Friday, 26 October 2007

Fabbo Friday

What you got planned this weekend??- Well after last weekends 'celebrations' and next weekends big party *Uhum, yeah there's one LOL* I'm taking it EASY this weekend! I'm going to just spend some time outside in the sun, try read a bit(WAHAHAHA- laughing myself here!)- and just CHILL! hahahahaha. I do have a 'outfit-costume' to figure out for next weekend- it's a 'dress up'- and well we don't really celebrate Halloween here but I suppose the party would be in the same lines! *funny or scary*?- hahaha- I had a great idea for hubby but I don't think he'll have the *guts* to do/wear it though-hahaha, Said he could go as "Good enough to eat"- LOL- did I loose you?-hahaha, *little History*- Hubby LOVES to cook and play in the kitchen- and my friends and I always tease him and say he would be ' even better' in it if he just wore an apron- you know with nothing on underneath- ROTFLMAO- *getting a picture here?*, (like those wonderful hospital gowns-LOL), Well with a chefs hat and just a 'chefs' apron and a pair of tight Jockey boxers underneath and the words *good enough to eat* painted on the front- I think it would be a hit-hahahahaha ( and yeah-Lucky enough Wayne has a VERY TIGHT TOUSHIE-TV advert TIGHT!!)- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Gee's he's going to kill me AGAIN- hahahaha- So if you guys have got any other ideas( and you know I like CLEVER-hahaha let me know)
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Silvia made this AWESOME blinkie and I would like to hand it back out today-*will keep it short and sweet*

SILVIA- I am returning this blinkie to YOU- girl you are the BOMB!! Loves ya tons!
JENNI and BONNIE - Well here comes trouble-LOL. Two South African "bokkies" who are sisters! Both have AMAZING inspirational blogs as well as being 'great supporters'- to SA, to the digiscrap community and to me! YOUR THE BOMB guys! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend together! BE GOOD- yeah right! hahahaha
RUTHIE- for your inspiration and your 'big warm hearted' way of 'giving back sooo much' to the digital community- I think YOU'RE a BOMB!!
And I know this person does not have a blog- and I know she has recieved a few awards too- but OLGA- I just want to tell you that YOU ARE THE BOMB! There is not ONE day that you don't leave me a comment and I look forward to them daily! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Well Renee sent me some of her Rugby Lo's and let me tell you SA is still celebrating- the boys are back in the country and the 'excitement' is still in the air-

She used my BUG-ING kit paper and the 'weathered cluster freebie'- But I WANT THAT SHIRT DAMMIT !!! LOL, You know that the rugby team is actually called the Springboks( a South African buck) but we all call them the BOKKE ( Afrikaans for Buck)- and that shirt say's I'm a BOKKIE- which cleverly means "I'm a CHICK"- hahahahahaLOL. See -I love 'clever'- LOL.

And here comes mine- it's the first in the 'series'- I even made myself a new blinkie from it too

Just loved the 'line of green shirts'- hahahaha- Also used my BUG-ING papers and the colours of our National flag. And of course I made the freebie today from it too.

Been wanting to do a 'full lanscape' photo LO for a while now and this one suited it perfectly- Add your own elements and titles ect- but at least it's easier with the template-hahahaha( well I hope so). I hope you all have a FABULOUSO weekend and I'll chat on Monday again. Sending hugs and Loves Kim


.: Kristine :. said...

Wayne in an apron?! I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ROFLPIMP!!!!

Have a great weekend! I'm behaving this weekend too. Julie is at her grandparents and Steve is working so I'm going to pretend I'm Martha Stewart...she gets into mischief online...doesn't she?!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have paper-envy {hanging head in shame}. I *LOVE* that torn paper (that Renee used in her LO) from your kit, Kim! You're so talented, woman. Rest up this weekend so you can party until sunrise next. Cheers!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Great layouts and love, love the template. Stop by my blog if you have a second. Hope you enjoy your weekend and rest up.


Tink said...

If you get Wayne to go as Good Enough to Eat, you had better get plenty of pictures, LOL. We are all going to want to see them. I know I would never get Pan to do it. Hope you have a quiet weekend with your book and thanks for another wonderful template.

Andrea said...

Makes me think you oughta post some pics of Wayne!! Your blog always makes me laugh! Thanks!

Renée said...

Hehehehe, next weekend's going to be a riot. Both of us celebrating our birthdays on the same weekend. We're also having a theme party and I already have the Morticia skirt. Doing a Morticia does biker chick number tee hee.

NO, you cannot get my Bokkie shirt. And that's my best side too. LOL. Now I think I need to use your new template for my proudly South African ass. Ooops can I say that here. Thanks it's going to come in handy.

carolyn said...

Thanks for the great template!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the template!!! :) Last year we went as a priest and prego nun (since I was at the end of the 1st trimester)...this year we're going as a 1920s couple - he's gonna be a Mobster with tommy gun and I'm gonna be a Flapper. Nadya is going to be Eeyore ('cause it's warm and not complicated). Daddy thought she could have been a whiskey flask (read US prohibition in the '20s). Have fun!! :)

dodo said...

Thanks for the template

Ruthie said...

Kim, thanks hun for the bomb nomination. I just have to think of who to pass it on to. Luv your stuff about hubby.... ya, we need a pic of about it? In those shorts! LOL!

DigiScrapDepot said...

OMG that is hilarious about wayne. he is gonna kill you for that one. by the way your blog looks great gf.

DigiScrapDepot said...

I will also support your S.African butt, but like whats a bokkie LMAO.

jazzy said...

Hi GF sorry I havent left you any comments but I have been reading the costume idea for Wayne but what about you !!!! If he goes with the apron you can go as some sorta food...with your imigination it could be really... emmm.... interesting???? LOL
Just be sure you make lots of pictures of everyone..Im sure its going to be a blast of a party...
Loved all the freebies this week and the blogs were great..hope Nathan is all better..hope everyone has a great and hugs jazz

Bonnie said...

Hey you! thanks for the award! hee hee. Having fun with Jen. Yesterday we shopped till we dropped-well I tagged along and helped her spend her money-had a well deserved brutal fruit or two after that! ha ha. Seeing her again just now...hope you are having a relaxing weekend! lol. Bonnie

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Mrs. Miles said...

TMI for this gurl - haha, only one pair of undies (Canadian for boxers, y'no?) that these peepers or imagination can dwell on. Sorry, my husbands boxers are cuter than yours... without ever seeing or imagining LOL! I'll just take your word for it, K?

I'm so glad you received the award - its much deserved!

Take some time for yourself this weekend Kim!

endless hugs!

cathy said...

Nice....a different template. Appreciate it!

olga9999 said...

Oh my God! you're terrible and live up to your devilish nature. LOL Not sure whether your husband will go that way to the party, but I'm sure a bit of encouragement will help him for a private one with you. LOL

Thanks so much for the award, it's really nice to get this kind of award and I truly appreciate the gesture and the award. In any case it's not so difficult to make a comment considering how fun the blog is. :) It's really worthy to just come around and read, laughs are almost always guaranteed so it's always a pleasure. :)

Thanks so much for the award. :)

It's fantastic the new blinkie on the blog, and actually the colours are great, didn't know the colours were those ones and they look great together. :) You should be proud of being South African and it's a great idea to have the blinkie in the blog showing it. :)

Take care of yourself and recover energies for next weekend, LOL. Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)

Jenni said...

Hi Kim
Well I am a back from a hectic, chaotic 4 days in the Cape, have never shopped so much in my life (or spent as much money haha) It was great to be back, great to see my family and Bonnie. Our house looks great and we left feeling "mission accomplished" Of course we had to have a bit of a party on Saturday night,can't have all work and no play!! Photos on my blog in a few days once I've caught up with boring stuff like washing etc! Hope you had a fab weekend!!Do you see the Bokke- I believe PE gave them a fantastic welcome back!(Oh and thanks for putting my LO on your blog and for the award!!)