Friday, 5 October 2007

FFF...Fantastic FRIDAY!

WHEEEEEE ( doing Kristines *dork dance* and yell)- LOL It's Friday!!! And did you see the AWESOME new DSO blinkie on the right hand side- hahahaha Oh that is sooo cool! I love it!! Thanks Kristine (I nabbed it off Kristines blog!-MWAH). Well today I have quite a few things to yap about- hahahaha ( when don't I huh?)
Want to try win something "lekker"??( which means AWESOME, great and better than nice in English- hahahaha) I have a South African Digi designer friend- Bonnie- Who is giving away a WHOLE HAMPER full of South African goodies to one lucky person who just leaves a message on her blog(* with a contact e-mail*)-

So want to 'taste' a little of what we LOVE and enjoy- TRUST me- I still send chocolates and a certain alcoholic beverage overseas- hahahaha. She will post it to anywhere in the world if your name is drawn- So go and check it out here!!

And Bonnie also awarded me with this beautiful award!!! Thank you soo soo much for this award girlfriend-it means the world!!! I will take some time to pass this along next week.

Colleen sent me another Awesome LO using some of my "Designers kit bag 2"- and this is the last chance to grab it at $8!! It will be gone this weekend ( hee hee and you know I don't blog on weekends- so I can't tell you it's gone-hahaha)
This is Col's baby- He is GORGEOUS!!! And while we have the *subject* on doggies- LOL, Mindi our wonderful fellow DSO designer sent through this little 'caption' for the day- And I HAVE TO SHARE it with you as well it's Friday and we can all use a giggle to start the weekend-

Sometimes when you are Angry with Someone, it helps to sit down and just think about the problem!

ROTFLMAO- hahahaha, I laugh out loud everytime I look at this picture!! hahaha, Thanks Mindi!

Jazzy is still on the mend! Can't wait till she's 100% up and about!!! Miss you Jazzy! Silvia my dear friend- get BETTER QUICK- take it easy and get some rest!

I'd like to wish all my Canadian readers a very Happy Thanksgiving- may you all have a wonderful weekend with your family and loved ones! Eat for me too OK- LOL.

Now it's me asking for help- ROTF- How do I insert a video in here??- I've got the coding from You Tube- but do I add it in the 'template section' or in the 'add video' section of posting??- hahahaha- I've done that but nothings happening and I haven't a clue! ( Blonde I tell you!) Or does it take this bloody long?-hahahaha. Yes- it's the embarrasing one playing golf- maybe a good thing it's not going up yet- hahaha.

And in keeping with the starry theme this week I have made you these large glitter 'starry shines'

There are 4 card stars with glitter accents and I made you two glitter ties too- Slip them behind photo's too- they are large so will resize with ease. I hope to catch a little sun this weekend ( not tanning-LOL, just enjoying the outdoors)- the weather is so good today again and it makes you want to run through the daisy's so to speak- hahahaha. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, be good and I'll chat on Monday- Hugs and Loves Kim


Jenni said...

Thanks for the brilliant freebie!! Love it! you are my laugh of the day, hell, the whole week!!
Have a great weekend!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Kim! Appreciate it! have a lekker weekend! Is there rugby on this weekend?

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the cool stars!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, thanks for the freebie and being such a glittering star in our digiworld! Enjoy the weekend!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the sparly stars! Enjoy your weekend! We might actually get to relax for a change! :)

Patamomma said...

Love the stars Kim! Thanks so much. Love the pic of the dog sitting on the cat too! Patty

Anonymous said...

I have a smile on my face!! Always do when I read your blog! I'm Dutch so your word "Lekker" today really made me smile! I can relate!
Hugs~ Saralee

Cheryl Embry said...

Thanks for the great smiles and freebies!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Carol said...

What magical stars, you just keep coming up with the most beautiful gifts to give us all. You, Kim, are the most shiningest star of all! Thank you so much.

jburkhart said...

Hi Kim! Hope you had a great week! Glad to hear that Jazzy is getting better! Love the glitter star gift...but then again I love all of your creations! :) I picked up your designer grab bag and love it! It is awesome and a great deal! I will look forward to your next one you do, too! Now if I could only find some time to do some desiging with it! LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend and take care!

Tink said...

You know I have no clue how to handle it from YouTube, but it can't be much different than a picture if you have the code. Just use make sure you paste it in the edit html window and not the compose window. Also blogger has a video icon at the top next to the picture icon. You may just want to see if you can use that. I uploaded an mpeg from my hard drive, but I think they also have a place to upload from a website.
Thanks for the starry kit. :)

Glenda said...

Thanks for the stars. You are really brillant this week. Where did you get that picture of that poor little putty tat with that puppy sitting on it. That is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

Connie said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I love your creations! hugs Catherine

lis said...

Thank you so much- i love the stars! Have a great weekend, dear!

Lia said...

Funny puppy picture. Thanks for the giggle and the great freebie!!!

olga9999 said...

Okey for the video you have two alternatives:

If the video is in your hard drive you will use the method Tink's written in her answer.

If the video is in YouTube then write your post and when you reach the place you want to insert your video change from "Compose" to the "Edit Html" view of the draft you are writting. In there you need to paste the Html code from YouTube the one that starts like
"object .....". Copy exactly that code completely and paste it directly in the post without doing anything else or changing anything in it. That should work and you should have your video in the post and see it in the preview option.

Congratulations on the new award you have got from Bonnie. :)

Colleen's layout is fantastic, and her dog is really cute. :) Thanks for sharing that layout with us. :)
And the photo about the puppy sitting on the cat, the first time I saw it I thought it was a made up, but them I read that it was real and the puppy has that habit of sitting on top of the poor cat. I wonder what it's happened to the cat once the puppy grew up. LOL

It's fantastic to know that Jazz is finally close to completely recover. :)

Many thanks for the stars, they are really beautiful and have a great weekend. :)

Best wishes. :O)

rae_j said...

Gorgeous stars - thanks Kim - they are lovely.

Rarole said...

Having lived in South Africa AND Holland "lekker" is one of our all time favorite words! Kids are grown and gone - but when they have something to say about anything Great, tasty, and just out-right fun "LEKKER" is the word of choice. And man - would we finish off that hamper of GREAT SA treats! Thanks Kim, for the smiles and, of course, your beautiful work. Love it!!

Julie said...

Kim I LOVE your work!! Thank you for the awesome stars!!

Lindsaymarie84 said...

Thank you for the starry freebies, they are spectacular and sparkly. What more could you ask?

Nancy P said...

Awesoem stars - you do things really well!! Thank you so much for sharing them with me (and my grandson)!!!