Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Monkeys Weddings

LOL- Ok since I was a little girl my mom would always say it's a Monkey's Wedding when it rains and the sun's shining- Well I must tell you that I think over a million monkeys got married today- ROTF! It's been raining here most of the day since early this morning but the sun is shining! It's beautiful to watch - all glistning and sparkly- glare can blind you though-hahahaha. Is it called a "monkey's wedding" where you are?? I actually want to look up why it's called that- or what the story behind it is?.

Just done one of those flying slides into my chair here at the puter- LOL. Been out all morning- went to the Post Office to post all those parcels haunting me in my car- hahahaha * yeah Bunny- your cookies are on the way* as well as a few others- but UM you might only get it the END of DEC- LOL, I always leave it toooo late- but hey it's the thought that counts right??? right??- hahahahahLOL.

I sat and watched Hairspray with Nathan now and LOVED it! Oh I love musicals and John Travolta as a woman is just toooo much! He's way toooo light on his feet! hahahahaLOL. Must admit that the 'march song' with Queen Latiffa brought tears to my eyes! Man I haven't had an 'unknown' song affect me like that in a LONG LONG time! It was almost just too much for my poor system to take in and the tears popped out! Much to Nathans amusement!! But I'm sitting here with a 'smile' on my face- bring on the next one !!!- LOL.. it's got me in the mood for all the old musicals again! Nooo I won't start singing- I promise!! LOL

Guys I havent made a freebie today well UM - I was watching a movie and posting things- hahahahahahahaha

But I have made you a preview of ALL the absolutely AWESOME kits that are in my COLOUR CHALLENGE thread!!! If you havent been there- please pop in and register-

There were sooo soooo many this month I couldn't even put all the 'names' in!! But please if you download any of these AMAZING kits- leave the person some LOVE!!! They worked hard on these and honestly- they are ALL BRILLIANT!!! So check out my challenge here- and guess what- if you USE ANY OF THESE kits in my challenge to make a LO- yeah that's all you need to do- just post it in the gallery that is linked in my thread-

YOu will get this co-ordinating posting gift TOO!!! What you waiting for- LOL, only a few more days left! hahahahahahaha. GEEE"s can you believe it's nearly the end of Novemeber- where the hell did this year go!! Someone give it back- hahaha, And as I wrote that I just realised HOW FEW days left I have to get my Christmas shopping DONE!!! HELP- hahahahahaha- I hope you all have a wonderful day- Hugs and Loves Kim


Bonnie said...

I am the first to post???!!! YIPPEEE!! So what's up with the rain by you girl? Strange. I hope PE doesn't get washed away like Knysna and Plett! And to think we were planning on going there on holiday next month-what a shame! It's my favorite place! Anyway, had to laugh as I pictured your "flying" into your computer chair! ha ha. you are such a tart, I mean card!! (did I say tart?!) sorry!! :)wink. Be good now ya hear?! BonBon

Bonnie said...

Oi, my mind is going, I said to myself, "remember to tell Kim about the monkey wedding thing" BEFORE I posted, by the time I was finished my comment, I had forgotten!! ha ha.
I found this for you RE Monkey Weddings:

Next time do your own google search! ha ha!!

Bunny said...

I like the sound of a Monkeys Wedding. LOL..
dont call it thar here, here in Kentucky we call it
"Rainin' out and the damn sun is shinin'" hahaha!


Leslie and the boyz! said...

Well, I have to say reading your posts always bring a smile to my face. I could have been dieing on a hospital bed and you would somehow make me smile. LOL and No We dont call it that here either.. We call it Raining like Cat's and Dogs. I dont know if there are any others.. ?? have to think for a bit. There are so many idioms I use but dont know I am using them LOL Hugs and off to catch up on your past posts.. Ive been out for awhile :) HUGS:)

jazzy said...

I kinda like the Monkey Wedding..my mother always told me when the sun was shining while it rained the "the devil was beating his wife"..
Love all the kits everyone made for the color challenge..lots of talent there..and your gift is great..

Janet said...

"Als het regent en de zon schijnt is het kermis in de hel". That was
what my mother said.
Probable you will understand that, being a "suidafrikaanse" If not, it meens something like "there is a (village)fair in hell".
I enjoy reading you blog. It's funny @ sunny.

Groeten uit Nederland

txbubbles said...

My Memaw always said the devil was beating his wife when the sun was shining while it was raining. Makes just about as much sense as a monkey's wedding I guess!

Jester's Tear said...

One more senseless idiomatic expression for you: Here in Portugal, when it's raining and the sun is out, we say the witched are baking fresh bread. And, in portuguese, it rhymes!

"Está a chover e a fazer Sol
Estão as bruxas a fazer pão mole"

There you go!

Andrea said...

Nothing brings tears to my eyes like a good song! Get the tears going, goosebumps popping up... even when I am feeling too uptight to have emotions at all, a song can make me cry.
Love Monkey's Wedding. I'm going to have to use that one!
Love and hugs and kisses!

Fishinmom said...

Oh - loved Hairspray!! Watched it with my hubby - of course I've always loved John Travolta!!!

Enjoy the "monkey's wedding" we're just getting the "monkey" here - raining dull and gray!

Melberry said...

Bonnie had it right the first time, you little tart. :) It was very easy to envision you swooshing by in your chair. Hadn't heard about the "monkey's wedding" phrase before. We just call it "humid" around here when it rains with the sun shining. Grin. My little kit for the Nov DSO color challenge didn't make it into the preview you posted, so does that mean I get first chance to see the colors you're using for the December color challenge???! A girl can try, can't she ... just don't make me beg. ;) Hope you're enjoying your down time with Nathan to watch movies. Our Nathan is just learning to make friends with our dog -- finally -- now that Nathan's at last on eye level with her. The little guy was great fun over the Thanksgiving holidays. Be good to you, and thanks for dropping by the other day!! Hugs, Melanie

M u s s said...

In Russia we call it 'mushroom rain' because mushrooms are growing fast when the weather is warm and rainy. :)

verabear said...

I know we call it something over here, but for the life of me, I don't remember! I'll look it up and ask around though :)

Today, the sun's hiding and it's been raining ALL morning :(

olga9999 said...

Never heard so many expressions about the rain and sun together and it's been quite interesting. :) To be honest I don't remember an expression or idiom for that in either Spanish or anyone use that way in Ireland. Definitely in Ireland the only thing could be to talk about the dwarfs and their cauldrons full of gold hidden at the beginning of a Rainbow. :) But you never get too many of those, it rarely rains at the same time as the sun shines, you never see the sun in Ireland. LOL

Now that I see all the previews I think I should have try my hand at more challenges, I guess it's too late and should try next month. :)

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)