Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wacky Windy Wednesday

It's BLOWING GAILS here today! And Bunny can't get rid of the rain and poor Joy would give her eye teeth for some rain to put out the fires in her area! Gee's, Wacky weather all over! Just a HUGE thank you for your messages to Nathan yesterday- I told 'Bunny'- that no matter how old they get they will always be your 'babies' when they are sick and helpless! But he is MUCH better today- still kept him at home as the poor child looks like he could be a 'ghost' for a holloween costume party- minus the white sheet- hahahahahaha. But his colour is coming back, and his temp is gone! And I have my mail server back!!! YIPPPPEEE, don't know what is worse- no internet or no mail! hahahahaha. Both are in the same ' can't do without catogory'! hahaha- I had hospital duty this morning- and Yup Barb (Mrs Miles) this time I took some photo's of my MIL in the hospital kitchen- will put them up tomorrow.

Have you checked out my Colour Challenge yet at DSO- You could pick up this mini participation kit just by doing a LO or a small kit if you want to give it a try - YEAH, That's all- LOL, and a hint *check the whole thread- there are tons of AWESOME kits made by our DSO family!!* - so easy to get a whole mega kit in one swoop! Just register in the forums if you aren't a member already. And there is a HUGE FAIRIES kit too that you can get just by completing the challenges-( and you only have to do a few to get a portion of it!!) Gee's you can't loose out here- LOL, Participation prizes and a Fairies kit- what you waiting for????hahahaha, Ok OK, wait- read finished first then go browse-LOL

Beth sent me this AWESOME LO yesterday (well the day before but I only got it yesterday-LOL)-

This is just toooo BEAUTIFUL!! I love the photo work! Beth used my 'Bit of Bling' Clusters still on SALE for ONE MORE DAY! 25% off- check them out here.

And want some more fun- hahahaha, Bunny has a template freebie on her blog,( and a few other YUMMY thingy's too)- and if you send her a LO using that template by Friday she will give you a Coupon from her store!! I Swear!! I think the rain has turned her soft! hahahahaha, So run over quick and take advantage-hahaha. I did- I finished my LO this morning and sent it to her with a " I WANT MY COUPON DAMMIT"- hahahaLOL, and guess what- I got it! So I'm going shopping when I finish here! YAY..

It's my dear friend Lynnies son Calvin playing in leaves at a park in Canada. I made a freebie mini kit from it too- Template- Bunny Cates, Word Art-Melanie (MMDCreations).
It's the three papers I used and the ribbons for the 'framing'- . And Anna-LOL, if you are the one that sent me to 2Peas gallery to look at your Bug-ing LO, then it's YOU- hahahaha, I just need a e-mail address to send you the brag book. Jenni, Girl I'm hiding those rugby photo's for a while-hahahaha, keep a look out next week- Thanks to everyone for their 'congratulations messages' too- The Bokke will be in our city on Sunday parading the Cup! Big excitement building already. (can see me in a car with a bunch of teens riding around-hahahaha)
Until Tomorrow- sending hugs and Loves Kim


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Bunny Cates, said...

I am NOT going soft you cow! dont you ever spread such rumors! Im a mean had, havent you read that?! Im a hag I tell ya!


*do you think they believe me?*

Renée said...


Bunny by name - bunny by nature. I hope she comes back to read that. Tee hee, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Bunny we're SOUTH AFRICANS - we're not scared of anything.

Lovely freebie once again. I love those hearty leafy thingies. Glad to hear Nathan's better. Thanks.

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Glad your son is feeling somewhat better. I really need to go and get your challenge done, I love that kit. Great freebie today, got it on the blog list.

Enjoy your day!

Jenni said...

So glad Nathan is on the mend!! And come on ,we all want to see those photos, so cough up!! Thanks again for the great freebies!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!!!

Melberry said...

Wow ... it makes me tired just reading your blog, girl. You're just bebopping all around! Gorgeous mini you've posted today, and I LOVED seeing that particular word art in the way you used it. That makes it so special. Thanks for letting me see it. And I would LOVE to be there taking photos along the parade route. Kim and the Bokke Boys. You really are a cutie patootie. Hugs. Melanie

Mrs. Miles said...

Ohhh can't wait to see Mommy! Squee!

thanks Kim, feels like i get to go visiting with you from all these miles away.

Your blog is so loveryly and full of good stuff - its like eating a fattening bakery goodie when I know I shouldn't have but am glad I did. hehe!

I absolutely adore the layout with the fairy girls!

You gotta check out the new internet browser i put a link to on my blog... you see, even as I'm typing this comment its auto-correcting my spelling! I bedder not put any naughty words here or it will catch them!

hugs to you, my SA friend


dodo said...

what beautiful papers thank you so much

Anonymous said...

goodness, kim! i love the rich colors of this mini-kit. reminds me of a glass of burgandy by a warm fire. thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Fall kit, thank you!

My Digi Corner said...

Thanks Kim, I love this!

olga9999 said...

It's great to know that Nathan is feeling better, and don't worry you're a mother and they never grow in the eyes of a mother in a moment like that. :)

I'm actually feeling curious about that Challenge, I need to take a look at it and see whether I'm up to it LOL

Bunny doesn't look bad in her photo so I guess it's not the rain what's softened it, she already looks a bit of a softie herself LOL

Thanks so much for the freebie and take of yourself and your son. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Anonymous said...

very pretty, thank you so much

Shannon said...

Thanks lady! Love the freebie! You're one of the bestest! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! Love your work..