Friday, 18 May 2007

Freebie and it's Friday!!

Today I haven't budged from my chair in front of this computer except to fetch my son from, I'm getting a major case of computer butt!! You know the one that goes flat in the middle but spreads out towards the side and "wiggles and Jiggles" when you walk.....hahahahaha. Oh I must get in some excersise somewhere! And designing is not a good one for the butt, I can promise you that!..LOL.

Tomorrow is a BIG day here in South Africa as both our local teams made it through to the finals of the Super 14 (heehee, we whipped ya Australia and New Zealand).. There is MAJOR hackling going on in this house and between our friends as we all support opposing teams!! GO SHARKS!!!! (That's my team.. and Hubby will be reading this later and he is a Blue Bulls fan...hahahahLOL) Well to be honest at least we know ONE South African team will walk away with the cup...hahahaha!

I am still busy making all my previews for the special "Precious Angel memories" series of kits but I had to show you one that I have finished. They should all be available in my store by next week. There is a matching alpha and number set that goes with each coloured kit too. They are all uploaded but are going through the Quality Check at DSO. All kits get checked for quality before being loaded to the store which is a brilliant thing as you know that you will get no "mistakes" in your kit when you buy them.

This is the "blue" kit and I haven't shown all the elements on here. But you can at least get an idea of what the others will look like. The papers have feathers, angels, stars and clouds on them. I will put up the FULL previews on Monday of all the colours and Alpha. Please let me know what you think about the kit as you imput here would be greatly appreciated! There is also included a Framed Poem by Helen Steiner Rice.. or Rice Steiner (depending on where you find them) called "The tiny Rosebud God Picked to Bloom in Heaven". It's a beautiful poem and can be a comfort to many.

I thank you for your "support" with this kit and I send hugs to ALL of you that sent me "your" story's too.... There were a couple of you and I send you loves from the bottom of my heart! Today's freebie is the second lot of papers that "co-ordinate" with the four "Precious Angel memories" kits.. It's the in colours of the 4 kits, but they can be used in any LO.

There are 6 papers here with stars and checks.. sorry link is no longer availableWell, till Monday (this weekend is going to be a long one..hahahahahahaha) I send you my Love and hope you all have a AWSOME weekend! Love Kim


Anonymous said...

Having an angel baby grnadchild, who would have been two years old this week, and two twin angel babies of my cousin, born exactly a year after his only sister died, I thank you so much!!!

jazz said...

Beautiful kit ahead..cant wait to get my hands on are such a sweetie..thanks for the freebie today its great as always..have a great weekend..remember to take tylenol BEFORE you go to bed..may the better team win..have and hugs

olga9999 said...

The kit in the preview looks very beautiful and sweet. Really nice detail to design something like this for her. I can not speak with experience about something like that, but I think the kit is really good. :)

About the exercise it's always good to move a bit around, but I do understand that a computer can be quite absorbing LOL

Thanks a million for the freebie, and best of luck tomorrow. :)

Best wishes. :o)

Tanya said...

Thank you so much for the extra paper it is really pretty!!!!

myscrapbook said...

love the papers.tfs

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the wonderful BG pack!
I know my money is very tight but I know for sure that I'm going to purchase the Blue set its Gorgeous!!!

Renée said...

Hello Kim

OK and now I can't wait for the kit to get in the store. Just have to get the credit card out of hiding. I'm on restriction :( LOL

OH and GO Sharks!!!!!!!

Thanks you're the best.

jburkhart said...

Hi Kim!
Hope you enjoy the game with you dh tomorrow...sounds like it will be a fun one to watch!
What a lovely new blue kit you have created....gorgeous!
Thank you for the lovely papers, too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

Wow. What a labour of love this Angel kit is for you. Bitter sweet knowing that you're creating something beautiful, but at the same time it will be used with great sadness.

Christeph said...

I think there'll be an awful lot of people out there who will really appreciate these kits. My sister had an angel baby, who would have been in her twenties now and she has photos that she still cries over. My cousin's wife was taken into hospital last week at 8 months when they discovered that her baby had already passed - they were both devastated. Thank you so much!!

Pascaline said...

Thanks for your beautiful papers...If you want I've got a little freebie on my blog!!!

Anne said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful papers.

Handbrake said...

Hi Kim
Thanks for your lovely kit.
Awesome rugby game - just watched the replay again - bit bleary eyed but it was good - sorry the sharks didnt win.
Im a Hurricanes supporter so I didnt mind who won!!


Sweet Pea said...

These are so sweet! Thanks,

EAL said...

This kit is so beautiful, just outstanding, and so is the meaning behid it. Not sure if I'll be able to make a purchase of it, but I sure will do my best to try and save up for it

EAL said...

Bless you and Shelby both
Beautiful kit, I can't wait to see all the colours

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you.

Karla M. said...

For nearly three years now I've been meaning to scrap a layout or perhaps a small memory album for my angel baby. This is perfect. I will definitely have to get it. Beautiful work.

ladyredstone said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for taking the time and extra attention to develop such beautiful kits. I too have searched for kits since my little boy passed away, he was 3 1/2 years. I started scrapbooking after he passed to preserve those precious memories. I only started digi scrap a few months ago.
Thank you!

momtoanangel said...

After being so excited over your Angel kits, when I found them last night...I just headed over to your store to get I'm back and Wow! papers to match :) I must've missed these in my excitment!
Thank you so much!

Belle's Mommy.