Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year and New CU + freebie

Happy New Year to all of you..! Gosh, seems like I’ve been gone for years and it’s taken this week for me to get the sand out my head (mmmm, ok so maybe the brain is still sitting on the beach a bit- lol).

We had a very different Christmas/summer vacation this year with actually 4 different ‘Christmas family’ days. As you all know, my kiddo’s are working out of the country right now and were only going to be ‘in South Africa’ for 10 days starting end of November… so we decided to have a very early Christmas lunch with all the parents/grand parents at our favourite Resturant Yin Pin. This way, everyone got to see them before they came up to us for the last 4 days of their stay.


Joe (the resturant owner/manager and chef) went all out to make it the BEST fun and wonderful lunch we have ever had together. We all exchanged a small gift with each other which can be seen displayed on a table behind us.


ahhh my kiddos who I miss and love with all my heart!


Vernon (Waynes dad) had never had traditional chinese/sushi before and was soo worried about what he was going to get as ‘food’ . We were all teasing him that he would be getting ‘fish eye soup’ to start… Even Joe got in on the jokes and after telling dad we were teasing.. he ate the most during our lunch- BWAHAHAH


Then it was our time to spend the last 4 days with our kiddos and we did their Christmas @ Bushmans River ( our holiday cottage)..


Kristy is the best to have around at Christmas time as she is soo excitable about her gifts and sharing them with others that she gets us laughing so hard as she jumps up and down with excitement. I missed her sooo badly on Christmas day!


And our quiet traditional Christmas day was spent with my mom and dad and of course our darling ‘fur babies’.. who start nudging the gifts under the tree looking for theirs.. too clever! lol


Summer holiday time with friends.. boating time with of course packed cooler boxes with beer and wine.

We had a lot of fishing, boating and fun times with all our friends we miss so much while being up here.. but our favourite holiday time is always……….


those quiet peaceful moments walking our dogs down the beach.

Well, holidays are over (even though I feel I need a holiday after the holiday- lol).. and it’s back to work for this gal..

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Here’s to a great 2017 and I hope it’s a really good creative one for you and for me ;-P

Hugs and Loves


Esther - from the tropical north of Australia said...

Happy New Year,Kim!! Thanks for the cool texture freebie too.

JeannieK said...

Glad to see you back Kim! Know what you mean about needing a holiday to recoup from the first one! Thanks for the fab NL gift today!