Friday, 16 May 2014

New CU Grab Bag + CU Freebies

Ahhh sob, Vicki left yesterday afternoon and the house feels a bit like a morgue today - way toooo quiet!. Even the doggies keep going up to her room to look for her.. too cute actually. After being here a month she felt like part of the family - well actually to be honest we said that anyone coming back to stay with us a second time is not a 'friend' anymore - they are family and that's exactly what Vicki has become to us.  Going to miss you my friend. XXXXXXX

Today I have something new up @ SugarHillco .. and I know I haven't had one in a while..So I decided to put together some of my 'Summer' themed goodies in one BIG GAB just for you.

kb-SummertimeFun_GB Summertime Fun Grab Bag


6 New products + Bonus : Colour Inspirations (requested by Vicki -lol)

* Grab it all together while it's 82% off - Limited time Only*









That's 7FULL Products at less than $1 Each.......... Don't MISS IT!

I have two coordinating CU Freebies today:


Some Seaweed brushes (+ PNG) to aid those 'Summer' creations:  Grab them in my Newsletter today.


These Layered paper patterns coordinate with my Pats n Prints 35 ( Available in my Grab Bag).. I've added 2 options.

You can grab it HERE:

Have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves


Yas said...

Thank you very much for this freebie

clara said...

grand merci et bon Week end

Vesi said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebies!

jayleigh3 said...

Thank you for the snazzy papers! i always enjoy using your designs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these freebies! The seaweed brushes are fantastic! Therese

JeannieK said...

Thanks Kim! Wonderful freebies and I'm off to get the grab bag! Too great to pass it by!!

Arlene said...

Wonderful products. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here @ Dulles waiting for my flight to Houston and decided to check email. Dang it girl, you made me start crying all over again. Miss ya'll loads and loads. Two words... Vegas, Baby!!!
PS. The bag turned out great!
I'm anonymous, cause I can't remember the Google pw, bwahahaha!!!

fl_connie said...

Thanks for the templates & brushes - love them both - but those brushes are beyond awesome!

BlueCat said...

Beautiful new products, love the fish.
Thanks for the great freebies.

Meagan , Brian, Sydney and Jonas! said...

thanks Kim! you're the best! awesome freebies as usual!

Laramie said...

Wonderful gifts. Thanks you and headed to the store to pick up the new CU goodies. Awesome!


Tisa Theresa Irene said...

LOVE the fishing kit!! GREAT JOB as always!

Thanks for the freebie too!

Esther - from the tropical north of Australia said...

Thanks for your news, Kim...

Great new GB!! Awesome freebies!
Thanks so much, GF!! xx

Scrumptious said...

Thank you for the goodies! CU makes them even more special. Thanks!

PS Did you know you have Captcha turned on for comments? I'm on a bit of a mission to try to eliminate it - Blogger's spam filter should be strong enough that you won't get too many unwanted messages even if you turn it off, and I've seen it really increase the number of real-person comments people get, when they don't have to jump through the Captcha hoops!