ Pixels&Co!

jan-dollardays_fbPerfect for January budgets (especially mine- lol)...

For the Full month of January BRAND NEW products will be going up DAILY @ only $1 each!! All the products will be available for the full month - but remember to check up daily on "what's new" right HERE.

I have two products up so far-(more to come during the month)...These you can grab right now for only $1 each

kb-Retrospect  Retrospect - The mini Kit

kb-RetrospectAlpha-6 Retrospect - The Alpha

And some amazing inspiration using the kit and alpha.

Cousins by Jenni

Solysombra Solysombra

Anna By Anna

Emilie By Emilie

Katherine By Katherine

Raquel By Raquel

Retrospect By Renee

So glad to be back online but now just to convince my brain that it's not at the beach anymore- lol

Hugs and loves

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Mrs. Miles said...


its MEEEEEE!!!

Bet you thought I totally froze up in the 'berg, dintcha? Nawp, was just busy with life.

But, I missed ya and have come lookin for ya and here you are and we have a brand shiny new year in which I can totally fail to come visit you the way I'd like to all over again buaahahaha!

You're amazing, no matter and I do miss you. Lets connect?

Your Barbs

PS - so glad you had a wonderful family filled Holidays!