Thursday, 22 March 2007

THANK U..and in a state of shock!

I can't actually talk at the moment.. there's a "Hippo" stuck in my throat!!!! And he is HUGE..
I have just woken up to find my inbox full.. I'm also trying to clean up the coffee I just spat all over my desk!! ( no jokes..LOL.. ) The response is something I NEVER expected.. I can't thank the people who left me messages enough for their kind words and their encouragement.. It's still sinking in really.....
But before I go rambling on (which I will in this state..haha) A lot of people couldn't download theFreebie1 part because it was a "rar" file.. ( warned you I was new at all this..hahahLOL)... the 2nd part is in "ZIP" format... so I quickly redid it.. there is now 2 download links for Freebie1 but I'm just going to leave it like that..(could mess it up again..hahahaha) here is the link to the "zip" files of Freebie1
Sooo, sorry Link has been removed.
Will be back later with the "next installment" later on today..... so please check back.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and I love the "African Sunsets"! Thanks very much and good luck with the blog.

Auntie Lois said...

I have just begun using a computer,scrapbooking and learning PSP8. I have only just learned how to do email and search the web. ikea goddess was recommended to me to start off. i got your site from her. I downloaded the freebies. Thankyou.
i don't know how to do much of anything. i have never made a page but I enjoy reading the blogs and collecting the kits. Maybe I'll be able to use them soon.It's people like you who make it possible for people like me to learn

Susie~g said...

So many pretties on your site, thank you.