Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Happy 4th July

Ok I know that all my American friends and fellow scrappers are celebrating today- so this is a really short post and I'm sending you on a little "trip"- LOL LOL, To get your freebie today you have to blog hop to a NEW BLOG called Scrap your Art Out! It is there to help all designers, newbies and fellow scrappers alike- lots of tutorials and freebies too.. and yeah I'm one of the contributors- hahahaha- stop laughing! I know I battle to even do these posts correctly but I do have a few tips I can share..hahahaha.
And guess what- I have a new CT member!! Colleen Brady- this is her new LO with my All That Jazz kit, Well done girl! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! And if you are looking for some killer templates- pop over to Colleens blog- she has some up for grabs!

So here is Born in the USA- and ALL the elements are what I call EASY elements! The hard work has been done for you. For all SBM users these are a TREAT! And for all those in a HURRY- well just drop them where you want them and PRESTO- they just work-LOL.

There is an EASY paperclip( just line it up to your paper!), and easy paperpin, ( plop it where you want it-holes already made!) and a star/heart brad. 1 background star/grunge paper. And now that link- LOL, Remember to leave us a comment on what you think- or if you would like to contribute to the blog in anyway ( read Bunny's post from yesterday). Enjoy your day- Much love and hugs Kim


Anonymous said...

Wow!! You mean Im first today...I had to catch up on all of the happenings for the week...the weather really zapped me the past 5 or 6 days..Now let me think..I have a few comments LOL..1st they were all great kimb and the freebies fantastic...I havent gotten them yet..Im so out of drive space I dont know how Im even moving..Ive been deleting stuff off an on that Ive had forever and never used..2nd thing Happy 4th of July..God Bless America..we sure need some big ones Lord...3rd..Welcome aboard Colleen if I spelled your name wrong forgive me...will do better next time..and 4th and final..I am not doing a blog in your comments you lots and thanks for being who you are!!

Anonymous said...

This kit is beautiful. Thank you very much. Happy July 4th to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

HeHe I get to post more than once since Im making up for 3 days!! I wanted to tell you about a charity project Kim and I are involved in..she as a as a CT member..we contributed to a Mega Kit called Speaking of Rosie..Rosie is Autistic and can only say a few words..all proceeds from the sale of the kit will go toward speech therapy for learn more about Rosie and this Mega Kit visit
Let me warn you..once you see that beautiful little girl and that sweet smile of hers your heart will melt and you will be hooked!!!

Melberry said...

Thanks, Kim, for all your treats -- both the blogging kind and the artistry kind. You ARE a work of art. TTFN, Melanie

By Dezign said...

Jy laat my lui gat werk vir wat ek wil gebruik LOL. Sorry ladies, I'm not going to translate that except for LOL.

Now do I go to the Rosie site and sob my eyes out? Think I first have to pluck up courage.

Thanks once again. Leaving much love all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Great little kit! Love that stickpin!

Col said...

Kim I just love this kit, it's so wonderful!

Jazzie thanks for the love! And you did spell it right :o)

Dee in Oklahoma said...

Kim...I love this mini kit..and I made a layout using it...wanna see?
Here it is... and thanks so much for the wonderful kit.

Just Me said...

Awesome possum! Love thae freebie!

Shell said...

Kim I just wanted to thank you for my lil email. You're one of few designers who actually take the time & I appreciate that. Makes me feel special & lets me know you do notice my efforts lol. Lately Ive been doing what I call 'blog by' snagging & loving lol My 6 month old son has decided he likes to type more than mommy so all Ive been able to say is thanks or thanks so much! LOL But a lil thanks is better than none I always say. Have a great day!

Inma said...

I know I posted a comment this morning in the previous post, but I read blogs in jumps and in free time during the day, which means this weird way of posting. Just to explain so that it doesn't look too weird.
Colleen's layout was amazing. I have a weakness for dogs, so I'm really happy that she has shared this layout with us. :)

The link to blog looks a wonderful idea. I think it's great to have a blog that way in the scrapping shops that people can make questions when they don't really know how to use something. :) And Also I read about the problem with piracy and the understanding of the TOUs. I just treat freebies as purchase stuff, so I know I can use them and modify them in my personal layouts, but I need to acknowledge and give credit to designer the same way as if I have purchased it. As far as I know the TOUs are the same, aren't they? And of course I cannot share them or sell them.

Thanks for everything and best wishes.:O)