Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Birthdays, Penny Pincher $1 SALES

Gosh, I missed all the excitement the beginning of the month with SugarHill celebrating it's 5th Birthday, The Digital Press having a full month $1 Penny Savers promotion and of course the SugarHill Blog train too. I flew back to Port Elizabeth to help my Mom move house ( the estate had been wound up and the house sold) as well as having my hubbies 50th Bday there to celebrate with all our family and friends. We flew back in last night.. both rather tired, me with no voice - HA, nothing unusual about that one- BWAHAHA. I make sure I make the most of each minute while at home , enough to last me a few months while up here. ;-P

I might have missed the official blog trains but I do have a little gift at the bottom of the post to make up for it... but before we get there, lets catch up on all the exciting news so far>>>>>>


All these products will stay $1 during the whole month of AUGUST- how awesome is that!!

kb-ClipMe1_bw6  Clip Me 1 : Frames and Masks

And some CT inspiration using the Frames above:

Deb2   By Deborah

EllenT   By EllenT

Steph  By Steph

background texture   By MiimsGirl

****************  @ Sugar Hill Co ****************


WOOHOOO! another Bday to celebrate and my WHOLE STORE is 60% off right now!


I missed the Bday blog train for the first time (sob) - but you can follow along from the master list right here.

I do have a 'belated' train stop for you however..


8 LRG Vintage Text brushes (+png) to have fun with. CU ok.

You can download them HERE


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BlueCat said...

The frames and masks look awesome and the layouts are beautiful!
Thank you very much for the freebie.