Friday, 4 April 2014

Creeped out Friday

hahaha- lets just say that the following New Release is a little 'out of my comfort zone or box'.. but gosh, have I had fun creating it and playing with it too.

I don't know how many of you know about the fabulous DigiDares site? Not? If you love scrapping and enjoy a great challenge then you have too join in the fun every week.. and you can win fantastic prizes from your favourite designers too.

I have an upcoming 'feature' week in MAY ( 23rd to be exact) with a 'dare' that is rather fun, different (and scary- lol). The owner of DigiDares .. the talented Paula Kesslring, asked me to join her in a collab pertaining to the theme of my upcoming Dare. Of course I couldn't resist and if you are up trying something new and different...then now is the perfect time to give this a go...;-)

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kb-CreepedOut_collection1Creeped Out : The Collection

Contains:  42 Papers : 87 Elements : 25 Brushes : 21 Words : 12 Flairs

All 300ppi (Brushes in PNG +.Abr file)

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Both our kits (also available in the Full Collection above) are available separately too. 

kb-CreepedOut_kit6Creeped Out : The Kit

And Paula's Full kit can be found HERE:  Creeped Out {KIT}

********************* Inspiration  ********************

Our CT's had a blast playing with this.. just check these fantastic and arty pages out. I have another one half done too.. way tooo much fun -lol

Jenni-Arachnophobia By Jenni

Jenn By Jenn

Renee-CreepedOut By Renee

Paula By Paula

Jenni2 By Jenni (x2)

creepedmrspeel Mrs Peel

pk-dread-the-dentist-creepedrachel By Rachael ( oh and can I relate to this one- eeek!)

KimB_HellNo By Me ( and Wayne is sooo going to kill me for this one- lol)

So many different styles and my CT forum is filled with all our story's of what we are scared of and what stupid things we do when we encounter our 'phobia's"..LOL.. it's been a good two weeks of yakking and laughing and 'cringing'.

I have a little add-on Blog Freebie for you today that coordinates with the Creeped Out : The Collection:


You can GRAB IT HERE :

Don't forget to use your coupon in my newsletter today too.. Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

LOVE this kit, so much fun to play with! Thanks for the freebie!!!

jayleigh3 said...

Snakes totally send me into the deep recesses of fear! i love that LO of Wayne and the frog! My son, on the other hand, was a frog-a-phile! He absolutely adored them. He tried to bring one home with him from one of our camping trips when he was 5 y/o. Poor frog was gasping for air! He'd carried that poor little reptile around for most of the last day of our trip. But, snakes....yikes! They give me the bejeebers! The kit is way cute! Thank you for the free treat!

Sue said...

Great layout of your husband! Thanks for the scary freebie! :)

Tisa Theresa Irene said...

GREAT kit Kim! Shared on my FB page!

Arlene said...

How unique and fun. Thanks for the freebie Kim.

makeyesup said...

Can see this is not your usual; however, naturally, you did a great job on it. Thanks for the mini and love the layout with Wayne. I want to run everytime I see a Hornet or Wasp.

Sandy said...

Very nice work on this. Thanks for the freebie

Scrumptious said...

What a great idea for a kit, and I love the pages you and your CT made. Thanks for the fun freebie!