Friday, 5 June 2015

$1 Special Edition + CU Grab Bag

BWAHAHA- I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about it being so warm up here when it's supposed to be cold. I went from Tshirt to thermal underwear in 2 days! It's only 5C right now and that up here is FREEZING! lol. Me and my big mouth.. jinxed myself ;-P

************* $1 Special Edition @ The Digital Press *************

Yup, seriously, ONLY $1 for each Brand New coordinating product.

Can't beat that! Be sure not to miss it as all items revert back to full pricing soon.

I loved this months swatch, and of course just coming back from 'home' and seeing all my dear friends .. well my heart decided I needed to design these ;-)

Simplythebest_elements6 Simply The Best : The Elements

Simplythebest_papers6 Simply The Best : Papers

Simplythebest_JC6 Simply The Best : Journal Cards

Simplythebest_WA-6  Simply The Best : Word Art

My CT have also created some amazing fun happy and fresh inspiration for you today:

Jenni  By Jenni

Ellen  By Ellen

simply the best  By Julie

Stef  By Stef

Christelle  By Christelle

Alice  By Alice

Bekah  By Bekah

Juli  By Juli

CVW_SupplyTracker<br />Dagi Temp-tations Love Song_temp4<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : The Elements<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : The Word Art<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : ThePapers<br />Layer 1<br />Layer 10<br />Layer 11<br />Layer 12<br />Layer 13<br />Layer 14<br />Layer 15<br />Layer 16<br />Layer 17<br />Layer 17 copy<br />Layer 18<br />Layer 19<br />Layer 2<br />Layer 20<br />Layer 21<br />Layer 22<br />Layer 23<br />Layer 24<br />Layer 28<br />Layer 29<br />Layer 3<br />Layer 30<br />Layer 31<br />Layer 34<br />Layer 34 copy<br />Layer 36<br />Layer 37<br />Layer 38<br />Layer 38 copy<br />Layer 4<br />Layer 4 copy<br />Layer 4 copy 2<br />Layer 41<br />Layer 42<br />Layer 45<br />Layer 5<br />Layer 5 copy<br />Layer 6<br />Layer 7<br />Layer 7 copy<br />Layer 8<br />Layer 9<br />march 2015<br />paper<br />paper<br />paper<br />paper<br />photo<br />ribbon<br />ribbon<br />  By Danica

kb-Besties6  By Me

******** FREEBIE ALERT 1 ********

I have a few FREEBIE coordinating Flair Buttons today.


You can DOWNLOAD them HERE:

*************** Sugar Hill Co ****************

It's GRAB BAG Time > Limited time ONLY

kb-Jun15_GrabBag  June '15 CU Grab Bag

Contains 6 Full sized brand new products.
1x Layered Patterns
1x .ABR brush and PNG set
3x Element sets
+ FREE Layer styles : Old Book Covers.
(includes pat file).


******** FREEBIE ALERT 2 ********


I have a coordinating Vintage Frame Freebie in my Newsletter today.

I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend. Thanks so much for looking



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the darling flairs and pretty frame! Stay warm! Therese

fl_connie said...

Thanks, Kim! LOVE these new papers!

marlah24 said...


jayleigh3 said...

First of all - thank you for the "cabinet card" photo frame. i have a lot of old family photos mounted on similar CCs. i love to use them on my antique photos. And, thank you also for the clever "Simply The Best" flares. i like using flares on a page because they add "spice" to the page, but they can be used to "hold down" clustered papers, etc. Thank you for your generosity.

Now... somehow, i think you got our spring weather and we got your fall-to-winter weather up here in the northern hemisphere! Wowser! It's been nasty here. i turned off my baseboard heaters at the junction box in April when the temp soared on one day to 75 degrees! Big mistake! Spring had NOT arrived, it was just a joke. But, ever hopeful, i refused to go out to my box and flip the switches to turn them back on. But, i did have to turn my bed warmer back on... We have had cold rain (lots of it leading to massive flooding), tornadoes in places that NEVER have them, and other anomalies of weather. Now it is June and in the mornings, i still have to wrap up in my ugly-but-warm bathrobe to do my email because it is frigid in here! Goodness! i'm 72 years old and i've never seen such a contrary weather year in all my days!'s hoping it all gets sorted out soon! i just keep smilin' and hopin' and maybe by the 4th of July, we can have firecracker weather warm enough for watermelon and ice cream on our national holiday! (smiling at you)