Friday, 31 January 2014

New CU and sneak peek

woooah, it's the end of the month already and we are well on our speedy way into 2014... Yikes, time seems to get quicker and quicker as you get older it seems- LOL. I remember my mom always saying that and just laughing at her.. Sorry Mom.. you were right on all counts! lol

Tomorrow being the 1st Feb 2014 also brings the awesome The DigiScrap Parade Train.. so don't forget to pop in tomorrow too for some fantastic 'hopping'.

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And just a little 'sneaky' of some of the goodies going LIVE tomorrow @ Pixels&Co too. WOOP.


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And a few more if you check out my store HERE: SugarHillco :: KimB

Be sure to check out my newsletter today to grab this Exclusive CU layered pattern freebie today:


DSP Train blog freebie will be here just for you tomorrow ;-)

Hugs and Loves

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JeannieK said...

Thanks so much for the NL freebie! Your mom was spot on about time flying! Moms are so wise...