Monday, 23 July 2007


Oh WOW!! What a wonderful way to start a Monday! With GOOD news-LOL. I just have to give a HUGE TOOT TOOT out there for my wonderful CT team leader and friend Jazz! Two of her LO's have been chosen for the "People's Choice Voting Gallery" over at GDS.!!!! WOW- it's an honour to have your LO chosen for this gallery- but 2!!! The queen of heritage has done it again- Jazz well done! And a little "toot toot" for me too- 3 of the LO's in the section of 10 chosen have used my Bygone kit! So please help Jazzy win by going over( just click on the link above) and just click on the "vote" button underneath her LO's! She deserves it!

And I am giving another "toot toot"- LOL ( sounding like a train this morning-hee hee) to Colleen Brady- One of my CT members! She has made the most AWESOME templates!
This is a LO by Colleen using her own freebie template! How great is this LO. I loved the blocked background!! So easy to do with a template, but a real pain in the A$$ when trying to do it without! LOL. She used my new kit "Pretty Twisted".

And here is one that I did using one of Col's templates , Yup- nutcase as usual-LOL, but I loved this quote and it just matched the " new kit" so well- "We are all the same age on the inside" .. OK, OK- that's my excuse- ROTF. So go over to Colleens blog and get yourself some AWESOME templates- and please leave her some *love*- they are really great!

And here is the 2nd part of the "Pretty Twisted"- samplers. I can't thank you all enough for the great fun in naming this kit! I still giggle everytime I type the "name"- LOL. The kit is in store now and is available at 25% off at the moment- it's only $3.75- now that's not too bad for a big kit and with the freebie's you have a HUGE one! LOL. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and "chit chat"- I sooo love to read them! Until tomorrow- Much love and hugs Kim (hee hee- didn't forget!)


PSharp said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Jazz said...

Well what can I say..the wow factor sure applies here today..Colleen your templates are to go get those myself..and GF your layout is the breakout picture..thanks for todays that red paper..another beautiful add on to Pretty Twisted..and I have to say Thank You for the beautiful Kits and Overlays that you design..without them those pages wouldnt have been toot your own horn louder..I am so happy and honored to be a part of your CT..I appreciate the freedom you give us in designing and making our're a great "Boss"..
and a BIG thanks to all of you who go and vote for our pages...

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the 2nd part of this awesome sampler!!!!!

Lori said...

This kit is so funky and different, yet still so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Renée said...

Hello hello hello

Gosh, my life has been written and directed by Stephen King at the moment.

See my favourite name for the kit was short listed - Swirlicious - loved that but don't attempt saying it when drunk LOL.

Well done Jazz, it's well deserved and I'm holding thumbs that you win!!!

Colleen aka Carol LOL, those templates are 2di4.

And then last but not least TARARARARA Kim you're the greatest. Every kit you design "talks" to me and I love the fact that this one is bi-sexual LOL.

Many Loves

myscrapbook said...

Lovely samplers.tfs

BrodoNY0123 said...

I love the fact that Renee said "bi-sexual", lol.

thanks for the template lovin ladies!

Jazz those LO's are amazing and you've got my vote!

Kim for serious this add on is spectacular! I'm so lucky to be on your CT! Your stuff just calls my name to come and play!!

~Col :o)

Melberry said...

I'm so glad you got such terrific feedback, ma'am. Your angel w/horns is bringing you good luck ... and you bring us all good cheer! Thanks so much.

Michelle said...

Your kits and Colleen's templates what an awesome combination!! Thank you for another part to this lovely kit!!!!

olga9999 said...

Congratulations to you all!!

Your Bygone kit is awesome,and Jazz layouts are so amazing that to be honest I'm not that surprised. :) I'll go around and take a look and vote. :)
Colleen Brady layouts are fantastic, and the templates are great, I love the two in today's blog and the kit so suits them. :)

Thanks so much for today'download, and best wishes. :O)

Peggie said...

This is lovely. Thank you.

Joy said...

Thank you so much.

Myxi said...

Beautiful layouts, beautiful kit, it's all good, thank you so much for the second sampler!

Nancy P said...

Great kit and wonderful freebie, Kim! Thank you for this very nice gift!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks so much :)

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Deborah Misfit said...

I love this pretty twisted one and I'm heading over right now to check out templates. You gals are AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

so pretty..thanks again.

Serena said...

Okay, I thought you should know this cause you might find it funny.

I go through my "scrapbooking routine" during the days. (Pregnant, chair bound pretty much, you do what you can.) My routine is simple. Check email, check my blogs, check my boards and then do whatever I'm going to do.

I was late.. so by the time I got to email my brother was already awake and at the table with me. (we have our computers at a table.) I see in my email the subject line: "New Kit Pretty Twisted".

My kneejerk reaction? (since I didn't recognize the email address)

"Oh HELL no, someone did NOT just rip off Kim's design name." My brother was like "what?"

So I explained you just made a kit and named it that and was prepared somehow to raise holy hell. I pulled up your blog to get your email address and find the piracy blog and then FINALLY pulled up the email, now fire hot mad.

.... and then clicked the link to find your blog come up again. (it was YOU that had sent out the email. heh.)

.... oops. My brother got a big kick out of my little temper fit and then me going.. "my bad.."

So uhm.. in the future, at least you know if someone's ripping off your kit names, you'll hear about it. ;)

Anyway, sorry for the long winded explaination but yeah. Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Many thanks for sharing.

~Lil B~

Anonymous said...

wow very cool!!! thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! thanks so much for sharing

BelindasScrapz said...

I love this name its so fitting and the kit is so cute thank you for sharing this sampler