Thursday, 12 April 2007

Where has the day gone???

This week so far is turning into a bit of a nightmare.. LOL.. my outside yard looked like a squatter camp today.. I think if anyone could see into our yard from the street they would have stopped to look twice! Mattress's and cushions,pillows, blankets, rugs and carpets were strewn everywhere there was a bit of sun ....hahahaha, it looked a MESS.. but at least it's dry now and the windows and doors in the house have been wide open to try dry up the rest! Out ceiling in two of the rooms will have to be replaced but the damage isn't that bad.. well, I don't think so.. Hubby was saying words that even made me blush..LOL.

I also had my dad at the doctor's, x-ray's and then back to the doctors today so my time has not been my own.. so I'm sooo sorry there is no freebie today.. I just havent had the time to put something together for you. I have done a LO with a "sneak peak" at Julie Clarks new "mothers day" kit that will be in the Scrapbookmax store really soon.

This is of my "best friend" who I called "MOM", she was both to me and this photo was taken on Christmas Eve '04, (5 months before she passed away). And even though she was so ill, she danced and laughed like there was no tomorrow.. A lesson that I will never forget, and one that I pass on as much as possable.. enjoy every minute of the "now", there might never be a "next time"..

I didn't mean to get all "heavy" on you..LOL, but I loved her dearly and miss her tons too. Please pop in tomorrow to see what I've been "playing" with..LOL... well I at least hope to play a bit tonight when it's quiet and the phone doesn't ring! LOL.. Hugs to you all and thank you again for the wonderful comments!!" Love Kim


Carol said...

What a beautiful layout Kim and what a lesson to learn from a wonderful lady. That's the best part about scrapbooking, being able to pay homage to these people in pages that can now last forever.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you I love that page. Great layout..

Cheryl Leong said...

Your layout is great and very sweet. It's wonderful to know you have such a lovely lady to be ur mum n also best fren. I m sure she will be in fond memories to all those who know her.

anne said...

this is a wonderful layout. i can see the happiness in her. beautiful.