Friday, 24 March 2017

NEW CU + Kit/Bundle + Freebie

AHH, I had my kiddo’s here last weekend and seriously had a ball with them. We had a family braai, a morning of Art supplies and wedding decor shopping(much to the boys delight- err not so much-HAHAH). Saturday night was out for supper and a ton of cocktails ( one looked like it came in an URN which you could keep as a momento – like really!! And was a great talking/joking piece the whole night-lol) And Wayne cooked a family roast on the Sunday while we all chilled and chatted. Now I miss them more than ever – but I know I will be seeing them soon again (well 3 months time) so the head is trying to tell my heart not to be so heavy and

I have a lot of NEW goodies to show you today and have a freebie for you at the bottom of the post. If you are a NEWSLETTER subscriber.. be sure to check out for your exclusive EXTRA discount coupon!

---------------------------------- THE DIGITAL PRESS ----------------------------------

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kb-Hoppity_kit-06Hoppity Hop : The Kit

kb-Hoppity_jc_06Hoppity Hop : Journal Cards

kb-Hoppity_el_06 kb-Hoppity_pp06

Or available as separate sets – just click on images.

****************** BUNDLE DEAL ******************

kb-Hoppity_bundle09Hoppity Hop : The Bundle

Right now it’s 33% off + using your TDP Newletter Coupon you save BIG TIME!

---------------------------------- CT INSPIRATION ----------------------------------

JulieBy Julie ( Motherbear)

AliceBy Alice

CorrinBy Corrin

stefBy Stef

FarrahBy Farrah

and some more in TDP Gallery this weekend too.

*check bottom of post for a coordinating FREEBIE*

---------------------------------- SUGAR HILL CO ----------------------------------

25% off all NEW products for a limited time only + exclusive discount coupon in my NEWSLETTER today!

kb-Bundle_hoppityBundle : Hoppity

42% off right now- but save more with your coupon code to make this an ‘EGGS-TRA SPECIAL DEAL’ ;-P

kb-Hoppity_templates6 kb-PnP_hoppity6

Also available as separate packs – just click images above!

kb-Alpha_doodly2Alpha : Doodly 2


Elements : Best Friend

--------------------------------- FREEBIE ALERT ---------------------------------


I created an EASTER Printable with cut file to coordinate with my Hoppity Hop : The Bundle . Use as an overlay, framed print or cut out to use as you wish. Comes 3 versions in Ai, SVG, PDF and PNG.

>>>>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<

I hope you all have a super fantastic creative and fun weekend.

Hugs and Loves


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the cute printable! Such a pretty kit. Therese

Anne R said...

Thank you!!

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