Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Terrible Tuesday

Just popping in quick to say that today has been "ONE of those Days"- hahaha(it's Tuesday-what else would I expect-hahaha). Seriously though my son is as sick as a dog- running temps and puking and I'm 'sorting him out first'- My mail server has been down since yesterday morning and I'm getting dribs and drabs of mail today- still dissapears or it's extrememly slow- so I will be back "live' tomorrow.
Sending love


brittney said...

sorry to hear that your boy is sick..hope he starts feeling better soon

Bonnie said...

Shame man Kim, hope he feels better soon! hugs Bonnie

.: Kristine :. said...

Sorry to hear Nathan is sick...Tell him I hope he feels better soon....I don't like puke.


olga9999 said...

So sorry about your son. :( I hope he gets better soon and it's nothing serious.

Take care of him and yourself, we don't want to lose you and your funny daily postings. :)

Best wishes to you and your son.:O)

Amy W. said...

Hugs sweetie! Feel better super-de-duper soon!

Mrs. Miles said...

You're so sweet Kim - first you have all this 'yick' to think about and here you are worrying about us too! Take a day off! Praying your son's sickness is something mild and fleeting. Hugs, Barb

Bunny said...

hug the kid for us. well.. YOU hug him, WE dont want sick! haha!!

and seriously, Im bout to fly over there and whoop up on your internet people! I NEED YOU DAMMIT!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nathan...he still got the rugby fever huh?...lol..wishing him a quick recovery...muah Nathan..lol..dont tell him..hope you are doing good girl..hugs

Renée said...

Hello Kim

Sending lots of get well energy to Nathan!!!! Hope you feel better soon kiddo. Keep well and c ya tomorrow.

Hellkom is still behaving up here by me, so hope it's not something that's going to stay with you for too long.

Shannon said...

Hope Nathan feels tons better! :)

jburkhart said...

Hi Kim!
Just stopped in to say a big hello to you and to thank you for your visit to my blog the other day - glad you liked the word art! :) You made my day.....hugs!
Must be something in the air....my daughter was sick and puking yesterday, but she is fine today though. I hope your son gets to feeling better - it is no fun when your babies are sick!
Take care and all the best!

Jenni said...

Shame Kim, how is your son??? My daughter was off for an entire week from school with a tummy bug, she went back on Monday looking pale and a couple of Kg's lighter! Hope he is soon fine!
Hope your interent is soon on the go again, hate it when that happens, I am so addicted!
And WHAT A GAME!!!!!! I posted some silly photos on my blog as promised, but WHERE ARE YOURS?? LOL!!